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Women's Political Presence in the Arab Mediterranean Region: Governance, Contentious Politics, and Agency

Created by Foundation's Team 1198 days ago

...een a hallmark of 21st century leadership and activism. Women’s presence, howe...vernance. This paper examines expressions of feminist contentious politics, women&r...he COVID-19 pandemic, women’s continued activism in both civil society and pol...

Maria Àngels Roque

Unequal Gender Relations and the Subordination of Women in the MENA Region: What the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1211 days ago

...aces for innovative and significant feminist actions and engagement. The...paper reposes on the author’s feminist work in Lebanon and the region at the level of activism, research and collective enga...r inequality, in the region and the activism around it before the pandemic...

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Gender Regimes in the Middle East and North Africa: The Power of Feminist Movements

Created by Foundation's Team 1244 days ago

...mes with neopatriarchal and conservative-corporatist, and elucidate feminist organizing and mobilizing as...orld-system’s economic zones and emphasizing the role of feminist activism.  ...

Mariam Mecky

Riding the Cyber Wave: How Feminist Activism Develops Strategies against Gender-Based Violence

Created by Mariam Mecky 1584 days ago

...e multifacetedeness of online feminist activism using Egypt as a case study,...his brief asserts that online activism constitutes a strategic and influential tool for current feminist and women´s organisatio...on zooms into online feminist activism around gender-based violence...

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Women's movement and challenge of democracy in Morocco : the case of abortion

Created by Foundation's Team 1626 days ago

...for some delicate cases. How does Moroccan feminist activism process vis-à-vis masc...the ideological and ideal bases structuring feminist protesting movements ? Is it...ible to talk about an agreement in feminist activism regarding abortion ? What typ...

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A New Feminism? Gender Dynamics in Morocco's February 20th Movement

Created by Foundation's Team 1925 days ago

...with feminism, despite a striking absence of feminist organizations from the protes...of February 20th bring about with traditional feminist circles? In this paper, the...cate February 20th in a genealogy of feminist activism in Morocco showing places of...

Rachid Tlemçani

THE ALGERIAN WOMAN ISSUE: Struggles, islamic violnce and cooptation

Created by Rachid Tlemçani 2739 days ago

...f women against this Islamic violence during the post-colonial period. Feminist activists have used the political opening of autocratic rule to set up NGOs and employ political activism to wage struggles against gen...

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New Trends of Women's Activism after the Arab Uprisings Redefining Women's Leadership

Created by Foundation's Team 2855 days ago

...educated women with no specific feminist consciousness or previous a new form of women’s activism. The main argument of this st...dy is that the newly emerged non-feminist women’s leaders, especi...heir political leadership into a feminist leadership.

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Women's Studies North and South

Created by Foundation's Team 2868 days ago

...the existing relationships between women’s studies programs, feminist scholars, activist groups and...ns. It analyses the extent to which the academic programs integrate feminist activism and policy work in their curr...

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Towards gender equality in the Arab/Middle East region: Islam, culture, and feminist activism

Created by Foundation's Team 2962 days ago

The study analyzes the situation of Gender Equality in the Arab countries, in light of culture, Islam and g...ic and political participation in the region. The study explains the feminist critique of Islam and the feminist...