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Check out our Newsletter for October 2017

Created by Foundation's Team 1570 days ago

...ssociations and civil society in designing, implementing, monitoring and influencing national and euro-Mediterranean national policies in terms of gender equality. The dialogue will t...

Esther Fouchier

Workshop on income generating activities in Sousse

Created by Esther Fouchier 1575 days ago

...sence of follow-up / training / cost price / communication / standardization of the crafts / Competition / Organize a training on Gender: explaining of the term gender (method / design) and gender...

Foundation's Team

Concrete actions by JFBPW to promote professional equality in Zarqaa

Created by Foundation's Team 1584 days ago

Gender inequality in factories in Zarqaa ha...FBPW), one of the coordinator of the Gender Equality Local Clusters estab...ulations, in addition to the lack of gendered policies at their factories...the capacities of actors working for gender equality” of the projec...

Maha Khiralla

Elmehwar trains social workers on gender concepts in the upper countryside of Egypt

Created by Maha Khiralla 1589 days ago

...sed of Maha Khayrullah, expert on gender oriented training, the presid...t, and Dr. Huda Qandil, expert on Gender based violence oriented train...the Upper Countryside of Egypt on gender concepts and issues. This se...rsquo;s awareness  regarding gender issue and gender integration...

Foundation's Team

Junior and senior researchers debate on masculinities and gender roles

Created by Foundation's Team 1610 days ago

...University and Scientific Network on Women and Gender - RUSEMEG opened the seminar...contributions, it was possible to see how the gender vision in the 21st century is...PhD candidates and researchers in the field of gender to present their theses, to e...

Roza Dimova

Hiwar concludes its advocacy campaign on women and local politics in Ramallah

Created by Roza Dimova 1619 days ago

...involved in the topic. The campaign also launched television series on gender equality, human rights and po...andidates for local elections who were trained in communication skills, gender equality in politics, strateg...

Foundation's Team

NADRF studies how to encourage women to run effectively for local elections

Created by Foundation's Team 1631 days ago

...for proposals to coordinate a local cluster of gender equality actors, has successf...supporting women and acting in favour of equal gender representation in local counc...For more information about local clusters of gender equality actors set up by the...

Foundation's Team

MIFTAH supports a fair participation of women in policy making in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 1633 days ago

...his pilot action included a number of meetings with main actors on gender equality in Palestine such as...posals promoted by the Foundation in 2016 to coordinate a local cluster gender equality actors between women...

Foundation's Team

Check out our August Newsletter

Created by Foundation's Team 1634 days ago for applications for the mobilization of local actors in favour of gender equality, a super interesting...with the objective of supporting projects addressing issues related to gender equality and the under-repres...

Foundation's Team

Mouwatinet promotes women's participation in municipal elections in Sfax

Created by Foundation's Team 1637 days ago

...n political life and despite the Tunisian constitution which guarantees gender equality, and the recent course on communication skills and leadership, local governance and gender that took place on 22 and 29...


Foundation's Team

Center of Arab Women for Training and Research. Library and database of CAWTAR

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

CAWTAR groups together Greater Middle Eastern and Northern African countries. It provides the region with a research and study centre on gender and the status of women from an economic perspective. It also features mainly economic data, indicators and statistics on gender-related issues.

Foundation's Team


Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

...a, Tunisia and Turkey. The MEDSTAT programme seeks to compare and harmonise statistics in different sectors, including social statistics featuring gender data.

Foundation's Team

Women' s Studies Programs, Departments, & Research Centers

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

This website lists over 900 links to websites of study programmes, departments and feminist research centres on gender or on women.

Foundation's Team

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) –Gendernet Practice Notes

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

The practice notes, regularly prepared by members of the DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET), provide guidance on how to address gender equality and women’s empowerment in develo...

Foundation's Team

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) – StatExtracts

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

This page includes data and metadata for OECD countries and selected non-member economies. It offers ways to access data on gender in the section “social protection and well-being”. 

Foundation's Team

World Bank. Gender Equality Data and Statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

This website is a one-stop source of information on gender at the country level, a compilation of data on key gender topics from national statistics agencies, United Nations databases, and World Bank-conducted or funded surveys.

Foundation's Team

World Bank – DataBank

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

On this website, gender disparities are measured using a compilation of data on key issues: education, health, participation of labour force, and political participation. This data is also listed under four main tabs: by country, by topic, indicators, data catalogue and microdata.

Foundation's Team

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Gender and Land Rights Database

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

This website provides information on six categories: legal framework, international treaties and conventions, common law, land tenure and related institutions, civil society organisations, and related statistics.

Foundation's Team

UN – International law and development

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago introduces the UN programmes on the promotion of women (concerning gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as the issue “gender and the environment”)....

Foundation's Team

UN. Gender and development

Created by Foundation's Team 2448 days ago

The interactive interface Gender Info 2010 enables users to create their own statistical documents based on UN data on gender. Gender Info 2010 is an initi...


Foundation's Team

Violence against women: Nobel Peace Prize is a start - but legal backing is long overdue

Created by Foundation's Team 1170 days ago an increasingly conflict-ridden world. Nadj also highlights the persistent moral gap between rhetoric and practice when it comes to addressing gender-based violence, while insisti...

Foundation's Team

A New Feminism? Gender Dynamics in Morocco's February 20th Movement

Created by Foundation's Team 1170 days ago

...howing places of friction, influence and tensions. Second, then provides some indications of what she calls a new feminism. Then, she analyses the gender dynamics among the various co...

Foundation's Team

Emilie Vidal and a dialogue on Euro-Mediterranean Women: An Interview by Asmaa Mohamad Mustafa

Created by Foundation's Team 1170 days ago

...his interview with Mushriqat magazine, Emilie Vidal, Coordinator of the gender Programme at the European Ins...nean Women’s Foundation (FFEM), reflects on the current status of gender equality on both sides of the...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality in the ESS

Created by Foundation's Team 1175 days ago

Higher Council of the SSE (CSESS) prepares a report every three years on gender equality in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). This first triennial report, produced un...

Foundation's Team

Mental health and gender-based violence: helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict

Created by Foundation's Team 1179 days ago

In recent years, several manuals and guidelines have been developed in the field of trauma. Some of these have addressed gender-based violence (GBV), its consequences, and w...

Foundation's Team

Violence against women based on gender in the Jordanian society - Zarqa and Mafraq governorates as case study

Created by Foundation's Team 1182 days ago

This study is based on field results that reflect the current situation of violence against women based on gender in remote areas in Jordan. The study deals with the issue o...

Doaa Salman

Impact of Women Wage Segregation on Economic Growth: Evidence from Brazil, Egypt and Jordan

Created by Doaa Salman 1183 days ago

...s these labor trends whilst investigating the severity of wage segregation and wage discrimination in the countries thus the effects it has on the gender gap in the labor force; this...

Foundation's Team

Preventing Violence Against Women in Elections

Created by Foundation's Team 1184 days ago

...source for members and especially leaders of political parties, electoral management bodies, civil society organizations, women’s groups and gender equality activists....

Foundation's Team

Gender-specific measures in anti-trafficking actions

Created by Foundation's Team 1197 days ago

...ported form of human trafficking in the European Union. It is a form of gender-based violence that dispropor...form of violence against women. This report provides practical and gender-specific guidance to Member S...

Foundation's Team

Sexism, harassment and violence against women in parliaments in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 1198 days ago

...rticular forms of such abuse in Europe. The study therefore aims to break the silence and persistent taboos and to contribute to the fight against gender-based behaviour and violence...


Foundation's Team

The basics on the challenges of gender and development / L’essentiel sur les enjeux de genre et de développement / الأساسيات حول تحديات الجندر و التنمية

Created by Foundation's Team 1833 days ago

In order to support the growth of knowledge on gender at AFD, the French Development Agency has created a pedagogical information program aimed at fostering reflection on gender. This "Pause Gender" program provides an overview of the concepts, themes and topical subjects and consists of number o...

Foundation's Team

Project on the Status of women in the MENA region / مشروع عن وضع المرأة في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا / Projet sur le statut des femmes dans la région MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 2110 days ago

IFES and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) have united their years of experience in research and capacity building to enhance the status of women in the Middle East and North Africa. Through comparative and country-specific surveys, the project measured ho...

Foundation's Team

Kohl - Journal pour la recherche sur le corps et le genre / كُحل - مجلة لأبحاث الجسد و الجندر / Kohl - Journal for body and gender research

Created by Foundation's Team 2170 days ago

Kohl est une revue féministe progressiste sur le genre et la sexualité dans les régions du Moyen-Orient, de l’Asie du Sud-Ouest et de l’Afrique du Nord. Kohl est un journal académique biannuel, multilingue, à accès libre et à comité...

Foundation's Team

La Independent / / La Independent

Created by Foundation's Team 2353 days ago

La Independent ("The Independent woman", in Catalan), is a Spanish news agency with a gender perspective. Established in 2007 and driven by the International Network of Women Journalists and Communicators of Catalonia - International Network of Journalists with a Gender Vision (AD.XIDPI...

Foundation's Team

Institut européen pour l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes / المعهد الأوروبي للمساواة بين الجنسين / European Institute for Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 2424 days ago

L’Institut européen pour l’égalité entre les entre les femmes et les hommes (IEEFH) est un organe autonome de l’Union européenne (UE) établi pour contribuer à la promotion de l’égalité femmes-hommes, y compr...

Foundation's Team

Women's Organisations Committee on Alcohol and Drug Issues / Comité d'organisations de femmes sur l'addiction à l'alcool et aux drogues / لجنة المنظمات النسائية المعنية بمسائل الكحول والمخدرات

Created by Foundation's Team 2424 days ago

The Women’ s Organisations Committee on Alcohol and Drug Issues -WOCAD, is a Swedish network of women’s organisations that fights alcohol and other drug addictions following a gender perspective. Their target groups consist of girls and women of all ages. WOCAD is engaged in different ...

Foundation's Team

The Women's Information and Documentation Center (CID) / مركز المعلومات والتوثيق للمرأة / Centre d'Information et de Documentation des Femmes

Created by Foundation's Team 2424 days ago

The Women’s Information and Documentation Center (CID) was created in 1992 on the initiative of a group of women from different backgrounds who shared the motivation to promote the role of women in society and more particularly in Luxembourg. From the beginning, the CID has set i...

Foundation's Team

Zeroviolenza / Zeroviolenza / زيروفيولينزا - 0 عنف

Created by Foundation's Team 2446 days ago

Zeroviolenza was founded in 2009 as a project to denounce and prevent violence against women and all forms of violence using a civil information work as a daily tool that aims to build a culture of responsibility in the relationship between adults and children, girls and adolescents, as...

Foundation's Team

Irish Centre for Human Rights - NUI Galway / Centre irlandais pour les droits humains - NUI Galway / المركز الأيرلندي لحقوق الإنسان - NUI Galway

Created by Foundation's Team 2446 days ago

The Irish Centre for Human Rights is one of the world’s premier academic human rights institutions, dedicated to the study and promotion of human rights, international criminal law and humanitarian law. Since its establishment in January 2000, the Centre has developed a global rep...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Amal Wazan for women football
Orbital Endowment Fund
Centre ADHUC—Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat
Future Association for Development - Batna
Syria Algad Relief Foundation
Bidaya Association
Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)
Fédération de la Ligue Démocratique des Droits des Femmes (FLDDF) de Ouarzazate
Jordan Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI)
Liberated T
International Observatory of Human Rights
The Union of Feminist Action
Juzoor for Health and Social Development (Juzoor)
Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle (HACA)
Apid Imprenditorialità Donna
The Individual Initiative for Human Rights  - Masir
Albanian Journalists Group (AJG)
Creativity Center for Citizenship and Democracy
Libyan Women ORG
Department of Gender Studies, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta
Jawhara Association
Association Al Nada pour la Citoyenneté et le Développement Gafsa (ANCD)
Réseau Algérien des Femmes d'Affaires (RAFA)
Association AGIR pour le Developpement et l'Epanouissement de la Jeunesse
Cooperation Association
Bothoor Alkhaer Human Organization
Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation
University of Coimbra
Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)
Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah)
Palestinian Human Rights Organization (PHRO)
The Digital Museum of Women  Zatek
Arab Women Media Center (AWMC)

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Shared practices

Project: Do not touch my rights!

The project 'Do not touch my rights!” is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), for a period of 12 months...

'Jeunes et Femmes' (youth and women): tools to build a life

The “Jeunes et Femmes” (youth and women) project was launched in 2010 by the Mission locale des Ulis in response to...

I Saw Harassment

This initiative has been established to monitor sexual harassment against women and girls in Egypt. It aims to: shed light and...

Strengthening the political participation of Palestinian women

Although Palestinian women have always had an effective role in the Palestinian struggle on the ground, their political...

Pioneer Women: daring, innovaton, entrepreneurship

Created 10 years ago, the Pioneers is a network of nearly 20 incubators and nurseries in the service of entrepreneurs and...

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinian society. This topic needs to be in everyday...

Women's voices Web radio

The web radio'Voix de Femmes” (Women’s Voices) is one of the largest projects of the FEC’s association with the...

"Res’Art": The women artisans network of Algerian art

Res Art is a network of women craftswoman of Algerian art submitted by the association Femmes en Communication. The project has...

Grassroots Activists for Just Peace and Gender Equality

This successful practice targets activists and young university students in 30 locations in the West Bank and Gaza. The...

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Various studies show that the number of women enrolling in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related...