Mohammad Issa

Ibtikar for Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:28pm

...r believes that innovations advance gender equality. Ibtikar describes t...s, there is a demonstrable shift in gender relations. Ibtikar is always testing elements of this approach and building its understand...intersection between innovation and gender equity.

أحلام النصيري

Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 1:27pm

...the National Constituent Assembly. - Monitor the various elections that took place in Tunisia after the revolution, taking into account the gender approach....

Mouna Mhadhbi

Tunisian Association of Women Judges- TAWJ

Member since 16 November 2018 @ 11:01am

TAWJ has carried out several activities related to gender equality in the professional field and contributed to gender mainstreaming in justice reform....he statute of the judges which takes into account the gender approach.


Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) launches a media campaign with the aim of combating violence and gender-based discrimination in the digital space

Created by Andalib Adwan 382 days ago

...Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”, as the Arab...mal efforts towards achieving gender equality in the digital an orientation session on gender-based violence and discrimina...ithin thea human rights based approach....

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) concludes its activities within the framework of International Women's Day 2023

Created by Andalib Adwan 382 days ago

...erage from a human rights and gender perspective. #Protection,&nb...nology for the Achievement of Gender Equality," within the Interna...project. Women’s rights and gender-based violence: The CMC held...cording to the peer education approach ( From young man to young man...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) continues its work in advocating for the rights and issues of women and youth during the year 2023

Created by Andalib Adwan 416 days ago

...ity awareness in defending women’s rights and gender equality, in addition to supp...access to multi-sectoral services related to gender-based violence, by building t...g them through various media means within the approach based on human rights. You c...


Foundation's Team

The EU Parliament holds its 3rd Gender Equality Week

Created by Foundation's Team 546 days ago

...e on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) is organising the third European Gender Equality Week at the end of O...y. The European Union adopted gender mainstreaming as its official approach to gender equality in 1997. T...stice on pay discrimination. Gender stereotyping is the generalised...

Amel Arbaoui

Announcement of the radio program: Badal

Created by Amel Arbaoui 550 days ago

...e the honor to announce the radio program “Badal” within the framework of the Badal project. It combates violent extremism with a gender approach in partnership with the the D...

Foundation's Team

High Level Conference on Women for the Mediterranean 2022

Created by Foundation's Team 567 days ago

...the 27th, the Ministers responsible for women’s affairs and gender equality from the 42 member s...or this regional agenda at ministerial level and with the goal to approach an effective gender equality policy....

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 1779 days ago

..., according to the European Commission. Other gender segregated data is even more...ian. The project is based on group mentoring approach through which science, tech...’ working sessions cover topics such as gender stereotypes, women and science...

Foundation's Team

Campaign in favour of Parity in Municipal Elections in Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2632 days ago

...osal document in which the gaps in the law concerning the principle of gender equality were mentioned, unde...resentation of all citizens without discrimination and considered this approach as part of democratic process...

Foundation's Team

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality-LANA

Created by Foundation's Team 2753 days ago

...ipation in decision making within the private and public sphere. LANA approach reflects a move from indivi...rception and attitude toward women’s political participation and gender roles and equality. The second...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

The Call for Submissions for the Generation Equality Forum in Paris is now open

Created by Foundation's Team 1093 days ago

...ons and stakeholders committed to gender equality, across all geograph...the intersection of the fight for gender equality and other types of a...tra-regional conversations around gender equality (Latin America and t...The event’s multi-partner approach (a plurality of civil society...

Foundation's Team

Open Call: Support Program Reducing Inequalities Through Intersectional Practice

Created by Foundation's Team 1365 days ago

...nce with applying intersectional approaches to challenge inequalities...“the intersection between gender, race and other categories of d...nt scales and through a range of approaches, with a view to ultimately...t engagement with intersectional approaches to reducing inequalities de...

Foundation's Team

UNDP is looking for Sustainable Development Goals Expert in Yemen

Created by Foundation's Team 1474 days ago

...t do not create adverse impact on gender equality but on the contrary...gard will be the development of a gender strategy for the PSF, which w...oss multiple SDGs and promotes an approach that maximises the impact o...g workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Indiv...


Foundation's Team

Don't assume. Just ask: a CEU's awareness raising campaign on pronouns

Created by Foundation's Team 1045 days ago

“Don’t assume. Just ask”. It’s not possible to guess someone’s gender identity from the way they ap...everyone uses pronouns based on their gender identity: the use of the corr...the SUPERA’s principles of gender e...

Foundation's Team

A free international directory of women gender experts

Created by Foundation's Team 1081 days ago

...nal directory of women experts on gender issues and gender equality. The aim of this web...ity Forum, a global gathering for gender equality organised by UN Wome...fessionals who integrate a gender approach into their activity. The aim is to reaffirm that gender issues and gender equality are...

Foundation's Team

Decolonising Women and Gender in Middle East Studies - podcast interview Nicola Pratt - ArabSouth

Created by Foundation's Team 1275 days ago University) about the shifting approaches within feminist Middle Ea...a new turn. How does a decolonial approach differ from a Middle East women’s and gender studies? How are scholars of th...iddle East decolonising women and gender studies? LISTEN TO THE PODCAST...


Foundation's Team

Mediterranean Women Breaking Barriers

Created by Foundation's Team 416 days ago

...ports that take a qualitative approach. By deepening the analysis...ctices and barriers show that gender-based violence rests on a pat...cchia, Project Manager at the Gender Equality, Social and Civil Affa...omen from various specialised approaches: 1) Towards Political, Econ...

Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 801 days ago

...rmative under this insightful approach, the new agenda should be, including the adoption of gender responsive natural resources po...or applying multi-stakeholder approaches, adapting SDGs to national,...of natural resources through gender lenses in reference to the aspi...

Foundation's Team

Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1082 days ago

...ram began implementing an innovative mobile approach to gender-based violence response and in Akkar district. The IRC’s approach aims to reach non-camp based...ICRW) collaborated with IRC to assess their approach to examine the extent to whic...


Foundation's Team

Guide on Gender Institutionalisation in Algeria - PAP ENPARD Algeria / / Guide pour l'institutionnalisation du genre - PAP ENPARD Algérie

Created by Foundation's Team 1345 days ago

The guide for the institutionalisation of gender is based on the knowledge acquired during the training process of Territorial Development Advisors set up within the framework of the PAP ENPARD project - Pilot Action Programme for Rural Development and Agriculture in Algeria - for an ap...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 : Ressources, Initiatives, Campagnes, Pétitions, Appels à Projets et Contributions / كورونا (COVID-19) الموارد: الموارد والمبادرات والحملات والبيانات والمحتويات / COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 1471 days ago

 Nos Membres   Nazra for Feminist Studies, EGYPTE :     Déclaration pour la Journée Mondiale de la Santé 2020 et COVID-19 (anglais, arabe, français)    Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), EGYP...

Foundation's Team

Guide d'Appui pour l'intégration de l'Approche Genre dans les organisations / الدليل حول كيفية دمج نهج النوع الاجتماعي في المنظمات / Guide to integrate Gender Approach in organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 1488 days ago

Les inégalités femmes-hommes perdurent. Les associations n’échappent pas à cette reproduction des normes sociales et culturelles. Pour répondre à ces constats, Coordination SUD propose – en mars 2020 – un nouveau guide d’...