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Towards a Future without Fundamentalisms. Analyzing Religious Fundamentalist Strategies and Feminist Responses / Vers un avenir sans fondamentalismes: Analyse des stratégies des fondamentalismes religieux et des réponses féministes / نحو مستقبل بدون أصولية. تحليل إستراتيجيات الأصولية الدينية و ال...

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This publication seeks to meet a heavy demand of information from members of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) on the strategies of resistance by women in fundamentalist movements in different religious traditions. It is based on the responses of over 1,600 women righ...

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Women in the Middle East / Les femmes au Moyen Orient / النساء في الشرق الأوسط

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The seventh issue of the journal Culturas aims to provide a better understanding of the situation, habits, false ideas, changes and challenges found by women in the Middle East and elsewhere. This issue focuses on the core themes of women' s life in the different countries, and provides data on t...

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National Council of French Women (CNFF) / Conseil National des Femmes Françaises (CNFF) / المجلس الوطني للنساء الفرنسيات

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The CNFF was founded in 1901 from the merger between the Congress of Women’s Institutions and the Congress on the Status and Rights of Women. It is indeed at the beginning of the XXth century, on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris, that numerous congresses a...

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AtGender / ATGENDER / AtGender

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The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation is a broad association for academics, practitioners, activists and institutions. It works in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, feminist research, women’s rights, gender equality and diversity, ...

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Diversity and Female Political Participation: Views on and from the Arab World / Diversité et participation politique féminine : visions sur et depuis le monde arabe / التنوع و المشاركة الأنثوية السياسية: وجهات نظر من و عن العالم العربي

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This report focuses on the political participation of women within the huge diversity of the Arab world: how have the views and political experiences of women contributed to the democratization of Arab societies? What are the roles of Islam and civil society as facilitators of women' s participat...