Georgina Yglesias Julià

AMANE – Association Meilleur Avenir pour Nos Enfants

Member since 16 December 2020 @ 2:56pm

...for the protection of children against all forms of violence. For some time now AMANE has also been working towards integrating the gender (particularly the gender-based violence) perspective i...

ابتسام بن عدي

Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ

Member since 16 December 2020 @ 2:53pm

The Moroccan Youth Association for Development recently organized an initiative against impunity for the perpetrators of gender-based violence in the university sphere, as part of a c...

Amal AlShawahneh

Social and Economic Forum for Women Association

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:07pm

...and social rights. • Building the capacity of women's associations to build alliances and organize advocacy campaigns to promote the concepts of gender equality in society. • Impro...


Foundation's Team

The EMWF at the project MAGIC

Created by Foundation's Team 2 days ago

...The project MAGIC (lead by the IEMed) will map gendered Islamophobia in Belgian and...s. MAGIC (Muslim women and communities Against Gender Islamophobia in soCiety) is a...hed guidelines, the project will be monitoring gendered islamophobia for 15 months...

Foundation's Team

Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ?

Created by Foundation's Team 16 days ago

...ollowing piece of news on "Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario...ists and women. Still, structural gender inequalities prevail, finding...the Israeli authorities. Online gender-based violence is still provides spaces where gender norms can be bypassed and rei...

Foundation's Team

BRIDGES - a new project to assess the production and impact of migration narratives

Created by Foundation's Team 52 days ago

...ges of multicultural and increasingly diverse societies. BRIDGES has a Gender Observatory to ensure th...uality and ethics standards of the research, as well as a cross-cutting gender perspective in all BRIDGES ac...


Foundation's Team

COVID-19 in the MENA region: What Gender Policy Responses Do We Need?

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

...ndtable discussion will bring experts together to explore the inclusive gender responses needed for a better...ID-19 era. It will bring about inspiring and innovative ideas regarding gender policy responses that can be...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 impact on gender equality in academia

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

...University of Madrid will present the results of the study on the gendered impact of COVID-19 carried...rg Muller, expert in concepts and methods for researching the impact of gender diversity on research perform...

Foundation's Team

Sex and gender in health: enhancing knowledge, improving practice

Created by Foundation's Team 11 days ago

Conference: Sex and Gender in Health  Monday 28 June 2021 from 18h30 to 20h30 CET  Sex and gender are essential determinants of...lack of knowledge about the impact of sex and gender. This is compounded by the pe...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

Created by Foundation's Team 29 days ago

...fact that the harmful impact of sexism can be worse for some women and men due to their ethnicity, age, disability, social origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation&...

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 570 days ago

Women make up only 28% of the total labour force in Lebanon According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2018, many studies attribute this huge gap in eco...

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 737 days ago, and 29% in engineering, according to the European Commission. Other gender segregated data is even more...nt matters. Inspira STEAM’ working sessions cover topics such as gender stereotypes, women and scienc...

Calls and opportunities

Susana Cereijo

Call for Researchers - EuroMeSCo Joint Study Groups 2021-2022

Created by Susana Cereijo 3 days ago

...A Region: Risks and Opportunities • Assessing the Job Creation Potential of Social Economy in the MENA Region As part of these five topics, gender will constitute a cross-cutti...

Foundation's Team

Are you a feminist artist?

Created by Foundation's Team 8 days ago

...On the occasion of the Generation Equality Forum which will bring together heads of state from around the world at the end of June to talk about gender equality, #NousToutes and the...

Foundation's Team

Register for the Forum Generation Egality

Created by Foundation's Team 30 days ago gathering since 1995: governments, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and young people will come together to drive gender equality forward.  You...


Foundation's Team

Don't assume. Just ask: a CEU's awareness raising campaign on pronouns

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

...’s not possible to guess someone’s gender identity from the way they ap...Indeed, everyone uses pronouns based on their gender identity: the use of the corr...ine with the SUPERA’s principles of gender equality beyond the male-fema...

Sana Afouaiz

Womenpreneur Digital Hub

Created by Sana Afouaiz 30 days ago

...ENA region has access to the tools to realize their fullest economic potential. If you are dedicated, passionate, and proactive, and committed to gender equality and equal societies,...

Foundation's Team

A free international directory of women gender experts

Created by Foundation's Team 39 days ago directory of women experts on gender issues and gender equality. The aim of this web...tion Equality Forum, a global gathering for gender equality organised by UN Wome...their activity. The aim is to reaffirm that gender issues and gender equality ar...


Stephanie Willman Bordat

MARSADNISSA: Analyzing gender justice and judicial stereotypes in Tunisia

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 24 days ago

This report presents the results of a four year initiative to develop and implement an online Observatory of domestic court decisions in women’s rights cases in Tunisia...

Foundation's Team

Tackling social norms a game changer for gender inequalities

Created by Foundation's Team 29 days ago

...he world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030. The Human Development Report’s Gender Inequality Index (GII)—...dash;shows that overall progress in gender inequality has been slowing i...mdash;demand new ways of looking at gender equality and women’s em...

Foundation's Team

The political participation of Jordanian women at the local level

Created by Foundation's Team 33 days ago

...field diagnosis entitled "Women’s Participation in Municipal Councils in Liwa Al Koura, Irbid", as a leader of one of the Local clusters for gender equality actors  ©...


Genre et Climat / Gender and Climate

Created by Susana Cereijo 1678 days ago

Au cours du MEDCOP Climat (Tanger, 18-19 juillet 2016), la Déclaration sur le Genre et le Climat des femmes méditerranéennes a été adoptée par les participants-es aux a...

Atelier de plaidoyer - Advocacy workshop - ورشة عمل المناصرة

Created by Susana Cereijo 1886 days ago

...sting advocacy workshop held in Barcelona, between 3rd April to 10th April 2016. Let's continue our discussions here to promote our actions to gender equality together ! مرحب...


Foundation's Team

COVID-19 in the MENA region: What Gender Policy Responses Do We Need? / / COVID-19 dans la région MENA : de quelles réponses politiques de genre avons-nous besoin ?

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

In the MENA region, women are overrepresented in industries that COVID-19 and its subsequent restrictions have impacted the hardest. Women remain at the forefront of essential services rendering them additionally vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of the virus. However, econo...

Foundation's Team

Don't assume. Just ask: a CEU's awareness raising campaign on pronouns / / Ne présumez pas. Il suffit de demander : une campagne de sensibilisation de la CEU sur les pronoms

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

“Don’t assume. Just ask”. It’s not possible to guess someone’s gender identity from the way they appear; the way people communicate is crucial to ensure that nobody feels alienated or discriminated against. This is particularly important in the academic e...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 impact on gender equality in academia / / L'Impact de la COVID-19 sur l'égalité de genre dans le monde universitaire

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

On June 9, 2021 from 4.00 to 5.30 pm CET, the SUPERA core teams from the University of Coimbra, the University of Cagliari and the Complutense University of Madrid will present the results of the study on the gendered impact of COVID-19 carried out in the t...