Raquel Reyes Raventós

EuroMed Rights

Member since 15 July 2022 @ 2:40pm

...human rights framework pertaining to women’s rights and gender equality; EuroMed Rights’ work is gender mainstreamed; Feminist and human rights organisations in Europe and the Southern and East...


Tunisian Association for Cultural Action

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:12pm

...ants en situation de handicap.3- FOSA Financé par la Fondation euro-méditerranéenne de soutien aux défenseurs des droits de l’Homme –FEMD...réfléchir et guider les FOSA pour qu’elles puissent partager leurs histoires....

Aida Ridanovic

Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:11pm

Workshops, debates, research, analysis, policy recommendations Education plays a vital role in challenging the underlying stereotyping and discrimination, which fue...


Foundation's Team

Photo exhibition on tour: Women breaking barriers. Transforming Mediterranean cities. Next stop: Sant Quirze del Vallès

Created by Foundation's Team 9 days ago

...t Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona) hosts the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s...est "Powerful women: Breaking stereotypes in the Euro-Mediterranean region", laun...ality which unfolds in different contexts of the Euro-Mediterranean region. It s...

Foundation's Team

CLUSTER met to discuss new e-learning tools

Created by Foundation's Team 12 days ago

...areas that those trainings will cover are hydroponics, aquaponics, food processing and organic farming. They also include a soft skills and entrepreneurship curriculum based on the...

Foundation's Team

Jordan: CLUSTER Cross-Border Workshop gathers 48 stakeholder to develop training materials for young people

Created by Foundation's Team 58 days ago

On 21 July 2022, the Business Development Center (BDC), in cooperation with National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), organised a Cross-border Wo...


Foundation's Team

Visit our touring photo exhibition now in Biguel i Riells del Fai: Women breaking barriers. Transforming Mediterranean cities

Created by Foundation's Team 19 days ago

...Rieral in Biguel i Riells del Fai hosts the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s...est "Powerful women: Breaking stereotypes in the Euro-Mediterranean region", laun...ality which unfolds in different contexts of the Euro-Mediterranean region. It s...

Foundation's Team

20-21 July 2022 UfM-UNIDO Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 99 days ago

...20-21 July 2022. Women entrepreneurs face significant and additi...the world’s largest entrepreneurial disparity between men and...en, overlooking the female entrepreneurs who are also seeking busine...g to empower women as entrepreneurs, traders, workers, and prof...

Foundation's Team

Reinforcing the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to protect girls against gender based violence

Created by Foundation's Team 110 days ago

...  North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in the framework of the&n... “Protecting Girls, reinforcing the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation t...he 28 of June and reinforce collaboration in the Euro-Mediterranean region : ...

Shared practices


International Consortium for Gender Equality on Campus

Created by Lamia BENHABIB 243 days ago

...y. Consortium member institutions: Albania – Central and Eastern Europe University of Tirana Proj...Alexandria Project led by: Mrs. Ghada EL KHAYAT France – Western Europe CY Cergy Paris University...

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 362 days ago

Tasharuk is part of the project "Improving the resilience of communities in the governorate of Nablus through women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming...

Foundation's Team

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

Created by Foundation's Team 502 days ago

In partnership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of See it. Name it. Stop it" aims to disseminate theCouncil of Europe’s Recommendation Re...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Deadline Extended for INVESTMED Project

Created by Foundation's Team 219 days ago

INVESTMED is an EU-supported project under the ENI CBC Med program, designed to address the economic and environmental challenges faced by micro, small and medium-sized...

Foundation's Team

UNIDO and UfM launch a MENA Women Business Club

Created by Foundation's Team 303 days ago

In view of the  Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, UNIDO and UfM have launched today a MEN...g and networking programmes. To join the initiative, MENA Women entrepreneurs and businesswomen are...

Foundation's Team

INVESTMED Call for grants: Business support organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 306 days ago

INVESTMED is an EU-supported project under the ENI CBC Med program,...ED project provides you with maximum funding of € 35,000 to carry out your incubation and acceleration program for entrepreneurial initiatives that you will...


Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 237 days ago

...entary reinforces the important postulate that prostitution is not an individual action, but an organized system - a business generating millions of euros/dollars in profits - invol...

Maria Alabdeh

I Was There: a film about female survivors of SGBV

Created by Maria Alabdeh 387 days ago

Women Now for Development presents the documentary "I Was There", featuring two Syrian female survivors of gender-based violence recounting their stories an...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

Mapping Gender-Based Violence programmes, services and policies in Lebanon

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 429 days ago

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the most prevalent human rights abuses worldwide. It stems from gender disparity and patriarchal social st...


Foundation's Team

Youth, Women and Employment in the Mediterranean Region: Continuity and Change

Created by Foundation's Team 21 days ago

..., a large informal economy and low female labour participation. The UfM Ministerial Conferences on Employment and Labour therefore shed light on how Euro-Mediterranean cooperation a...

Foundation's Team

2021 Regional Progress Report on Gender Equality: UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 182 days ago

...he impact this crisis had on women.  • Within the Euro-Mediterranean region, gender parity in Western Europe is estimated at 76.7% ( to ultimately tap into the full potential of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The...

Foundation's Team

Why the veiling of women's bodies is at the heart of the Islamists'project

Created by Foundation's Team 209 days ago

According to the professor and researcher Leila Tauil, the veiling of the body of women is part of the project of an Islamist society - having as...


Genre et Climat / Gender and Climate

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2151 days ago

...ment touchées par le changement climatique. Les femmes sont sous-représentées dans les négociations sur le climat et leur participation à l'élaboration des politiques dans ce secteur est très faible. La Fond...

Group UGR Europe (Test)

Created by Micheal Grossi 2413 days ago

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Foundation's Team

Public Hearing: Socio-economic position of women / / Audition publique : la position socio-économique des femmes

Created by Foundation's Team 495 days ago

On Tuesday 25 May 2021 between 17h45-18h45 the FEMM Committee will organise a Public Hearing entitled “Socio-economic position of women”. This hearing will offer a specific focus on the feedback experiences of women from race or cultural backgrounds of African, Midd...

Foundation's Team

Call to Establishing a Reserve List for the Post of Researcher at EIGE / / Appel pour une liste de réserve pour le poste de chercheur-chercheuse à l'EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 512 days ago

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, EIGE is a decentralised agency of the European Union entrusted with specific objectives envisaged to contribute and strengthen the promotion of gender equality. Profile Reporting to the Head of Operations and working in close collaboration with other colle...

Foundation's Team

Egypt: EU supports the combat against gender based violence / Égypte : l'UE soutient la lutte contre les violences à l'égard des femmes / مصر: يدعم الاتحاد الأوروبي كل جهد لمكافحة جميع أشكال العنف ضد المرأة

Created by Foundation's Team 525 days ago

In an event, last week under the EU Support to Egypt’s National Population Strategy project, Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, and Patriarch of the See of St Mark signed three declarations to support family planning and combat female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as co...


Hadda Kechoun

Comment on "Organisation of a workshop to strengthen advocacy capacities / Organisation d'un atelier de renforcement des capacités en plaidoyer / تنظيم ورشة عمل لتقوية قدرات المناصرة و الحوار السياسي في المغرب"

Created by Foundation's Team 2693 days ago

Au niveau du Maroc,plusieurs efforts ont été consentis pour la participation des femmes à la vie publique. Cependant, les mécanismes mis en place ont besoin d’être consolidés pour réussir les avancées en matière de l'égalité et de l'équité.

Amel Arbaoui

Comment on "Women's organizations laid out strong relationships for future actions / منظمات نسائية تقيم علاقات متينة كقاعدة لأعمال مستقبلية / Des organisations de femmes construisent des liens solides pour l'avenir"

Created by Foundation's Team 1888 days ago, donc elles doivent travailler ensemble Agréable de partager leurs expériences et leurs apprentissage...important de maîtriser les techniques de plaidoyer pour identifier leurs problèmes et Contribuant...

Amel Arbaoui

Comment on "Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Advocacy for Gender Equality / Dialogue euro-méditerranéen sur le plaidoyer en faveur de l'égalité femmes-hommes / حوار أورومتوسطي حول المناصرة من أجل المساواة الجندرية "

Created by Foundation's Team 1890 days ago

De tels dialogues servent de portails pour les femmes méditerranéennes part et les femmes du monde d'autre part Domaines auxquels les femmes doivent renforcer et échanger des expériences et développer leurs compétences

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation
Forum for Professionals fighting against Family Honor Crimes in the Palestinian society in Israel
Immigrant Women in Catalonia Association (AOMICAT)
Institute for gender equality
Service for Women's Rights and Gender Equality (SDFE)
Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms M.A.L.I.
Urban Community of Marrakech
Bothoor Alkhaer Human Organization
Association Khmir Environnement et Développement
Salama's Friends
Women'    s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
Morocco Volunteers
Mor Masa Ritüeli
Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR)
I & P Image & Paroles
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ
Africa Women's Forum (AWF)
Centre for Women's Legal Research &Counselling and Protection
SHASHAT Women Cinema
Ankara University
Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD)
Femmes et Leadership
The Egyptian Youth Council for Development
Palestinian Bar Association (PBA)
Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)
Ibtikar for Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship
Tunisian National League of Policewomen
Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities (FPEC)
The Individual Initiative for Human Rights  - Masir
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
Brunella Mariani
Forum on Festivals in the Arab Countries
Association Joussour de Citoyenneté (AJC)

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