Aicha Ayari

Actions in the Mediterranean - AIM

Member since 10 July 2018 @ 11:00am

...M has adopted a cross-cutting approach to gender equality since it is a founding valu...political participation, we are aiming at gender equality because we are talking about...and demonstrative sense of the fight for gender equality. We take a comprehensive app...

Claudine Aoun Roukoz

National Commission for Lebanese Women

Member since 11 June 2018 @ 2:36pm

...Women in Lebanon (2011-2021)” that aims to empower women and insure gender equality in the social, political, e...tor to the Lebanese government and Parliament in regard to women and gender issues. NCLW carries out vari...

Ibtissame Betty Lachgar

Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms M.A.L.I.

Member since 20 April 2018 @ 12:43pm

...arassment, especially in the public space. • Struggle for inheritance equality. • Fight against sexist discrimination and in favour of inclusive language. • Fight against gender stereotypes.


Foundation's Team

Training and advocacy to strengthen the role of elected women in Ifrane

Created by Foundation's Team 17 days ago

...such as widespread illiteracy and gender-based violence. Although several laws promoting gender equality have been put in place, it...the pilot mobilization action of equality actors. This study directly i...eveloped by the local clusters of gender equality actors© set up by the Eu...

Foundation's Team

AFEV contributed to the development of female entrepreneurship at a local level

Created by Foundation's Team 53 days ago

...iative is part of the field projects developed by the local poles of gender equality actors© set up by the Eu...undation in 2015. It is part of the "Strengthening the capacities of equality actors" project funded by the...

Foundation's Team

Testimonies and hypotheses on the experience of women in conflict

Created by Foundation's Team 53 days ago

...Scientific Network on Women and Gender (RUSEMEG) entitled “Exp...children. Nour Salameh, of the Gender Program of the European and translator who fought for gender equality, the emancipation of Algerian...1 "Strengthening the capacity of equality actors" of the Priority Solid...


Emilie Vidal

Conference on Syria: Women activists bringing hope

Created by Emilie Vidal 18 days ago

...ameh, a Syrian citizen and doctor in History from the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona. Salameh works as a project manager within the Gender Equality Program of the European Insti...

Foundation's Team

Gender equality at the heart of the European Development Days 2018

Created by Foundation's Team 70 days ago

Organised by the European Commission since 2006, the European Development’s most pressing challenges. This year, the theme of women and equality is in the spotlight. Among t...

Foundation's Team

National March for Equality in the inheritance in Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 140 days ago

...The Tunisian Coalition for Equality in inheritance called for on March 10, 2018, to demand gender equality in inheritance. The coalitio...w citizens of justice, freedom, equality, dignity and progress" to Tunisia and it includes many gender equality actors and women’s righ...

Shared practices

Chérifa Kheddar

Project: Do not touch my rights!

Created by Chérifa Kheddar 498 days ago

...the debates were very rich and intense, with many exchanges between the participants on the following issues: the status of women in Algeria, gender equality, the role of civil society or...

Foundation's Team

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 525 days ago

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men.The mai...gather and disseminate all the news related to the equality and women’s rights. Art...

Foundation's Team

WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Created by Foundation's Team 527 days ago ways to advance women-men equality. It provides a centralized...) especially ODD5.  Wikigender is open for both French and E...ergent questions on women-men equality. Wikigender valorizes specially data and st...ocial institutions and gender equality) SIGI....

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for participation in the 2018 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards!

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

The Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) launched its ‘’2018 Gender Just Climate Solutions’...ho are working to ensure that gender equality, women’s voices and t...the members of the Women and Gender Constituency. More details on...

Foundation's Team

AGEMI project: Submit your best practices on gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 110 days ago

AGEMI is an EU-funded project which aims to advance gender equality in the media by sharing good in their own organizations to favour a cultural change regarding gender equality. For more information, click...

Foundation's Team

2 initiatives from UN Women to celebrate International Women's Day

Created by Foundation's Team 150 days ago

...g women and promoting the concept of cyber collaboration to advance gender equality. The second initiative is...engage men as partners and key actors in achieving empowerment and gender equality. The initiative will focus on...


Foundation's Team

Measuring Gender-Sensitivity in the EU: a tool for national Parliaments

Created by Foundation's Team 13 days ago

...e almost twenty years to achieve gender-balanced national parliaments. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)’s new online t...nts stand on their way to gender equality and proposes steps for every...sed with the association’s gender statistics database, which has...

Foundation's Team

Art for promoting equality and fighting patriarchy in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 67 days ago

...can feminist comic artist whose goal is to fight patriarchy through art, and encouraging women to join her fight for women’s rights and gender equality. She founded the WOMEN POWER...

Foundation's Team

Documentary on MEAE's actions in favor of gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 103 days ago

The Priority Solidarity Funds (FSP) are part of the third objective of the "Gender and development 2013-2017" strategy of the French Ministry of Eu...tion with the Maghreb and Mashreq countries in the fight against gender i...


Foundation's Team

Cyber violence against women and girls

Created by Foundation's Team 5 days ago

...nificant economic and societal consequences.In order to better understand the nature and prevalence of cyber VAWG, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has recently conducted...

Foundation's Team

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

Created by Foundation's Team 7 days ago

...the Fourth World Conference on Women, is a global pledge to attaining equality, development and peace for..."critical areas of concern" that require attention in order to achieve gender quality and women’s empowerment...

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Manual of Procedures for the Establishment, Operation and Monitoring of Equality, Equality of Opportunity and Gender Approaches in Communes

Created by Foundation's Team 7 days ago

This procedural manual, relating to the Equality, Equal Opportunities and Gender Approach Bodies (IEECAG), is to be considered as a procedural and technical guide available to the local commu...


Atelier de plaidoyer - Advocacy workshop - ورشة عمل المناصرة

Created by Emilie Vidal 823 days ago

...advocacy workshop held in Barcelona, between 3rd April to 10th April 2016. Let's continue our discussions here to promote our actions to gender equality together ! مرحبا بالجميع...


Foundation's Team

Call for participation in the 2018 Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards! / Appel à participation au Prix Solutions Genre et Climat 2018! / دعوة للترشح لجوائز "حلول مناخية عادلة جندرياً"2018 !

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

The Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) launched its ‘’2018 Gender Just Climate Solutions’’ Awards. The WGC is one of nine the stakeholder groups of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) who are working to ensure that gender equality,...

Foundation's Team

Boîte à outils genre : agriculture, développement rural et biodiversité / مجموعة أدوات النوع: الزراعة والتنمية الريفية والتنوع البيولوجي / Gender Toolbox: Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

L’approche Genre et Développement promeut l’égalité des droits, ainsi qu’un partage équitable des ressources et responsabilités entre les femmes et les hommes. En tant que méthodologie, l’approche Genre produit une analys...