Rana Alsheikh Ali

Radio Souriat

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 4:37pm

...nstitutions in various Syrian cities to provide them with the theoretical and practical basics of debate and public speaking Pink Hug: focused on defining gender-based violence and...

سفيان السعودي

Youth Empowerment Society - YES

Member since 9 October 2018 @ 5:42pm Infographic to promote the initiative and ensure that other groups benefit from this experience. • Launching a website to disseminate the stories of the beneficiaries and their knowledge. T...


Faize Foundation

Member since 2 October 2017 @ 7:40am

The Commission's activities have shifted from defining rights to studying factors that prevent women from exercising these rights. The underlying social and cultural root causes of gender discrimination have therefore become the central concern.


Foundation's Team

The Euromed Feminist Initiative calls for a stop in the killing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Created by Foundation's Team 27 days ago

...ssion against Palestinian civilian people, including women and children. EFI states once more that peace a...and the right of return of refugees according to the UN Resolution 194. EFI calls upon the international...

Mohamed Zaari

The Rural Education Fund makes pre-schoolers happy

Created by Mohamed Zaari 65 days ago

...and the match funding of the municipality, these schools have been 100% financed for a period of 24 months and are already welcoming their young beneficiaries. A successful partners...

Esther Fouchier

A training programme to enhance Euro-Med interculturality

Created by Esther Fouchier 119 days ago

...Med intercultural citizen" as an agent of change in multicultural societies. 2- Online debates The debates will take place amongst the same beneficiaries and will be devoted to...


Foundation's Team

Applying Gender Mainstreaming in the EU Recovery Package

Created by Foundation's Team 94 days ago

...Since the beginning of the budgetary procedure, FEMM has called for the implementation of gender-responsive budgeting to ensure women and men benefit equally from public spending...

Foundation's Team

International conference: Masculinities and feminisms in the Arab-Muslim world

Created by Foundation's Team 97 days ago

...nities and feminisms within the Arab-Muslim world in order to identify and understand what it means to be a man (roujula) today and thus to redefine the concepts of virility, m...

Foundation's Team

Our Illustration Exhibition Drawing 4 Equality keeps touring Barcelona!

Created by Foundation's Team 100 days ago

...ors and cartoonists from 30 Euro-Mediterranean countries participated in the contest, presenting artworks that sought to challenge the traditional definitions of masculinity and fem...

Shared practices

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Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

Created by Foundation's Team 34 days ago

...nership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of recommendations and documents to prevent and combat sexism, defined as "any expression (act, w...

Stefania Di Campli

Video capsules - wee.can! women's economic empowerment

Created by Stefania Di Campli 196 days ago

...omen’s economic participation pathways. Here are the videos of interviews and testimonies of some of the project’s participants and beneficiaries: Amal Mostafa Ahmad...

Foundation's Team

SheFighter, inspiring initiative to end violence against women and girls

Created by Foundation's Team 1309 days ago

...ected to,  started teaching self-defence to women, in her studio, SheFighters. And in less than two y...girls (eVAWG). This short documentary reflects the positive impact of SheFighter on girls and women self-...

Calls and opportunities

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Training opportunity for women from Medenine working on the agri-food sector

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 23 days ago a job as "transition agents" in the sector of processing of fishery products, especially blue crab in the Governorate of Medenine. They will benefit from capacity building, job...

Foundation's Team

Register for the Forum Generation Egality

Created by Foundation's Team 35 days ago

...of the Generation Equality Forum is to bring together all the actors committed to equality between women and men in order to make commitments and define concrete, specific and ambi...

Foundation's Team

Promoting a Culture of Equality, Female Empowerment and Employability

Created by Foundation's Team 70 days ago

.... The general objective: Promote gender equality by improving women’s perceptions and economic participation, responding to the priorities defined in Axis 1: “Strength...


Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting best practices in the state response to GBV in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 65 days ago

...he law fails to address critical elements of an appropriate response, such as the reporting, investigation and prosecution of GBV cases. Given the deficiencies in the law and the ch...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 434 days ago

...and why it matters (English) Webinar: Leveraging Inclusive Procurement amid COVID-19 (English) EuroMed Feminist Initiative Statement:  EFI Statement - COVID-19: An Urge...

Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 465 days ago

...ut big headline moments, legal victories and international agreements: the way we talk, think, and act every day can create a ripple effect that benefits everyone. As we usher in th...


Foundation's Team

Combating Violence against Women : a manual for teachers on gender sensitive education

Created by Foundation's Team 55 days ago

As part of the EU-funded regional programme Combating Violence against Women in the Southern Mediterranean Region (2019-2021), the EuroMed Feminis...

Foundation's Team

The human rights of women in Syria: Between discriminatory law, patriarchal culture, and the exclusionary politics of the regime

Created by Foundation's Team 57 days ago

...g women’s vulnerability and promoting legal, and societal, exclusion of women, and the consequences on women’s status as citizens with deficient rights, a series of fiel...

Foundation's Team

Feminist diplomacy, from a mobilising slogan to a real dynamic of change?

Created by Foundation's Team 71 days ago

...between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, on November 18, 2020 .   In this report, the High Council for Equality sets out a definition of the concept of femin...


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The Euromed Feminist Initiative calls for a stop in the killing and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Created by Foundation's Team 27 days ago

The Euromed Feminist Initiative hast just released the following statement:  Stop the Killing and Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians The colonial policies and practices by the Israeli State against Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem who are t...