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Foundation's Team

CAWTAR, as the gender focal point for the Arab region, has adopted the flagship programme: Combating Gender-Based Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 28 days ago

...2022, for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, CAWTAR announces its camp...nd, deaf and mute women to benefit from a gender-based violence prevention mechanism. A free...nched two years ago to protect women from violence and harassment in public plac...

Andalib Adwan

The CMC Community Media Center targets 100 students from universities in the Gaza Strip to raise awareness about women's rights in Palestinian laws

Created by Andalib Adwan 46 days ago

...the Convention to End All Forms of Violence against Women, and the clear discrimination based on gender in these laws, and on protecting the family from violence and the urgent need for th...f women who have been subjected to gender-based violence; This is in order to op...

Foundation's Team

Public campaign to mark the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (25 November - 10 December)

Created by Foundation's Team 67 days ago and as a priority: 1- The gender approach, as set out in the n...pacities in the fight against violence against women, as well as i...rights for victims of sexual violence; ** An argument for the promu...s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (25 November - 10 Decem...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center in Gaza holds a youth training camp for the promotion of women's rights using puppets

Created by Andalib Adwan 106 days ago

...ality, non-discrimination and gender-based violence. 14 young men and women int...conventions, combating gender-based violence, as well as raising the le...d to women’s rights and gender-based violence. On the importance of the tr...from enhancing the legal and gender knowledge aspects to theatrical...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (Gaza) holds orientation sessions on combating gender-based violence

Created by Andalib Adwan 128 days ago

...nseling sessions on combating gender-based violence, with the participation of...tion for women and youth from gender-based violence - our safe spaces”,...girls in the Gaza Strip from gender-based violence, including sexual violence, b...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center holds 6 awareness sessions on digital rights and protection from electronic violence in North Gaza Governorate

Created by Andalib Adwan 141 days ago

...t against forms of electronic violence, and recommended in dealing with electronic violence. This came during 6 conventions, and combating gender-based violence, to In addition to raising so...nd protection from electronic violence, and they are the lawyer Sami...

Andalib Adwan

CMC concludes training on digital safety

Created by Andalib Adwan 165 days ago

..., as part of the activities of the project “Combating Gender-Based Cyber ​​Violence against Young People of Bo...bdullah said that the digital safety project aims to combat gender-based electronic violence against young people of both...

Wedad Sourani

SWG implemented the Gender-Based Violence workshop

Created by Wedad Sourani 177 days ago

...ut a workshop entitled “Gender-Based Violence” at the Women’s...d legal care for survivors of violence. She also addressed the ca...also clarified the concept of gender-based violence and its different types...r to reduce the phenomenon of gender-based violence....

Andalib Adwan

CMC raises awareness on Cyberviolence against people with disabilities in Rafah Governorate

Created by Andalib Adwan 235 days ago

...s and self-expression, but cyberviolence affects them like other cit...ights and Protection from Cyber Violence” in Rafah awareness of the concepts of gender justice, human rights and wo...ional conventions and combating gender-based violence, as well as raising societal...

Andalib Adwan

CMC carries out a hearing on the adoption of a draft law on family protection from violence

Created by Andalib Adwan 235 days ago on family protection from violence.” The session took pl...nal conventions and to combar gender-based violence, as well as raising societal...irls victims and survivors of violence to multi-sectoral services in...ating the problem of domestic violence against women and all members...


Foundation's Team

CAWTAR announces its campaign : Making the Invisible Visible

Created by Foundation's Team 22 days ago

...h Summit of La Francophonie, and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign, CAWTAR is announ...nd blind, deaf and mute women to benefit from a state-of-the-art gender-based violence prevention mechanism. Th...

Foundation's Team

The EU Parliament holds its 3rd Gender Equality Week

Created by Foundation's Team 49 days ago

...e on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) is organising the third European Gender Equality Week at the end of O...for instance by ending gender-based violence, addressing pay and pensio...ough staff. Finally, gender-based violence is violence directed against...

Foundation's Team

Reinforcing the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to protect girls against gender based violence

Created by Foundation's Team 182 days ago

...ganizing an online conference on Girls’ protection against gender-based violence on the 29 June 2022, from...cing the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to protect girls against gender based violence” opens the discussion o...

Foundation's Team

Join the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme online debates

Created by Foundation's Team 289 days ago

...the Rule of Law, Equality, Rights and Gender Equality, Citizens’ eng...participation, and the prevention of violence. It aims to prot...tain and further develop open, rights-based, democratic, equal and inclusive societies based on the rule of law. Why partici...

Foundation's Team

The Conference on the Future of Europe. Why a Gender Perspective is needed

Created by Foundation's Team 438 days ago

...817... Livestreaming: Facebook Gender 5 Plus The Conference on t...d about the need to integrate a gender perspective in the process. Y...isis and its negative impact on gender equality. As a European is parity democracy, where gender-based violence is seriously dealt with, wher...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

How to support survivors of GBV remotely when face-to-face meetings are not possible

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 569 days ago

Gender-Based Violence does not stop during lockdown With the support of Sweden, the Uni...sp;and the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality launches a webi...

Foundation's Team

Gender and the Margins: A Webinar with Lila Abu-Lughod

Created by Foundation's Team 612 days ago

...where she teaches anthropology and gender studies. A leading voice in the debates about culture, gender, Islam, and global feminist p...cholarship, mostly ethnographic and based on long-term fieldwork in Egy...s of cultural “others”; violence and memory; and the question...

Esther Fouchier

Preparatory meeting for the Generation Equality Forum

Created by Esther Fouchier 658 days ago

...the implementation of global commitments to gender equality. It marks the 25th a...mmediate and sustainable goals connected to gender equality. It aims to build co...Méditerranée  Topics Gender-based violence with Fouzia ASSOULI, Presiden...

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

The prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University: From Knowledge to Action for Change

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 743 days ago

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign (25 November-10 December) 202...with its partners a virtual seminar (zoom) on "The prevention of Gender-Based Violence at University: From Knowledge...

Foundation's Team

WEBINAR - Rethinking Gender-Based Violence in 2020: Perspectives from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 753 days ago

...gainst the different types of gender-based violence that have increased and tra...ised a webinar to discuss how gender-based violence unfolds in some MENA...f ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality (LEBANON) Zeina and continuities regarding violence against women in 2020; Local...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 434 days ago

...rough women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming", which is bein...hrough training in rights and violence prevention, psychosocial supported in its internal gender mainstreaming process initiated...reness about Palestine from a gender perspective....

Foundation's Team

Imams, preachers and community leaders fighting GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 1393 days ago

...uctive rights and health (RHR) as well as Gender Based Violence (GBV). The project consi...and social security and reduces domestic violence. According to one of the...quo; The Guide to Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence’’ which is addres...

Foundation's Team

Animation: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Created by Foundation's Team 1926 days ago

This animated video was launched by UN Women Jordan, during the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" campaign. The video revises the negative connotations associated...

Foundation's Team

Inform, Educate, Debate. for a successful democratic transition!

Created by Foundation's Team 2445 days ago

...s centre Djebe Chambi/Kasserine in Kasserine. This practice was identified in the framework of the research seminar on genderViolence Against Women, Gender-Based Violence”, organised by RUSEMEG...

Foundation's Team

Shared reflection workshops

Created by Foundation's Team 2502 days ago

...f general culture or current affairs, notably violence against women.These workshops were organised based on a schedule established by a...d in the framework of the research seminar on genderViolence Against Women, Gender-Based Violence”, organised by RU...

Foundation's Team

The Wednesdays of CREDIF

Created by Foundation's Team 2524 days ago to contribute to research, training and exchange on gender. This practice was identified in the framework of the research seminar on genderViolence Against Women, Gender-Based Violence”, organised by RUSEMEG...

Foundation's Team

Drop-in and advice centre for women in distress

Created by Foundation's Team 2528 days ago

...and Tunis since 2003 and 2005, respectively. This practice was identified in the framework of the research seminar on genderViolence Against Women, Gender-Based Violence”, organised by RUSEMEG...

Foundation's Team

Scholarship program for girls in school failure

Created by Foundation's Team 2635 days ago

...sister" to help women victims of violence and a monthly premium to en...chool enrolment and attendance. Gender awareness-raising and the fight against violence against women. Finally, th...ive images of girls and denounce gender-based discrimination. This practice h...

Foundation's Team

Protection of women's rights through concerted actions at national, regional and international levels.

Created by Foundation's Team 2704 days ago

...ights of women and girls who are victims of gender based violence. To achieve this goal, it...sistance and support to victims of domestic violence, and it organizes seminars an...ons of the CEDAW Committee, which they were based on the GAF’s shadow report...

Foundation's Team

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Created by Foundation's Team 2704 days ago

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinia...s created major changes in the laws relating to violence against women. JCW has worked...ught a different perspective to what victims of violence faced. The women were able to...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Consultant on contestations and backlashes to gender equality in the MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 450 days ago

...s/‘backlashes’ to gender equality in the Middle East a...egislative and political gender-based contestations of rights (...f contestations/backlashes to gender equality will be categorised (t...nt, hate speech, enactment of violence, war crimes.  The socio...

Foundation's Team

Traineeships for Gender Equality at EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 499 days ago for the integration of gender equality into all EU policies...ical or religious conviction, gender or sexual orientation and reg...nder mainstreaming and gender-based violence;Assist in the collection a...e either in issues related to gender equality obtained either throug...

Foundation's Team

Experts for the Alternative Report to the Universal Periodic Review of Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 519 days ago

...he Media to advance fundamental freedoms and gender equality in Morocco This proj...iation, assembly and their intersection with gender equality; 2) Monitor the ef...fight against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence (GBV) CONDITIONS OF THE MISS...

Foundation's Team

Call for Proposals: Promoting Women's Productive Participation in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 612 days ago

...;aims to build the capacity of reporters and media professionals on gender-responsive reporting on are portrayed in the media, as well as certain issues, such as gender-based violence; and it will also use media c...

Foundation's Team

Call for Projects 2021: Acting for Equality between Women and Men

Created by Foundation's Team 638 days ago

...posed projects must fall within a specific objective in favor of gender equality, namely: - Promote...mote sexual and reproductive health rights, - Fight against all gender-based and sexual violence by developing partnerships in...

Mozn Hassan

Nazra is hiring!

Created by Mozn Hassan 653 days ago

...o work on monitoring and documenting sexual violence in conflict zones Nazra is...ning documentation in conflict zones, where gender based violence and sexual violence ratio inc...tation of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones based on the recent changes and the co...

Maria Àngels Roque

Collage art contest: Collaging a Gender-Equal Future

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 725 days ago contest "Collaging a Gender-Equal Future: Tailoring the T...light on the complexities of gender equality in our present and/ to the virus. Gender-based violence has also ramified, intersec...dor of the “Collaging a Gender-Equal Future” contest in...

Foundation's Team

Regional arts competition against Gender-based Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 773 days ago

...sp;16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign on the theme...reases momentum towards ending violence against women and girls wo...;While the campaign focuses on gender-based violence, attention will also be given...nal Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, while 10 ...

Foundation's Team

Call for Legal Experts - Tunisia and Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 815 days ago

...APC ) as part of the “All Women Count - Take Back the Tech” Project. As a “Creative Intervention to address Online Gender-Based Violence”, the African Legal Thi...

Mozn Hassan

Task Based Researcher Vacancies - Feminist Research Consultancy

Created by Mozn Hassan 862 days ago three vacancies to hire task based researchers, as soon as possib...lied procedures and measures in gender based violence issues from a feminism per...ENA Region For Combating Sexual Violence The paper will tackle the is.... Preferred in public policy or gender. 2. Wide work experience in re...


Maria Alabdeh

I Was There: a film about female survivors of SGBV

Created by Maria Alabdeh 459 days ago

...ocumentary "I Was There", featuring two Syrian female survivors of gender-based violence recounting their stories and...ention centers is still unknown, and the stigma surrounding sexual violence in Syria continues to make vi...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

Mapping Gender-Based Violence programmes, services and policies in Lebanon

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 501 days ago

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the mo...unequal power dynamics. This gender inequality is the major contr...long-lasting consequences of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) on the health, we...ts that aim at mapping gender-based violence in Lebanon....

Foundation's Team

Action Coalition on Gender-based violence

Created by Foundation's Team 520 days ago

...BAAD, being one of the global leaders of the Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence, worked with other co-lead...d implementing concrete new comprehensive commitments to address gender-based violence against women and girls in al...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting best practices in the state response to GBV in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 605 days ago

In Morocco, gender-based violence (GBV) remains pervasive, affecting all s...d debate, the 18-article Draft Law 103-13 on Violence Against Women in Morocco was...text and complementary areas of expertise in gender, participatory research, capaci...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker Fact Sheets

Created by Foundation's Team 627 days ago

The COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker monitor...ponses that have integrated a gender lens. It includes to respond to and prevent violence against women, support dive into the tracker data based on UNDP’s regional classif...

Foundation's Team

European Institute for Gender Equality Index 2019 Reports

Created by Foundation's Team 942 days ago

...otal equality. The scores are based on the gaps between women and...g inequalities highlights how gender inequalities manifest in comb...women’s experiences of violence. In addition to providing a...the latest contents here: Gender Equality Index 2019. Work life...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 974 days ago

...ramme for women entrepreneurs based in Tunisia - Deadline for submis...n - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of...Spanish) COVID-19 and ending violence against women and girls ...hardship and gender , Gender-based violence , People in vulnerable situat...

Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 1005 days ago

...UN women to engage people in Gender Equality. Please find here be...panies with a solid record on gender equality. Generation Equality p...t gender-equitable companies, based on the Women’s Empowe...irls prone to higher rates of violence, malnutrition and more. You...

Foundation's Team

Teenage female coders join the fight against GBV in Albania

Created by Foundation's Team 1115 days ago

...;. As witnesses of the increasing violence against women in Albania, t...lves and raise their voice against violence, through their application which enables victims of Gender-based Violence (GBV) to seeks help, su...surveyed women experienced dating violence; 1 in 3 women experienced int...

Foundation's Team

Justice now: an interactive experience for ending impunity for sexual and gender-based violence as international crimes

Created by Foundation's Team 1274 days ago

While anyone can experience violence, unequal power relationships and entrenched gender inequalities have a disparate impact on women...t investigators play in ending impunity for sexual and gender-based violence crimes. It also explains the...


Foundation's Team

The gendered impact of armed conflicts

Created by Foundation's Team 199 days ago

...nflicts have repercussions on gender discriminations, it is possib...ed conflicts’ impact on gender, with a specific focus on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) during as well as in...order to reduce the negative gender impacts of wars and armed confl...

Foundation's Team

Testimonials of gender-based violence from Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 220 days ago

The Community Media Center (CMC) has published...ving in Palestine and suffering different types of violence. Hadeel Gharbawy, Sahar their touching personal experiences of domestic violence, rape, forced marriages, wome...

Foundation's Team

2021 Regional Progress Report on Gender Equality: UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 254 days ago

...recommendations to close the gender gap in the region. The first...onitor progress, evaluate the gender gap and provide data for scientific-based policy recommendations to deci...Business, Global database on violence against women (UN Women) and...

Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 304 days ago

...the Arab region. In general, "Gender gaps have narrowed, including the adoption of gender responsive natural resources...mum extent possible, evidence-based and should be grounded in accu...of natural resources through gender lenses in reference to the aspi...

Foundation's Team

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on increasing gender-based violence in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 360 days ago Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Almost a yea...rganized an online seminar on violence based on gender (GBV). The seminar aimed t...ia to examine the increase in gender-based violence accompanying the Covid-19 exhaustive ambition and is based on data and analyses produced by...

Monia Braham

Women Inclusion in Arab Cities

Created by Monia Braham 386 days ago

...and sustaining such a state. Gender inequality in the Arab Region...ndicators (such as the Global Gender Gap Index ) and is a primary...compounded by discriminations based among others on geographic loc...rom discrimination and gender-based violence, point to bright futures for...

Foundation's Team

Occupation, conflict and patriarchy: Impacts on Palestinian women

Created by Foundation's Team 430 days ago

...d conflict have also been shaped by unequal gender relations in Palestinian soci.... This report illustrates the diversity of violence experienced by Palestinian...scrimination and worrying manifestations of gender-based violence persist. This guide is t...

Foundation's Team

The Current Faces of Arab Feminisms. Micro-Rebels, Art Activists and Virtual Heroines

Created by Foundation's Team 457 days ago

...ial taboos. Their agendas are headed by issues of publicand private gender-based violence, legal discrimination and...rd, Iargue, Arab feminists need to expand their solidarities beyond gender andpatriarchy and devise a crit...

Foundation's Team

Mind the Gap Report: COALESCE for Support in Cyprus

Created by Foundation's Team 497 days ago

...sexual exploitation in Europe. By providing gender-specific psycho-social, legal...victims need and other factors such as their gender, the specific form of of human trafficking, as a form of gender-based violence, is a fundamental element of...

Foundation's Team

Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the OSCE 2004 Action Plan on the Promotion of Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 504 days ago

...ore unpaid care. Incidents of gender-based violence – particularly domestic violence – surged while lockd...contribute to mitigating the gendered challenges posed by the support victims of gender-based violence, helped improve police...


Foundation's Team

Hunger strike in front of the Court of Bastia to bring justice to Angeline C.-F., victim of domestic violence / Grève de la faim devant le Tribunal de Bastia pour rendre justice à Angeline C.-F., victime de violences conjugales / إضراب عن الطعام أمام محكمة باستيا لتحقيق العدالة للسيدة أنجيلينا سي...

Created by Foundation's Team 275 days ago

This Tuesday, March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Angeline C.-F., 54, settled in front of the gates of the Bastia court, to begin her first day of hunger strike.Victim of domestic violence, this woman who extricated herself from her attacker and broke the...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 394 days ago

The Human Dimension Seminar is an opportunity to discuss the implementation of relevant OSCE commitments and international human rights standards to combat violence against women and girls. Preventing and combatting violence against women is a longstanding commitmen...

Foundation's Team

Gender-based violence against women and girls with disabilities

Created by Foundation's Team 532 days ago

In order to showcase the breadth of gender-based violence (GBV) and its link to gendered inequalities,the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fondation Jean Jaurès have joined forces for this series of publications on the fight to eliminate sexist and sexua...

Foundation's Team

Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ? / / La Cyber violence basée sur le genre : Quel scénario pour la région MENA ?

Created by Foundation's Team 561 days ago

Euro-med rights issued the following piece of news on "Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ?" The 2011 Arab uprisings kicked off a decade of online activism in the MENA region. Blogs and social media became tools of resistance for marginalised people, such a...

Foundation's Team

Egypt: EU supports the combat against gender based violence / Égypte : l'UE soutient la lutte contre les violences à l'égard des femmes / مصر: يدعم الاتحاد الأوروبي كل جهد لمكافحة جميع أشكال العنف ضد المرأة

Created by Foundation's Team 597 days ago

In an event, last week under the EU Support to Egypt’s National Population Strategy project, Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, and Patriarch of the See of St Mark signed three declarations to support family planning and combat female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as co...

Foundation's Team

Gender-Based Violence : Report on Catalan Statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 648 days ago

This dossier collects a collection of official annual data for Catalonia in order to make the phenomenon visible and analyze it. The research and analysis of the data allow a more detailed approach to reality, a key point in order to ensure knowledge of it and promote more appropriate a...

Foundation's Team

Digital GBV Workshop Package / رزمة ورشات مناهضة العنف الجندري الرقمي / Guide pour l'animation d'ateliers sur la violence basée sur le genre en ligne

Created by Foundation's Team 1088 days ago

The guide is directed to everyone, regardless of their gender, specifically to trainers and coaches who have a background in the digital world, and who have awareness of the issue of digital safety. The guide is intended to work with young people aged 13 to 21 and assumes that it will b...

Foundation's Team

Online Privacy Threats to Women and LGBTIQ Communities in Lebanon / تهديد خصوصية النساء ومجتمعات الميم على الإنترنت في لبنان / Les menaces sur la vie privée des femmes et des communautés LGBTIQ en ligne au Liban

Created by Foundation's Team 1088 days ago

This research study documents the state of digital privacy for women and LGBTIQ individuals in Lebanon by cataloguing online threats reported in national media outlets over 5 years and using a series of interviews with NGO employees, who explain the severity of specific threats, such as...

Foundation's Team

Teenage female coders join the fight against GBV in Albania / Trois adolescentes codeuses se joignent à la lutte contre la VBG en Albanie / ثلاث مبرمجات شابات يساهمن في مناهضة العنف الموجه ضد النساء والفتيات في ألبانيا

Created by Foundation's Team 1115 days ago

Arla Hoxha, Dea Rrozhani and Jonada Shukarasi are three Young Albanian female developpers who recently won recently won the ‘’Technovation 2019 Grand Prize’’ for their application mobile ‘’ GjejZa’’ which means ‘’Find you voice...

Foundation's Team

Social norms and beliefs about gender based violence scale: a measure for use with gender based violence prevention programs in low-resource and humanitarian settings / Les normes et les croyances sociales relatives à la violence basée sur le genre (VGB): outil de mesure à utiliser par les progra...

Created by Foundation's Team 1137 days ago

Gender-based violence (GBV) primary prevention programs seek to facilitate change by addressing the underlying causes and drivers of violence against women and girls at a population level. Social norms are contextually and socially derived collective expectations of appropriate behaviou...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Libanaises pour l'Egalité
Egyptian Female Lawyers
Réseau Doustourna
Bremen University
Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)
Association AGIR pour le Developpement et l'Epanouissement de la Jeunesse
CEDAW Association for Democracy and Human Rights
Association Voix d'Ève (AVE)
Why Me for Women’s Rights
Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development
Research Team on Gender
Community Media Center
Ramzi Nouisser
Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action
The voice of Amazigh women
Association of Continuity of Generations - ACG
Women Against Violence (WAV)
The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH)
Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Hajar Foundation for Community Development
Jbail- Byblos Municipality
Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue
Jerusalem Center for Women
Mixité et Gouvernance en Méditerranée
Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle (HACA)
Soumia Boutkhil
Office for Gender Equality
Ensan Aid
European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)
Tamazight Women Movement
RIHAN ASSOCIATION for Youth and Development
Association Karama of Arab Family (AKFA)
Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)
Organization Dihya for Development

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How to advance the role of female elected in local authorities in Ifrane

On the 14th and the 15th of April 2018, Tazghart Association organized two workshops to scrutinize and analyse available data and...

Call for internships at the IEMed for the year 2021

The IEMed just launched its call for applications for 8 paid internships (January-December 2021) for young people with high...

The "Mediterranean Women" Report was presented in Tunis

The Foundation organised the presentation of its First monitoring report of the Ministerial Conferences on 'Women in the...

Libyan women fight for their civil and political rights

The ’’ Why Me for Women’s rights ’’ association recently launched an intensive campaign against the...

Launch of the Training Program for building Young Leaders

The training program for building young leaders, funded by the Cyprus Representative, was implemented under the patronage of the...

Mobilizing the community to promote women's participation in the local councils

Building Bridges Association (BBA) will conduct a project under the pilot mobilization action of gender equality actors which it...

A research on radios'role in women's economic empowerment in Egypt

A recent study entitled 'The Role of Egyptian Radio in supporting women’s small projects' confirmed the important role...

Mozn Hassan will appear on Thursday 29 July 2021 before the investigation judge for the third time

After being officially summoned and charged for the first time, on 22 March 2016 in the Case No. 173 for the year 2011, known...

Egyptian Women: Accessing Decision Making Positions

The Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers organized a wide roundtable on national level on January 11th 2018 in Safir Hotel, El...

Témoignage d'une femme victime de violence

Capsule d’un témoignage très touchant d’une femme victime de violence en période de confinement sanitaire