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EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 1401 days ago

...on economic, social and cultural rights, business and human rights, democratic governance, civil society, human rights defenders, freedom of expression and media freedom, freedom of religion or belie...

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Non dry ink: Guide to Gender sensitive Media Laws and Codes of Conduct in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1758 days ago

...and limit the autonomy of press as fourth power, thus restricting the freedom of media. The guide also inte...laws in Syria and neighboring countries with gender issues in terms of freedoms, press codes of conduct and...

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Situation report on violence against women in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 2176 days ago

...ce. The law, also, presents some major shortcomings, including the failure to criminalize forms of violence such as restrictions on women’s freedom and choices, economic abuse,...

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The impact of fundamentalism and extremism on the enjoyment of cultural rights

Created by Foundation's Team 2341 days ago

...l opposition to their own agenda, including through stifling freedom of artistic expression and curtailing scientific freedom....

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The outcome of equality between men and women in Morocco

Created by منظمة تاماينوت 2577 days ago

...ation on Human Rights, as the Charter of the United Nations of 1945 clearly states the equality of men and women in rights, In 1948, the right to freedom of all persons and their equa...

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My vision as a Palestinian feminist

Created by Foundation's Team 2590 days ago

...society in emphasizes that the feminist movement in Palestine must have a political and social perspective, which calls not only for freedom from military occupation, but...

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Combating Sexist Hate Speech (2016)

Created by Foundation's Team 2646 days ago

...ech. This document takes a close look at the forms and causes of sexist hate speech, on its targets, as well as its impact on girls and women and freedom of speech. It offers indicato...

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“Do Not Underestimate my Strength!” From war to sustainable peace: a solidarity dialogue between Bosnian and Ukrainian women activists 7–9 June 2016 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Created by Foundation's Team 2743 days ago

...Ukraine, who participated in the solidarity dialogue, organized in Sarajevo in June 2016 by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and The Kvinna Till Kvinna Fo...

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Report: Women, Peace and Security Financing Workshop

Created by Foundation's Team 2775 days ago

...presents a summary of the workshop that took place on 7-8 July 2016, which was co-hosted by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), under the title: "Ad...

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Fighting Back Tears… Clinging to Dreams: Syrian Women in their Own Words

Created by Foundation's Team 2828 days ago

...;their new roles as entrepreneurs, social workers and activists, and how they do help and empower other women, fighting for their rights and freedom