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...wareness campaign of it’s kind to introduce the dangers of tourism marriage and it’s implications on, psychological health and social life affecting the young girls forced into such marriages. Life Foundation aims to ser...


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Policy dialogue to protect girls against so-called tourist marriage in Egypt

Created by Foundation's Team 1867 days ago

...e government to combat tourism marriage, and follow-up on the resul...erage girls at risk of tourism marriage (a type of forced marriage with a short-term aimed at countering tourism marriages. The policy dialogue contri...born of these illegal tourism marriages. Moreover, all the stakehold...

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Tangible results for Anaouat campaign against female child marriage in Chichaoua

Created by Foundation's Team 2370 days ago

...ce the number of female child marriages (girls under the age of 18 y...ise awareness regarding child marriage. Additionally, local aut...rls who were at risk of being forced into marriage, and in encouragi...psychiatric to discuss minor marriage and highlight the campaign. F...

Shared practices

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Partnership, advice, support and training services in domestic abuse and harmful practices

Created by Foundation's Team 3237 days ago

...ty of women suffering domestic abuse and harmful practices, such as forced marriage, honour based violence and...e of the North West of the UK.  The development of a regional forced marriage protocol, a training package...


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COVID-19 Resources: Women's Helplines in the Euro-Mediterranean Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 1507 days ago

...jugales (for marital violence) +32 2 534 36 36 (French) SOS Viol (for sexual violence) 0800 90 901 (French) Mon Mariage M’appartient (forced marriage helpline) 106 (Flemish) 107...

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Legal definitions of gender based violence in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 2034 days ago

...ffering because of their gender. It includes, but it is not limited to, sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, forced marriage or early marriage, forced prostitution, sexual exploitati...


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Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1118 days ago

...rcumstances can lead to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, including physical assault, verbal threats and intimidation, rape and early and forced marriage. Beyond physical injury, thes...

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Guide to good and promising practices aimed at preventing and combating female genital violation and forced marriage

Created by Foundation's Team 2104 days ago

...g and addressing the effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced Marriages (FM). The guide is mainly...ify the efforts to prevent and combat female genital mutilation and forced marriage in Europe....

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Global Health 50-50 Report - 2018: How gender-responsive are the world's most influential global health organisations?

Created by Foundation's Team 2140 days ago so from a gender perspective. On the other hand, the report states that there is a need for better concerted efforts on issues such as forced early marriage, gender-based violence and se...


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Policy dialogue to protect girls against so-called tourist marriage in Egypt / حوار سياسي لمناهضة الزواج السياحي وحماية الفتيات المعرضات للخطر في مصر / Dialogue politique pour protéger les filles du mariage dit touristique en Égypte

Created by Foundation's Team 1867 days ago

Life Foundation for Development and Community Reintegration held a policy dialogue on March 25, 2019 to review the efforts made by the government to combat tourism marriage, and follow-up on the results of the campaign “Our Girls are not for sale”. Through this campaign whic...

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Anaouat impulse un dialogue politique sur le mariage des filles mineures au Maroc / جمعية النواة تقود حواراً سياسياً لمناهضة زواج القاصرات في المغرب / Anaouat spurs policy dialogue on child marriage in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 1884 days ago

Le mariage des filles mineures a été au cœur du dialogue politique que l’Association Anaouat pour la femme et l’enfant a organisé le 19 mars 2019 à Marrakech, au Maroc. Plus de 40 personnalités, dont le procureur de Marrakech, des re...

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Rapport mondial sur la traite des personnes 2018 / التقرير العالمي حول الاتجار بالأشخاص لعام 2018 / Global report on Trafficking in Persons 2018

Created by Foundation's Team 1964 days ago

Le rapport couvre 142 pays et donne un aperçu des caractéristiques et des flux de la traite des personnes aux niveaux mondial, régional et national, en s’appuyant principalement sur les cas de traite recensés entre 2014 et 2016. L’ONUDC collecte s...