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Promoting Gender Responsive Policies Budgets. Lessons from South East Europe Experiences in the Period 2011-2013

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...collective and institutional capacities, to implement Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB). It aims to describe the...ivil society and government institutions to integrate gender into policies, planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring for results.


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Summary of the Gender Report 2014 in Morocco / Synthèse du Rapport Genre 2014 au Maroc / ملخص التقرير الجندري لعام 2014 في المغرب

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In terms of the significant progress realized by Morocco in the field of Gender Responsive Budgeting (BSG), and taking into account the improvement and development possibilities, particularly, through the initiation of the work from the Centre d’Excellence-BSG (Center of Excellence), the 2...

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Gender Equality in Academia and Research - Gear Tool / L'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes dans les milieux universitaires et la recherche / المساواة بين الجنسين في الوسط الأكاديمي و البحث- مجموعة أدوات

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This guide addresses those working in research and higher education institutions, such as: research and teaching staff; human resources, administrative and support staff; middle and top level management. It aims at mainstreaming gender and promoting gender equality structural change, in Academia ...

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Universal Periodic Review of the Syrian Arab Republic 26th Session of the Working Group - November 2016. Joint NGO Submission on Politic and Civic Rights / Examen périodique universel de la République arabe syrienne - XXVIe séance du groupe de travail – novembre 2016 – Soumission conjointe d'ONG...

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This joint report was prepared by a group of civil society organizations in Syria, it aims at evaluating the achieved progress of the Politic and Civic Rights on the ground in the last four and a half years, on the basis of the recommendations accepted by the Syrian government that committed to i...