Neus Pociello Cayuela

Fundació Aroa

Member since 15 May 2019 @ 10:25am

...oward the fight for human rights, gender equality and women's rights,...utic services to women victims of Gender based Violence (GBV) and thei...ks, and professional trainings on gender equality topics, as well as...tive years. It's also part of the Experts Group of the 2030 Feminist Ag...

Marcel Heyne

Audiopedia Foundation

Member since 13 February 2018 @ 2:57pm

...'s core activities revolve around championing gender equality and upholding women'...Content Development: Collaborating with local experts, we co-create content that r...utreach efforts, promoting women's rights and gender equality at the grassroots lev...


Rabha Fathi

SOAWR Egypt Concluded Training of NGOs Introducing the Maputo Protocol

Created by Rabha Fathi 551 days ago

...Fathy also pointed out that the training was delivered by a number of experts in the field of human rights and development. Among them are Ms. Mona Ali El Dien, gender and women empowerment expert a...

Foundation's Team

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe launches the campaign Intersectionality Transforms our Realities

Created by Foundation's Team 704 days ago

...ds to integrate an intersectional approach to gender equality as an essential and reconceptualise the way we think about gender equality and incorporate an i...e work of intersectionality and communication experts from and for the European, Mi...

Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 750 days ago partnership with the Centre Philosophy and Gender of SPF – Portuguese Soc...the stereotypes and the social order based on gender roles that reinforces the hie...tform for Women’s Rights hosted several experts, academics, researchers, poli...


Foundation's Team


Created by Foundation's Team 491 days ago

...Muslim women and communities Against Gender Islamophobia in society), which aims to prevent gendered Islamophobia in Spain and B...ty, inclusion, religious beliefs and gender. • WHAT? 6 Awareness ra...also be the occasion tomeet European experts (journalists, Muslim women co...

Foundation's Team

Communicating in the Mediterranean with a Gender Perspective

Created by Foundation's Team 774 days ago

...ce "Communicating in the Mediterranean with a Gender Perspective". The event repre...launch of a communication network focusing on gender that was created in 2007 and...rought together journalists and communication experts from both sides of the Medite...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality Index 2021 Conference

Created by Foundation's Team 857 days ago

...October. Decision-makers and experts will discuss the findings of the Gender Equality Index, and COVID-19 had on health and gender equality? SESSION 2: How...stion and answer session with experts  ...

Shared practices

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WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Created by Foundation's Team 2576 days ago

Wikigender is a collaborative platform address...ed to political decision makers and experts in both developing and devel...s (ODD) especially ODD5.  Wikigender is open for both French and E...uestions on women-men equality. Wikigender valorizes specially data and s...

Calls and opportunities

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Experts for the Alternative Report to the Universal Periodic Review of Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 960 days ago

...the Media to advance fundamental freedoms and gender equality in Morocco This proj...ciation, assembly and their intersection with gender equality; 2) Monitor the ef...tenders: July 19, 2021 → Selection of experts: July 26, 2021 → Signa...

Sana Afouaiz

Ambassador for the Womenpreneur Digital Hub

Created by Sana Afouaiz 1086 days ago

.... As social and economic disruption continue to emerge in the region, gender inequality is exacerbated. Jo...ess, finance, technology, etc. offered by the online space, - Meeting experts from various fields as well a...

Maria Àngels Roque

Collage art contest: Collaging a Gender-Equal Future

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1166 days ago

...t been the same for everyone. Gender disparities have widened: gen...societies. At the same time, experts and civil society actors favour societies in which gender equality is a cross-sectional...dor of the “Collaging a Gender-Equal Future” contest in...


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A free international directory of women gender experts

Created by Foundation's Team 1025 days ago

...ernational directory of women experts on gender issues and gender equality. The aim of this web...Forum, a global gathering for gender equality organised by UN Women...exico and France. The Gender Experts platform already lists the pr.... The aim is to reaffirm that gender issues and gender equality are...

Foundation's Team

Brussels Binder: Female experts database in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 1976 days ago

...their policy debates. It is meant to improve gender balance in policy debates. A...isions, Brussels acts as a middle point where experts converge to inform and engage...ree database consisting of profiles of female experts based in Europe. It covers a...

Foundation's Team

Research projects on globalization, gender and mobility at the Colloquium in Tunis

Created by Foundation's Team 2814 days ago

...uium on the “Globalization, Gender and Mobility” that took...d Scientific Network on Women and Gender (RUSEMEG) and the Center of A...ons of academics, researchers and experts in order to develop a multid...ers taking into consideration the gender perspective. This Doctoral wo...


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High Level Conference Women for the Mediterranean 2022

Created by Foundation's Team 324 days ago the morning of 26 October 2022 in Madrid, Ministers responsible for gender equality from the 42 member s...ber. It gathered over 100 high-level representatives and international experts to discuss operational ways t...

Foundation's Team

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on increasing gender-based violence in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 801 days ago

...anized an online seminar on violence based on gender (GBV). The seminar aimed to initiate a discussion between experts and activists from Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria to examine the increase in gender-based violence accompanying th...

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Gender and Conflict Analysis Toolkit for Peacebuilders

Created by Foundation's Team 1053 days ago

...guidance to peacebuilding practitioners on gender and conflict analysis. It is...of staff, partners, and numerous external experts. The gender & conflict analysis toolk...ce to peacebuilding practitioners on using gender and conflict analysis. Integra...


Foundation's Team

Un annuaire international et gratuit d'expertes des questions de genre / / A free international directory of women gender experts

Created by Foundation's Team 1025 days ago

Les Expertes lance une plateforme en ligne qui est un annuaire international et gratuit d’expertes des questions de genre et d’égalité femmes-hommes. L’objectif de ce site est de visibiliser les femmes et cette expertise dans les médias e...