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An Intersectional Analysis of Syrian Women's Participation in Civil Society in the Post-2011 Context

Created by Foundation's Team 1347 days ago

...It examines conflict and host-context impacts on Syrian women’s participation in CSOs. Using an intersectional framework derived from feminist studies, it argues that gender, socio...

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Feminisms (s) - Issue 47 of IDEES Magazine

Created by Foundation's Team 1647 days ago edited by the Centre for Contemporary Studies of the Government of Cata...ts it? In this issue, we could imagine how a feminist republic would look like; dis...eminism in Catalonia; learn the importance of feminist journalism; and read an...

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Illegal Migration of Algerian Women as an Act of Resistance: A Sociological Study of the Phenomenon of the Harragat

Created by Foundation's Team 1676 days ago

...n women began to undertake as an act of resistance, as a novel form of feminist expression–even in case...e 25th issue of the journal of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, published in 2018, titled &l...

Mozn Hassan

The Feminist Movement in Egypt is still alive

Created by Mozn Hassan 1725 days ago

This dialogue with the Executive Director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, Mozn Hassan, attempts to analyze the reality of the feminist movement in Egypt and to explore its horizons in light of the tightening o...

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Doing Feminist and Gender Studies in France

Created by Foundation's Team 1969 days ago

This booklet is a valuable tool for all students in Feminist Studies, Gender and Sexuality. It will h...lf-taught or supervised. In addition to specific resources for feminist and gender studies, readers will find more gener...

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Women's participation in public and political life in Tunisia at the local level

Created by Foundation's Team 1974 days ago

...positions. In Tunisia, despite a long-standing commitment of women in feminist movements and in civil societ...b of Tunis), and the other in the cities of Monastir and Sousse. These studies were produced by the associat...

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The Development of Women's Studies and Gender Studies in Scandinavian Social Science

Created by Foundation's Team 2120 days ago

Women’s Studies developed as a discipline at the the strong second wave of feminist mobilization in this period,...ties. The first Women’s Studies groups were formed by younger...ften with a background in the feminist movement....

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Towards a Gender Study in Political Science

Created by Foundation's Team 2193 days ago

...en and Memory Foundation’s efforts to support feminist thinking and theories in the...any important articles in the field of gender studies, and is divided into two part...The second part deals with political science studies in the Middle East and region...

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Women at the crossroads: The Palestinian Women's Movement Between Nationalism, Secularism and Islamism

Created by Foundation's Team 2274 days ago

...tion submitted by Islah Jad to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the Univer...he establishment of the Palestinian Authority on Palestinian women’s / feminist movements from a gender pers...

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Feminism and Marketing: Cultural change or Pinkwashing?

Created by Foundation's Team 2499 days ago

...on the intersection between marketing and feminism. The feminist movement and the role of adve...rical and social context. Also, this paper develops case studies to analyze advertisement campaigns that promote feminist/female empowerment messages....