Kassem Istanbouli

Tiro Association for Arts

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:05pm

...ion, Tiro Association for Arts has included gender equality and women’s rights amongst...has carried out theatrical performances on gender-related topics, such as: wome...s. They also produce films revolving around gender equality. Every year, on the occasio...

Belen Gonzalez Alvarez

Libyan Women ORG

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:02pm

...hat they want to be. • Vindicate the role of Libyan women. • Employment and migration. • Peace and security. The entity works to position gender equality as fundamental to the Sustain...


RIHAN ASSOCIATION for Youth and Development

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 1:44pm

1: Fighting violence against women. 2: Readings of the law 103.13 regarding the fight against gender-based violence. 3: Youth and public policies. 4: Gender equality in politics. 5: Fighting domestic violence. 6: Non-exclusion.


Foundation's Team

Let's keep naming the outstanding women that conform the Euro-Mediterranean region!

Created by Foundation's Team 29 days ago

...ollective imprint of such an important date. These women nourished your vision on what it means to be a Euro-Mediterranean woman striving for gender equality in our current times. With a...

Foundation's Team

Our Generation Equality: 7 thematic events within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 44 days ago

...g in 25 years. The Generation Equality Forum will bring together S...f concrete actions to advance gender equality and women’s rights aroun...identified as priorities: Gender-based violence (7 December) Ju...number of actors committed to gender equality in France. Hosted and modera...

Foundation's Team

First-ever strategy on LGBTIQ equality in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 68 days ago

...rounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristi...t do not have national LGBTIQ equality strategies to adopt one, addr...he mutual recognition of same-gender partnership between Member Stat...ll support actions for LGBTIQ equality under the neighbourhood,...


Foundation's Team

Drawing 4 Equality will be displayed in Barcelona, in January 2021

Created by Foundation's Team 16 days ago

...mes, our illustration exhibition Drawing 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of the Me...order to shed light on artists working on gender-related issues. The contest w...more equal society and denounce structural gender discriminations. The copyright...

Susana Cereijo

Conference In, on, around, across the Mediterranean: Challenging representation

Created by Susana Cereijo 50 days ago

...London) and with the participation of a member of the IEMed’s Gender Equality Programme, the event will delve into the intricacies of the Euro-Mediterranean space from a gender perspective.  Speakers:...

Esther Fouchier

Online debate: Women of the Mediterranean, between violence and strategies for freedom

Created by Esther Fouchier 55 days ago

...he following questions: How are the recent women’s emancipation movements taking shape on both sides of the Mediterranean? How can we promote gender equality in the workplace? How can we...

Shared practices

Chérifa Kheddar

Project: Do not touch my rights!

Created by Chérifa Kheddar 1417 days ago

...the debates were very rich and intense, with many exchanges between the participants on the following issues: the status of women in Algeria, gender equality, the role of civil society or...

Foundation's Team

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 1444 days ago

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men.The mai...gather and disseminate all the news related to the equality and women’s rights. Art...

Foundation's Team

WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Created by Foundation's Team 1447 days ago ways to advance women-men equality. It provides a centralized...) especially ODD5.  Wikigender is open for both French and E...ergent questions on women-men equality. Wikigender valorizes specially data and st...ocial institutions and gender equality) SIGI....

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

SI Leader LAB open for applications - Connecting advocates for gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 8 days ago

...gion? Are you working for a more gender equal world? SI Leader Lab is...rship programme for advocates of gender equality who wish to grow in their r...hree-month online experience for gender advocates in the Middle East, N...organisations working for gender equality in Algeria, Afghanistan, Bang...

Susana Cereijo

Collage art contest: Collaging a Gender-Equal Future

Created by Susana Cereijo 37 days ago

...light on the complexities of gender equality in our present and/or to favour societies in which gender equality is a cross-sectional element,...lities that can favour gender-equality or to contest gender-based in...dor of the “Collaging a Gender-Equal Future” contest in...

Foundation's Team

Call for Abstracts and Articles: Conference on Celebrating Arab Women

Created by Foundation's Team 140 days ago

...lebrate them, and to call for substantial change towards women’s equality in this Arab region. This c...nterdisciplinary approaches from various fields, including literature, gender studies, history, law, public p...


Foundation's Team

Videos of the UfM Women4Mediterranean Conference: Accelerating Gender Equality in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Created by Foundation's Team 48 days ago

...hile laying the foundations for the coming years towards closing the gender gap in the region in the curr...States, that will allow to monitor and measure for the coming years gender equality progress in the region and wi...

Susana Cereijo

The Press and the Feminist Struggle in Morocco - Interview and Lecture videos with Fedwa Misk on 27.02.2019

Created by Susana Cereijo 68 days ago

...newsrooms. However, she believes there is a new awareness among new generations of women about the need to fight not only to make progress in gender equality but also not to lose those ri...

Foundation's Team

European Gender Statistics Database on decision-making

Created by Foundation's Team 113 days ago

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Gender Statistics Database contains data on the numbers of women and men in key decision-making positions across a number of different...


Foundation's Team

Women4Mediterranean Conference 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 16 days ago

...e 2020, which featured the participation of diverse stakeholders in gender equality and women’sempowermen...experts to learn in-depth about the most pressing issues regarding gender equality, and to co-create ideas, solu...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality in Morocco: Local Perspectives about the Constraints on Political Participation

Created by Foundation's Team 30 days ago

Through the field diagnosis "Women’s access to positions of responsibility in the Souss-Massa region", the Tamaynut association has studied the legal, soc...

Foundation's Team

The Role of the Care Economy in Promoting Gender Equality - Progress of women in the Arab States 2020 - Report

Created by Foundation's Team 30 days ago

Women play an outsized role in the care economy in the Arab States, performing 4.7 times more unpaid care work than men – the highest female– to&nd...


Atelier de plaidoyer - Advocacy workshop - ورشة عمل المناصرة

Created by Susana Cereijo 1743 days ago

...advocacy workshop held in Barcelona, between 3rd April to 10th April 2016. Let's continue our discussions here to promote our actions to gender equality together ! مرحبا بالجميع...


Foundation's Team

Candidatures pour le SI Leader LAB - les acteurs pour l'égalité de genre / / SI Leader LAB open for applications - Connecting advocates for gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 8 days ago

Êtes-vous un.e leader de la société civile en Asie du Sud ou dans la région MENA ? Travaillez-vous pour un monde plus égalitaire ? SI Leader Lab est un programme de leadership en ligne pour les défenseurs et défenseuses de l’égalit&...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality and Violent Extremism: a Research Agenda for Libya / / Égalité des sexes et extrémisme violent : un programme de recherche pour la Libye

Created by Foundation's Team 48 days ago

This research report examines the gender dynamics of radicalization to violence in Libya and efforts to counter and prevent violent extremism. Based on primary research in Libya, this report analyses new data collected in the field (October 2018 to March 2019), and via a surve...

Foundation's Team

Videos of the UfM Women4Mediterranean Conference: Accelerating Gender Equality in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic / Vidéos de la conférence Women4Mediterranean de l'UpM: Accélérer l'égalité des sexes dans le contexte de la pandémie de la COVID-19 / مقاطع فيديو لالمؤتمر رفيع المستوى للاتحاد م...

Created by Foundation's Team 48 days ago

Coinciding with the 25th Anniversary of the Barcelona Process adopted in 1995, and the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and its Platform for Action, the Women4Mediterranean Conference has served as a milestone to appraise and take stock of what...