Nawal Mustafa

The Children of Female Prisoners' Care Association (CFPA)

Member since 14 May 2018 @ 2:55pm

Through a coalition launched in 2017 in cooperation with organizations, associations...also established a project for the training and economic empowerment of women prisoners in the name of "Life Project"...

Nawal Mostafa

Children of Female Prisoners Association

Member since 30 March 2017 @ 11:03pm

...insight into the tragedy of the children of female prisoners. Its ceaseless media constant reviewing and development. 2. “Female Inmates due to Poverty-relate.... 4. Post-release projects. helped released female prisoners to start and successfully run...

Life Foundation

Life Foundation for Development and Social Reintegration (LFDCI)

Member since 19 May 2015 @ 5:37pm

LFDCI commits to provide former female prisoners and their communities with comprehensive projects to facilita...ommunities as well the communities’ resilience to accepting former female prisoners and decrease of stigmatizatio...


Nawal Mustafa

Children of Female Prisoners Association wins the Samuel Habib Prize for Voluntary Social Work 2022

Created by Nawal Mustafa 70 days ago

The Children of Female Prisoners Association, headed by the writer Nawal...e Association committed to rehabilitate the female prisoners in situation of poverty and t...ent and founder of the Association of Women Prisoners, and Dr. Andre Zaki, Head of...

Nawal Mustafa

Launching the partnership between Children of Female Prisoners and Frisiana to train and employ 1,000 female prisoners in situation of poverty

Created by Nawal Mustafa 93 days ago

The journalist Nawal Mustafa, fou...he Association for Children of Women Prisoners, signed a memorandum of to support the current and former prisoners in situation of poverty targe...e target group of current and former prisoners in situation of poverty, and...

Nawal Mustafa

The Child Creativity Center organizes an educational trip for 30 children to the book fair

Created by Nawal Mustafa 93 days ago

The Children of Female Prisoners’ Care Association (CFPA), headed by the writer Nawal Mustafa, or...Culture was keen to receive and host a large number of children of female prisoners with the aim of integrating t...


Life Foundation

Workshop on gender mainstreaming in programs targeting women with HIV

Created by Life Foundation 1524 days ago

...ndash; Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Fighting and Treating Addiction Fund (FTAF), UNICEF, the Association for the care of female prisoners’ children, the Friends...


Foundation's Team

A guide to work inside women's prisons in Lebanon. Country concerned: Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 2261 days ago

...s. It aims to instruct male and female specialists and workers insid...hat respect the rights of women prisoners, the development of the most important rights of female prisoners, explaining as well the reali...n;individual follow-up of women prisoners; preparing prisoners to re-in...