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Kayan's Key Findings on Femicide in Palestinian Society in Israel / Féminicide dans la société palestinienne à Israël / جريمة قتل النساء - اقرأ عن النتائج الرئيسية التي توصلت إليها جمعية كيان بشأن جريمة قتل النساء

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Kayan is pleased to present you an overview of its groundbreaking report on the phenomenon of femicide in the Palestinian society. Kayan - Feminist Organization is proud to add significant contribution to the existing body of research on violence against women, hoping that its...

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Global Study on Homicide - Gender-related killing of women and girls / Étude mondiale sur les homicides - Meurtres de femmes et de filles liés au genre / دراسة دولية عن جرائم القتل - قتل النساء والفتيات المرتبط بالنوع الاجتماعي

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This study gives an overview of the scope of gender-related killing of women and girls. It provides in-depth analysis of killings perpetrated within the family sphere and examines forms of gender-related killings perpetrated outside the family sphere, such as the killing of women in con...

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Femicide in Armenia: A Silent Epidemic / Féminicide en Arménie : silence contagieux / قتل النساء في أرمينيا: الصمت المعدي

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This report records the death of women killed by intimate partners and family members, it sheds light on the manifestations of gender-related killings and acts of violence that are uniquely experienced by women in Armenia.The report gives detailed information on the thirty known cases of femicide...

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Shadow Report / Rapport non officiel / تقرير ظل

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In December 2009, the Italian government submitted its 6th periodic report to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The organizations linked to the platform “30 years CEDAW: work in progress” drafted an alternative repor...

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Cases of Femicide before Lebanese Courts / Les cas de féminicides devant les tribunaux libanais / قضايا قتل النساء في المحاكم اللبنانية

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This study sheds light on several crimes committed against women and girls in the family framework in Lebanon. It provides understanding of the background and circumstances surrounding these crimes and the manner in which these cases are dealt with by the Lebanese judicial system. This study reli...