Riham Faqih

MIFTAH caps off four training workshops within its protection and promotion of women's human rights project

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...possible participation of youth in the electoral process. They also called for electoral lists to lock in one out of supported by a decision to launch a campaign to ensure the broadest possib...also mentioned expanding lobbying and campaign efforts in regards to the gap...

Safaa Ali Hassan

Intensive efforts by Cedaw Foundation to enable women to run for local councils

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...local representation. 2 – The know-how in terms of running electoral campaign on a tight budget, as the econ...kills and expertise necessary to convince voters of the candidate’s electoral program, and encourage them...

Safaa Ali Hassan

CEDAW Association trains women of Sohag on electoral campaign management

Created by Safaa Ali Hassan 2319 days ago

...d the training of 20 women on electoral campaign management in preparation for...r women in Egypt through many campaigns in which it was a key partner...pendents candidates or within electoral lists. Women were trained ov...ted her plan of action for an electoral campaign. Participants were also assur...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Campaign in favour of Parity in Municipal Elections in Tunisia

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...l and international organizations launched a campaign entitled "Complete Democracy i..., youth and persons with disabilities in the electoral lists. The group worked with...option of the amendment to Article 49 of the electoral law on parity by a large maj...


Foundation's Team

Democratization and women's political leadership in North Africa / Démocratisation et leadership politique des femmes en Afrique du Nord / التحول الديمقراطي والقيادة السياسية للمرأة في شمال أفريقيا

Created by Foundation's Team 2085 days ago

In the spring of 2011 when citizens in Arab countries rose up against their regimes, it appeared that the “third wave” of democratization had begun in the Middle East and the Maghreb, and that countries would embark on successful democratic transitions. Issues such as the ge...

Foundation's Team

VFJ raises women's capacities to have an active role in politics in Monastir / VFJ consolide les capacités des femmes de Monastir pour réussir en politique / جمعية صوت المرأة جمّال ترفع قدرات المرأة على القيام بدور نشط في السياسة في المنستير

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The Tunisian association Voix de la Femme à Jemmel – VFJ undertook a project which seeks to enhance women’s capacities to become effective leaders and obtain decision-making positions at local level. This project is developed in partnership with the other members of t...

Foundation's Team

Diagnostic de terrain : La participation politique des femmes en Égypte - Perspectives de Gizeh / المشاركة السياسية للمرأة في مصر: وجهات نظر من الجيزة / Field diagnosis: Women's political participation in Egypt: Perspectives from Giza

Created by Foundation's Team 2544 days ago

Malgré leur lutte et leur implication, les femmes ont été historiquement sous-représentées dans la vie politique égyptienne. Quels facteurs impactent sur les ambitions des femmes pour accéder aux postes de responsabilités dans la s...