Esther Fouchier

Online debate: Women of the Mediterranean, between violence and strategies for freedom

Created by Esther Fouchier 1337 days ago

...the Mediterranean? How can we promote gender equality in the workplace? How can we act to put an end to and prevent physical violence, rape and feminicide? The objective of this debat...


Foundation's Team

Gender-Based Violence : Report on Catalan Statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 1242 days ago departments of the Generalitat on gender-based violence, data on feminicide and data on services linked t...n increase in gender-based violence is being observed and much of the feminicide is being committed by people...

Foundation's Team

Feminicide: A Global Phenomenon from Brussels to Salvador

Created by Foundation's Team 2205 days ago

...emonstrations against gender violence which have taken place in LA and, on a smaller scale, in the EU; (ii) the joint call to establish a ‘feminicide watch’ observatory by t...


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Kayan's Key Findings on Femicide in Palestinian Society in Israel / Féminicide dans la société palestinienne à Israël / جريمة قتل النساء - اقرأ عن النتائج الرئيسية التي توصلت إليها جمعية كيان بشأن جريمة قتل النساء

Created by Foundation's Team 878 days ago

Kayan is pleased to present you an overview of its groundbreaking report on the phenomenon of femicide in the Palestinian society. Kayan - Feminist Organization is proud to add significant contribution to the existing body of research on violence against women, hoping that its...

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Feminicide: A Global Phenomenon from Brussels to Salvador / Le féminicide: un phénomène mondial de Bruxelles à Salvador / قتل النساء: ظاهرة عالمية من بروكسل إلى السلفادور

Created by Foundation's Team 2205 days ago

This publication presents articles written by prominent feminists, women´s human rights activists, academics and representatives from civil society in Latin American (LA) and the European Union (EU). The articles cover the following main topics: (i) the mass demonstrations against...

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Femicide in Armenia: A Silent Epidemic / Féminicide en Arménie : silence contagieux / قتل النساء في أرمينيا: الصمت المعدي

Created by Foundation's Team 2885 days ago

This report records the death of women killed by intimate partners and family members, it sheds light on the manifestations of gender-related killings and acts of violence that are uniquely experienced by women in Armenia.The report gives detailed information on the thirty known cases of femicide...