Sabeh Ben Halima

Tunisian Association of Gender Studies

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...evelopment and growth Women's place in the world of work: activity, employment, unemployment, education and training Main existing disparities between men and women: pay gaps, the evolution of the profess...


Esther Fouchier

European Women's Lobby declaration on COVID-19

Created by Esther Fouchier 66 days ago

...our societies such as Roma women, migrant women, women with precarious employment; Women with disabilities and...k is to the wellbeing and functioning of our societies and planet. The gaps in care provisions exposed by...

Foundation's Team

Union for the Mediterranean launches new regional mechanism to monitor gender equality in the area

Created by Foundation's Team 88 days ago

...made on women’s rights, evaluate gender gaps and provide recommendations to poli...gional awareness on the challenges that gender gaps pose as well as the opportuni...rticularly, of those who are not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETs) in...

Milena Kadieva

NO GAPS: Good practices on socio-labor intervention with young women and vulnerable groups

Created by Milena Kadieva 242 days ago

...ation (BG) launched the project “No Gaps – Transnational methodology f...n and it has a duration of 24 months. No Gaps aims to create an integral an...crease their prospects for finding decent employment. Therefore, No Gaps has designed an innovative da...

Calls and opportunities

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UN WOMEN is looking for a Communications Specialist in Cairo, EGYPT

Created by Foundation's Team 82 days ago

...ness of both success stories and the specific gaps and challenges to gender equality a.../headquarters/attachments/sections/about%20us/employment/un-women-values-and-competenc...nloaded from: Kindly note that the...


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The Pursuit of Gender Equality: An uphill battle

Created by Foundation's Team 249 days ago

...than men to engage in paid work. Gaps widen with age, as motherhood typic...ed negative effects on gender pay gaps and career advancement. Women...advancing equality in education, employment, entrepreneurship and p...of indicators illustrating gender gaps. It also discusses recent pol...

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World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for Women 2018 - Global snapshot

Created by Foundation's Team 661 days ago

...d assesses women’s labour market prospects by examining the gaps between men and women according to...ILO statistical indicators, namely labour force participation, unemployment, informal employment and working poverty....

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Human Capital, Labour Market Friction and Migration in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 699 days ago

...the labour market and the pressure for them to migrate. The analysis focuses on the latest trends in youth education, employment, and migration with a special focus on gender gaps and regional inequalities, as...


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Enabling women's economic empowerment, new approaches to unpaid care work in developing countries / تعزيز التمكين الاقتصادي للمرأة ، والمقاربات الجديدة للعمل غير مدفوع الأجر في مجال الرعاية في البلدان النامية / Favoriser l'autonomisation économique des femmes, nouvelles approches concernant le tr...

Created by Foundation's Team 313 days ago

As part of the OECD Policy Dialogue on Women’s Economic Empowerment, this report focuses on identifying what works to address unpaid care work and sheds light on how governments, donors in the private sector and civil society actors – among others – can design policies...

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A purple economy: The Case for placing the economics of care at the heart of sustainable development / اقتصاد بنفسجي: مسألة وضع اقتصاديات الرعاية في صميم التنمية المستدامة / Une économie pourpre: la question de mettre l'économie du care (services à la personne) au cœur du développement durable

Created by Foundation's Team 856 days ago

In the current financialised capitalism, under which many women entered the labour market, reproductive activities such as child care, care of the elderly, and house cleaning are organised to a large extent via paid labour and are continuously commodified. These changes are primarily a ...