Dr Elizabeth Coombs

Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta

Member since 19 March 2019 @ 10:30am

'The Human Right to Privacy: A Gender Perspective', February 2019. This report of a consultation on gender issues arising in the digital er...s of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expression...rivacy/SR_Privacy/2019_HRC_Annex2_GenderReport.pdf Feedback is sought to...

Elisabet Puigdollers Mas

Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya

Member since 5 February 2016 @ 5:08pm

...ises awareness within the population about gender inequalities in different sph...nd seminars along the region always with a gender equality perspective and to grow solidarity b...nd SCI branches by promoting protocols for gender equality within the volunteering p...


Foundation's Team

Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

Created by Foundation's Team 157 days ago

...ntal issues, always favouring gender equality. She is a member of...ntribution considers a gender perspective, as she has built up a s...l material seeking to promote gender equality. Muhreiz works to in...and girls. As an ambassador, gender equality has always framed her act...

Hala Bugaighis

Open Letter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Government's COVID-19 Crisis Response Plan

Created by Hala Bugaighis 186 days ago

...rteen Libyan NGOs working on women’s rights issues from various perspective co-signed an open letter...amazight Women Movement addressed to the presidential council to give gender-sensitive recommendations to their...

Esther Fouchier

European Women's Lobby declaration on COVID-19

Created by Esther Fouchier 218 days ago

...ical leadership and urgently ensure that gender-sensitive responses are imple...hed its strategy: “A Union of equality: Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025&r...egy recognises the need to integrate a gender perspective in all EU policies and major...


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The Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia, with a focus on resistance

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

...Catalunya and online, adjusting its format to the restrictions tied to the Covid pandemic. The topic chosen for the 2020 edition envisages a gender perspective, as it considers collective,...

Isabelle DUMONT

Women with disabilities and sport: empowerment!

Created by Isabelle DUMONT 610 days ago

...a symposium to focus on a current theme and question it from two perspectives of gender and disability. With 2019 being the year of World Women’s Football and in the perspective of the Olympic and Paralympic...

Susana Cereijo

Art and feminism in cities: A vital link for human rights

Created by Susana Cereijo 786 days ago

...public space, to denounce the gender inequalities existing in the...a network that fights against gender discrimination in theatre. -...s from an ironic and humorous perspective with a format close to t...rdinator of the IEMed’s Gender Equality Programme and the Euro-Me...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Created by Foundation's Team 1934 days ago

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinian society. This...inging the issue of GBV and having youth speak about this brought a different perspective to what victims of violence f...

Calls and opportunities

Mozn Hassan

Task Based Researcher Vacancies - Feminist Research Consultancy

Created by Mozn Hassan 92 days ago

...addition to analyze the applied procedures and measures in gender based violence issues from a feminism perspective (Case study on at least...sciences or a related field. Preferred in public policy or gender. 2. Wide work experience in regar...

Foundation's Team

Call for Entries - Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 221 days ago

...tical thinking. The topic chosen for the 2020 edition envisages a gender perspective: FORMS OF RESISTENCE -&...ntact. Participation Requirements 1. Section “In Perspective” 60 minutes or more&nb...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Call for papers on gender equality directed to regional and local policymakers

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 225 days ago

...rights for all, advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerm...goal number 5 is dedicated to gender equality, for as stated by th...women is crucial to ending the gender-based discrimination prevalen...egion to take into account the gender equality perspective and the empowerment of women...


Foundation's Team

School for a Culture of Peace's report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding from a gender perspective

Created by Foundation's Team 57 days ago

...and peacebuilding from three perspectives: armed conflicts, socio-political crises and gender, peace and security. Chapter 3, entitled "Gender, Peace and Security", analyse...o peacebuilding from a gender perspective. At the beginning of the chap...

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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 204 days ago

...hem, ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality) (English) Kaya...tter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Gover...omen - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment...igrant Women: Global feminist perspective on the pandemic: What “...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Articles, Essays, News and Press Releases

Created by Foundation's Team 204 days ago

...uences of the pandemic from a gender perspective. Some of the pieces are...Susan Papp and Marcy Hersh, A Gender Lens for COVID-19, Project Sy...od Industry, Why using a gender lens to analyse COVID-19 impacts o...p; Lina Abou-Habib, Feminist Perspectives on Care Work in the MENA Reg...


Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Cawtaryat n. 77 - issue on women and Covid-19

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 4 days ago men, in an attempt - jointly with the member of the Arab Network Gender and Development (ANGED) - to...e chances and the informal labour market in the wake of COVID with a gender perspective, among other topics....

Foundation's Team

Sexual Violence by Force of Arms Against Women in Syria: A Tool of Political Repression, Social Dismantling and Impoverishment of Women and Communities

Created by Foundation's Team 10 days ago

...introducing a feminist approach based on a gender analysis of sexual violence c...inent forms of transitional justice from a gender perspective. This paper examines cr...olence in Syria from a feminist analytical gender-perspective, and in doing so, seeks to in...

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EIGE Sectoral Brief : Gender and Migration

Created by Foundation's Team 21 days ago

Gender is a crucial variable when looking...y area of migration. The lack of a gender perspective in migration, asylum group and a careful analysis of gender as a basis and source of disc...ased on multiple factors including gender identity, sexual orientation, migr...


Foundation's Team

School for a Culture of Peace's report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding from a gender perspective / / Rapport de l'École pour une culture de la paix sur les conflits, les droits humains et la consolidation de la paix dans une perspective de genre

Created by Foundation's Team 57 days ago

The School for a Culture of Peace was created in 1999 with the aim of organizing academic, research and intervention activities related to the culture of peace, conflict analysis, prevention and transformation, peace education, disarmament and the promotion of human rights. Alert! Repo...

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Gender Perspectives on COVID-19 in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Resources and Information / منظور النوع الاجتماعي فيما يتعلق بجانحة كورونا (COVID-19) في المنطقة الأورو-متوسطية: الموارد والمعلومات / Perspectives de Genre sur le COVID-19 dans la Région Euro-Méditerranéenne : Ressources et informa...

Created by Foundation's Team 204 days ago

Click on the following links to get access to coronavirus-related contents, resources and updates on gender equality and gender-based discriminations in the Euro-Mediterranean region:  Resources, Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements & Contents Articles, Essays, News...

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Appel à participation au Prix Solutions Genre et Climat 2019 ! / دعوة للترشح لجوائز "حلول مناخية عادلة جندرياً"2019 ! / Call for participation in the Gender Just Climate Solutions 2019 Awards!

Created by Foundation's Team 444 days ago

La Constituante Femmes et Genre (Women and Gender Constituency – WGC) a lancé on Prix Solutions Genre et Climat 2019. La WGC est l’un des neuf groupes observateurs au sein de la Convention Cadre des Nations Unies pour le Changement Climat...