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Pilot action to develop women's entrepreneurship in Setif

Created by Foundation's Team 2338 days ago Conference of the Arab Women Organization on entrepreneurship, the creation of a legislative and legal base...n employers’ association, a media, two research centers, and an enterprise will be involved in the imp...

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Empowering Nefta's women artisans through cloth recycling

Created by Foundation's Team 2126 days ago

...Co-founded in 2016, SHANTI is a social enterprise whose mission is to promote t...e raw material used in all the women’s creations comes from second-hand cloth...together the preservation of nature and the creation of added value that provides...



PROJET ESTRECOMP- Préparer les femmes à devenir entrepreneures / مشروع ESTRECOMP - إعداد النساء ليصبحن رائدات أعمال / ESTRECOMP PROJECT- Preparing women to become entrepreneur

Created by MARIA JOSE MARTINEZ 766 days ago

Le PROJET ESTRECOMP - Compétences entrepreneuriales de marque - Entrecom pour les adultes vivant dans les communautés rurales, Erasmus + 2020 - 1 - ES01-KA204-081988, vise à préparer les femmes à devenir entrepreneures. L’AIFED (Asociació...

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Women, Business and the Law. Removing barriers to economic inclusion: Measuring gender parity in 141 economies / Les femmes, les affaires et la loi. Supprimer les barrières pour l' inclusion économique : mesurer la parité hommes/femmes dans 141 économies / النساء, الأعمال و القانون. إزالة عوائق ا...

Created by Foundation's Team 3357 days ago

The report aims to assess the distinctions established by the regulations, institutions or laws between men and women and their impact on women' s capacity to work or create an enterprise. It measures and compares gender parity in 141 countries all over the world in diverse fields such as access ...