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Foundation's Team

Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ?

Created by Foundation's Team 245 days ago

...ollowing piece of news on "Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario...ists and women. Still, structural gender inequalities prevail, finding...the Israeli authorities. Online gender-based violence is still provides spaces where gender norms can be bypassed and rei...

Foundation's Team

BRIDGES - a new project to assess the production and impact of migration narratives

Created by Foundation's Team 281 days ago

...ges of multicultural and increasingly diverse societies. BRIDGES has a Gender Observatory to ensure th...uality and ethics standards of the research, as well as a cross-cutting gender perspective in all BRIDGES ac...

Foundation's Team

Egypt: EU supports the combat against gender based violence

Created by Foundation's Team 281 days ago

...the Coptic Church and Al Azhar, UN Organisations, and civil society for their avid commitment and strong actions towards an environment free from gender-based violence,” he sai...

Amel Arbaoui

Follow-up sessions within the framework of the Feyza project for equal opportunities

Created by Amel Arbaoui 289 days ago

...oject Funded by the UN, Feyza seeks to promote the rule of law through gender equality, strengthening civil...bers from 10 CSOs will be equipped to implement projects related to the gender approach and to set up commun...

Maria Àngels Roque

EuroMeSCo's Annual conference on post-covid Euro-Med relations

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 303 days ago

...igration and mobility; Green transition). The debates will be structured around short interventions from experts coming from the whole region, and gender will be a cross-sectional per...

Maria Àngels Roque

The IEMed leads MAGIC, a project aimed at preventing gender islamophobia in Spanish and Belgian media

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 308 days ago

...d civil society organisations to stand against gender islamophobia in public narrat...of two years (2021-2023) the project will map gender islamophobia in Belgian and S...lition of Muslim women and communities Against Gender Islamophobia in society. The...

Foundation's Team

Check out the winners and finalists of our art contest Collaging a Gender-Equal Future!

Created by Foundation's Team 322 days ago

...bsp;of our art contest  "Collaging a Gender-Equal Future: Tailoring the T...complexity, whilst simultaneously projecting a gender-equal future. Some collages c...ebrate sisterhood and feminism. Others contest gender-based inequalities or&nb...


Promoting parity, a necessary step towards achieving gender equality in Morocco

Created by Samira MUHEYA 342 days ago

...commitment to implement human rights dictating gender equality, Morocco is far be perceived as a gesture towards achieving gender equality. In the midst of th...evaluation of public policies in the field of gender equality and regarding gender...

Antonia Tsirigoti

Exchange of good practices in handling domestic violence cases and protecting abused women and their children between Greece and Iceland

Created by Antonia Tsirigoti 353 days ago

...r. In the preparatory meeting for the working group, the Ambassador for Gender Equality in the Ministry for...ser at the Women Counceling Center of Thessaloniki, Research Centre for Gender Equality, Mr. Stefanos Aleviz...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting better practices in media coverage of gender-based violence in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 357 days ago

...MRA is delighted to start a new two-year project with Networks of Change and local Moroccan NGOs to promote better practices in media coverage of gender-based violence in Morocco. Wi...


Foundation's Team

Discussing the empowerment of female refugees and migrants for a socially inclusive Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 225 days ago

...Refugees and Migrants for a Socially Inclusive Europe Across the globe many women and girls still face discrimination on the basis of sex and gender. Gender inequality underpins many pro...

Esther Fouchier

Photos to counter gender stereotypes, at the Anna Lindh Foundation's Virtual Marathon

Created by Esther Fouchier 225 days ago

In the framework of the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon, the French network of the Foundation, together with Forum Femmes Méditerranée, a...

Foundation's Team

The 2021 UfM Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 227 days ago

...nges. However, women in the Euro-Mediterranean region face a persistent gender gap in access and use of digi...oundtable discussions will focus on the root causes of the digital gender divide in the MENA regio...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 in the MENA region: What Gender Policy Responses Do We Need?

Created by Foundation's Team 232 days ago

...ndtable discussion will bring experts together to explore the inclusive gender responses needed for a better...ID-19 era. It will bring about inspiring and innovative ideas regarding gender policy responses that can be...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 impact on gender equality in academia

Created by Foundation's Team 232 days ago

...University of Madrid will present the results of the study on the gendered impact of COVID-19 carried...rg Muller, expert in concepts and methods for researching the impact of gender diversity on research perform...

Foundation's Team

Sex and gender in health: enhancing knowledge, improving practice

Created by Foundation's Team 240 days ago

Conference: Sex and Gender in Health  Monday 28 June 2021 from 18h30 to 20h30 CET  Sex and gender are essential determinants of...lack of knowledge about the impact of sex and gender. This is compounded by the pe...

Foundation's Team

Anna Lindh Foundation's Marathon: Gender ID Talks

Created by Foundation's Team 240 days ago

...dh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed. #GenderIDTalks aims to promote gender equality in the sense of rais...and future development, to find the roots of and break down the gender stereotypes and intercultural...

Foundation's Team

Women's professional networks: launch of 2GAP Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 246 days ago

On June 1, 2021, at 12:30h CET, the Gender and Governance Action Platform (2GAP) will be...sectors have decided to unite their energies and form a collective, the Gender and Governance Action Platfor...

Foundation's Team

FGM in the EU: Raising the voice of communities

Created by Foundation's Team 247 days ago

On 26 May 2021, the European Institute for Gender Equality is organising a virtual dissemination event for the launch of the report ’Estimation of girls at risk of fema...

Foundation's Team

Virtual Teach-In: Palestine is a Feminist and a Decolonial Issue

Created by Foundation's Team 247 days ago

Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research, Exeter Decolonizing Network, the European Centre for Palestine Studies (ECPS), and the Institute of Arab and Isl...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence (GEAR against IPV)

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago

...ere girls and boys are invited, through a series of experiential activities, to assess but also challenge their culturally “inherited” gender stereotypes. The approach add...

Foundation's Team

Transnational Campaigning - European Women's Lobby 5050 campaign across Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago increased representation of women in the European Parliament (EP) has been noted and the success of the nomination of the 1st Commissioner for Gender Equality. Women now make up 3...

Foundation's Team

Equality for local development: gender mainstreaming in municipalities

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago

...f local authorities in order to implement real gender equality policies. It has bee...Security and Labour (Lithuania) as well as the Gender Equality Commissioner (Estoni...g the capacity of municipalities to mainstream gender in their work by using the 3R...

Foundation's Team

Protection of women's rights through concerted actions at national, regional and international levels.

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago

...arian state to meet its obligations regarding the improvement of the role of women in society and the rights of women and girls who are victims of gender based violence. To achieve th...

Foundation's Team

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinian society. This topic needs to be in everyday conversations to break these taboos.  Women&rsqu...

Foundation's Team

Grassroots Activists for Just Peace and Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 2388 days ago

This successful practice targets activists and young university students in 30 locations in the West Bank and Gaza. The objective was to empower marginalized,...

Foundation's Team

Fostering women' s capacities and gender awareness-raising

Created by Foundation's Team 2445 days ago

This practice forms part of an initiative called TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), a non-profit annual international conference bringing together particularly...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for project proposals: Responding to anti-LGBTI forces in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 283 days ago to address growing anti-LGBTI and anti-gender rhetoric and state-led anti-L...ty actors are working to curtail LGBTI rights, gender equality, and sexual and repr...n the current context of growing populist anti-gender and anti-LGBTI rhetoric and s...

Foundation's Team

Call for proposals: Gender and Peacebuilding for Syria

Created by Foundation's Team 283 days ago

...s diverse communities, increasing gender responsiveness of media actor...’s civil society to advance gender equality and women’s on common issue or issues of gender equality and women’s ri...political process and analyze the gender aspects of Syria’s medi...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers: Feminist Theory in University accross the Arab World

Created by Foundation's Team 286 days ago about feminist theory and gender in university settings across...t sensitive topics related to gender equality—including sex...strategies exist for teaching gender in the Arab region? How have...dicate that you are a MEPI TL Gender Scholar. Al-Raida a...

Foundation's Team

Promoting a Culture of Equality, Female Empowerment and Employability

Created by Foundation's Team 293 days ago

...5, 2021, at 3.30 p.m. (Brussels time). The general objective: Promote gender equality by improving women&r...e of equality and fight against discrimination and stereotypes based on gender" of the Government Plan for E...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers on Political Homophobia and Anti-Feminism in The MENA and Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 295 days ago

...munity organizers to discuss how discourses on gender and sexuality have evolved in...Papers should engage issues of sex, sexuality, gender, or intimacy amid increasing...shaping and connecting far-right discourses on gender and sexuality in the Middle E...

Foundation's Team

Call for Proposals: Promoting Women's Productive Participation in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 296 days ago

...nbsp;aims to build the capacity of reporters and media professionals on gender-responsive reporting on women...and work are portrayed in the media, as well as certain issues, such as gender-based violence; and it will a...

Foundation's Team

Call for Projects 2021: Acting for Equality between Women and Men

Created by Foundation's Team 322 days ago

...The proposed projects must fall within a specific objective in favor of gender equality, namely: - Promote...and promote sexual and reproductive health rights, - Fight against all gender-based and sexual violence by...

Sana Afouaiz

Ambassador for the Womenpreneur Digital Hub

Created by Sana Afouaiz 329 days ago

...t 19% and is likely to deteriorate as COVID-19 continues to hurt the economy. As social and economic disruption continue to emerge in the region, gender inequality is exacerbated. Jo...

Mozn Hassan

Nazra is hiring!

Created by Mozn Hassan 337 days ago

...o;Regional Manual on Monitoring and Documentation in the MENA Region” and develop the part concerning documentation in conflict zones, where gender based violence and sexual vio...

Foundation's Team

PhD Opportunities : Gender and the Politics of Shame

Created by Foundation's Team 338 days ago

...ect addressing the theme of the politics of shame in the broad areas of gender, sexualities and feminism. R...has been a nascent emphasis on shame and shame’s relationship to gender and/or sexuality. Potential c...


Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 689 days ago

...ation Equality, in getting to gender equality through these, encourage children of all genders to be involved equally in ho...of these categories. Diverse gender identities have always existe...panies with a solid record on gender equality. Generation Equality...

Foundation's Team

Online OECD Conference on Ending Violence Against Women

Created by Foundation's Team 695 days ago

...ze that violence against women is a crisis in their countries. The OECD Gender Equality Questionnaire illust...governments prioritise this issue as a crucial front in the battle for gender equality: 21 of the 37 govern...

Foundation's Team

Teenage female coders join the fight against GBV in Albania

Created by Foundation's Team 799 days ago

...s decided to encourage women to stand up for themselves and raise their voice against violence, through their application which enables victims of Gender-based Violence (GBV) to seeks...

Foundation's Team

Request a Woman Scientist: a platform to amplify women's voices in the public sphere

Created by Foundation's Team 822 days ago

...ately deny leadership opportunities to women in science, especially women who face additional forms of discrimination.  To end this specific gender gap, the ‘’500 Wo...

Foundation's Team

Women Count Data Hub: Your guide to monitor progress in achieving gender equality in the SDGs

Created by Foundation's Team 850 days ago

...first of its kind to provide public access to gender data that can be used to moni...t brings together the latest available data on gender and the SDGs, as well as stor...include: data dashboards on all the available gender-related indicators of the SDG...

Foundation's Team

1001 heroines: a mission to discover feminist works

Created by Foundation's Team 870 days ago

...roines is an excellent website that lists and recommends feminist works (books, films and series) and encourages the discovery of works that break gender stereotypes and advance the s...

Foundation's Team

Women in News: strengthening women's presence and leadership in the media

Created by Foundation's Team 898 days ago

...borates with their media partners to close the gender gap in the newsrooms, boardro...e that features the latest reports and data on gender equality in the media, as wel...the newsroom as well as their contribution to gender equality through their newspa...

Foundation's Team

Justice now: an interactive experience for ending impunity for sexual and gender-based violence as international crimes

Created by Foundation's Team 958 days ago can experience violence, unequal power relationships and entrenched gender inequalities have a disparate...critical role that investigators play in ending impunity for sexual and gender-based violence crimes. It als...

Foundation's Team

Women in Islam: a journal on gender relations in Islam

Created by Foundation's Team 966 days ago a journal that explores the complexities of gender relations in Muslim communiti...associated with the intersection of Islam and gender. Its aim is to promote alter...Islamic traditions and texts on the topics of gender equality and justice. The jou...

Foundation's Team

Gender equality in the audio-visual sector: Arab women in films

Created by Foundation's Team 975 days ago Films is an online directory that promotes gender equality and freedom of expre...occo and Tunisia. The platform aims to tackle gender inequality as well as to comb...sp; As part of the project “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the...


Foundation's Team

Fostering women's economic participation in the Western Mediterranean: Successful policies for in-depth transformations

Created by Foundation's Team 225 days ago with the UN 2030 Agenda, and particularly with SDG number 5 (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls), this online conference sought to present gender equality as a cross-sectional...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

MARSADNISSA: Analyzing gender justice and judicial stereotypes in Tunisia

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 253 days ago

This report presents the results of a four year initiative to develop and implement an online Observatory of domestic court decisions in women’s rights cases in Tunisia...

Foundation's Team

Tackling social norms a game changer for gender inequalities

Created by Foundation's Team 258 days ago

...he world is not on track to achieve gender equality by 2030. The Human Development Report’s Gender Inequality Index (GII)—...dash;shows that overall progress in gender inequality has been slowing i...mdash;demand new ways of looking at gender equality and women’s em...

Foundation's Team

The political participation of Jordanian women at the local level

Created by Foundation's Team 262 days ago

...field diagnosis entitled "Women’s Participation in Municipal Councils in Liwa Al Koura, Irbid", as a leader of one of the Local clusters for gender equality actors  ©...

Maria Alabdeh

Position paper on Perspectives of Forced Displaced Syrian Women on their Conditions, Rights, and Demands

Created by Maria Alabdeh 269 days ago to highlight the situation of forcibly displaced Syrian women (FDS Women) to stress the urgent need for serious, sustained, contextualized, and gender-sensitive support, solidarity...

Foundation's Team

Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 269 days ago

...tional Rescue Committee (IRC)’s Women’s Protection and Empowerment Lebanon program began implementing an innovative mobile approach to gender-based violence response and m...

Foundation's Team

My body is my own: Claiming the right to autonomy and self-determination

Created by Foundation's Team 275 days ago

...e COVID-19 pandemic, as record numbers of women and girls are at riskof gender-based violence and harmful pr...e health agency) "real, sustained progress largely depends on uprooting gender inequalityand all forms of di...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence against Women : a manual for teachers on gender sensitive education

Created by Foundation's Team 279 days ago

...the EuroMed Feminist Initiative developed a manual for Teachers on Gender Sensitive Education. This handbook offers ways to integrate the gender dimension of education i...

Foundation's Team

A phone of my own. Gender, religion and technology

Created by Foundation's Team 281 days ago

The invisibility of immigrant women has a negative impact on their integration into the host society. This article examines how access to technology...

Foundation's Team

The human rights of women in Syria: Between discriminatory law, patriarchal culture, and the exclusionary politics of the regime

Created by Foundation's Team 281 days ago

...Survivors, and Damma. These consultations also aimed at monitoring the gender effects of successive displac...ary conception of transitional justice mechanisms in need of adopting a gender perspective....


Foundation's Team

Discussing gender-policy responses in the MENA region / جائحة كورونا COVID-19 في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا / Analyse des réponses en matière de politiques de genre dans la région MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 196 days ago

On June 30, the round table “COVID-19 in the MENA region: What Gender Policy Responses Do We Need?” brought experts together to explore the inclusive gender responses needed for a better future for women and communities in the region.  The discussion was organised by W...

Foundation's Team

Queer Community in Crisis: Trauma, Inequality and Vulnerability / / Communauté queer en crise : traumatisme, inégalité et vulnérabilité

Created by Foundation's Team 206 days ago

With EU financial assistance, Oxfam conducted a research study aiming at understanding the impact of the series of crises on the livelihoods and wellbeing of queer individuals in Lebanon, mapping available and needed services and resources, and generating recommendat...

Foundation's Team

Le Forum Génération Égalité à Paris : un rassemblement mondial en faveur de l'égalité entre les hommes et les femmes / / the Generation Equality Forum in Paris : a Global Gathering for Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 211 days ago

Le Forum Génération Égalité est un rassemblement mondial en faveur de l’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes, organisé par ONU Femmes en partenariat avec les jeunes et la société civile, et accueilli conjointement pa...

Foundation's Team

Fighting Gender Stereotypes: EuroMed Women for Dialogue / / Combattre les stéréotypes de genre : EuroMed Women for Dialogue

Created by Foundation's Team 218 days ago

The Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed region will gather activities of ALF civil society Network and partner organizations to take place during 42 days from the 19th of May to the 29th of June. The aim of the VM is to highlight the importance of the Inte...

Foundation's Team

Discussions sur l'identité de genre / / Gender ID Talks

Created by Foundation's Team 220 days ago

GenderIDTalks #4 : Un événement du marathon virtuel de la FAL  Une série d’activités inter-réseaux a été organisée par les réseaux nationaux de la Fondation Anna Lindh de Roumanie - Groupe de la Jeunesse europ&...

Foundation's Team

The 2021 UfM Women Business Forum / Le Forum des femmes entrepreneures de l'UpM 2021 / منتدى سيدات الأعمال التابع للاتحاد من أجل المتوسط لعام 2021

Created by Foundation's Team 227 days ago

Technological changes, including digitalisation, have been accelerated by the Covid-19 health crisis. Digital transformation presents a major tool for empowering women to enable their inclusion in labour markets, in entrepreneurial and financial activities, particularly with a view on f...

Foundation's Team

Generation Equality - Young Feminist Unconference

Created by Foundation's Team 231 days ago

Register now for the #GenerationEquality Young Feminist Unconference virtual event (11-13 June) The Organising Committee of the Generation Equality: Young Feminist Unconference informs you that all the personal details collected via this form will be deleted at the closure of all e...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 in the MENA region: What Gender Policy Responses Do We Need? / COVID-19 dans la région MENA : de quelles réponses politiques de genre avons-nous besoin ? / جائحة كورونا COVID-19 في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا: ما هي استجابات سياسة النوع الاجتماعي التي نحتاجها؟

Created by Foundation's Team 232 days ago

In the MENA region, women are overrepresented in industries that COVID-19 and its subsequent restrictions have impacted the hardest. Women remain at the forefront of essential services rendering them additionally vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of the virus. However, econo...

Foundation's Team

Don't assume. Just ask: a CEU's awareness raising campaign on pronouns / / Ne présumez pas. Il suffit de demander : une campagne de sensibilisation de la CEU sur les pronoms

Created by Foundation's Team 232 days ago

“Don’t assume. Just ask”. It’s not possible to guess someone’s gender identity from the way they appear; the way people communicate is crucial to ensure that nobody feels alienated or discriminated against. This is particularly important in the academic e...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 impact on gender equality in academia / / L'Impact de la COVID-19 sur l'égalité de genre dans le monde universitaire

Created by Foundation's Team 232 days ago

On June 9, 2021 from 4.00 to 5.30 pm CET, the SUPERA core teams from the University of Coimbra, the University of Cagliari and the Complutense University of Madrid will present the results of the study on the gendered impact of COVID-19 carried out in the t...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Arab Women Parlamentarian Network
Social Association for Media Profession
Musawa Women’s Study Center
RUSEMEG - Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)
Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM)
Association Entrelles Entrepreneures Marrakech-Safi
Mouwatinet Association
Pertinence Sa Dynamisme Qualite
Socio-cultural centre for women in action
Association Karama of Arab Family (AKFA)
Network of women artisans of Morocco
Istar Montull Mussach
Creativity Center for Citizenship and Democracy
Green Globe
Savera Liverpool
Tunisian Association of Women Judges- TAWJ
Vision Communication Consultancy
Egyptian Center for Women'  s Rights (ECWR)
Ankara University
Forum for Professionals fighting against Family Honor Crimes in the Palestinian society in Israel
Réseau Algérien des Femmes d'Affaires (RAFA)
Association du Développement et des Études Stratégiques de Medenine (ADESM)
Association for the Promotion of Rural Women of Mezzouna
The School Girls of Azaghar Foundation
Etaf Roudan
Egyptian Feminist Union – EFU
Djerba Solidarity & Development Association
Ensan Aid
Equity, Parity and Gender Mainstreaming Commission of Guelmim
Valencia University
Venus Association for the culture and arts
Wafaa Ziti

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Shared practices

Sharing a culture of women-men equality the collection “Egal à egal” (equal to equal)

The “Laboratoire de l’égalité” (equality laboratory) has three main aims: to bring together...

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men. The main goal is...

Manarat : Stories of inspiring women from the Middle East and North Africa

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, Oxfam Great Britain’s Regional Gender Justice Programme is launching...

Solar mamas: It takes one woman to light a village!

Jordan’s poorest desert villages on the Iraqi border, was given a chance to travel to India to attend the Barefoot College, where...

WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Wikigender is a collaborative platform addressed to political decision makers and experts in both developing and developed...

Grassroots Activists for Just Peace and Gender Equality

This successful practice targets activists and young university students in 30 locations in the West Bank and Gaza. The...

Animation: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

This animated video was launched by UN Women Jordan, during the '16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence' campaign....

Project: Do not touch my rights!

The project 'Do not touch my rights!” is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), for a period of 12 months...

Against Trafficking in Women – Awareness campaign against human trafficking in Tunisia

This campaign has the main aim to raise awareness among the public opinion and especially among the youth on the existent and...

Establishing a coalition and advocacy for the introduction of the quota policy in Algeria

This practice addressed the need to improve the representation of women in the political life. In 2005, CIDDEF conducted a...