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Colloquium on female migrants within the context of globalization

Created by Foundation's Team 2766 days ago - and the exploitation of women’s work stress the poverty of female migrants, who are the fi...nvisible in the general context of migration, we are assisting to the feminization of migration, that is ma...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Proposals - Conference: The Body at Work : Gender, Labour, Migration

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...and visual culture. Possible topics include (but are not limited to): - Remuneration and the value of work - Reproductive labour - The feminization of poverty - Gendered experiences of mi...


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Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

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...squo;. Moreover, incidence of poverty among female-headed household in s...eaded by females. Indeed, the feminization of poverty in the Arab exclusion and alleviating poverty. However, green economy has b...with violence, conflicts and poverty, remains the most pressing de...

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The feminization of poverty between economic reality and lack of social justice

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...ntify the most important factors affecting women’s poverty, whether economic, social or cultural. In this article, poverty is defined as deprivation of...ticle also provides a sociological approach to the feminization of poverty and highlights some of the ef...

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Female breadwinners's adaptation methods in the light of the feminization of poverty phenomena in some Egyptian governorates

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"Feminization of poverty" means that poverty rates are higher among women than men because women are preo...e adaptation methods that women apply to face the phenomenon of feminization of poverty, as well as to understand the...


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Call for Proposals - Conference: The Body at Work : Gender, Labour, Migration / / Appel à Contributions: Le corps à la besogne. Genre, travail, migration

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University of London, Paris (France), 20 November 2020 What constitutes work and how is it valued ? Who relocates for work – under what conditions and with what results? What are the physical and psychic effects of certain kinds of labor? Reflecting deep concerns with the re...