Mohamed Zaari

Zakoura Foundation among the 15 finalists of the WISE Awards 2017

Created by Mohamed Zaari 2570 days ago

...– National Action for Early Childhood Education  in Rural Areas’&n...ique solutions to contemporary challenges in education. This year, the 15 finalist...t the 8th World Summit of Innovation for the Education, which will take place in Doh...

Jaume Guardans

Crowdfunding first goal achieved!

Created by Jaume Guardans 2587 days ago

...ampaign. This campaign represents a long-term goal to consolidate the educational material we have carried ou...n partnership with Ideaborn Foundation, the Moroccan Center for Civic Education and the Social Development an...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation strengthens links with young women leaders from the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 2612 days ago

...e "Women of the Future in the Mediterranean (FAM)" course is promoted by the research university Sciences Po and coordinated by the Research and education program on gender’s kno...

Foundation's Team

The LLWR analyses how to lower trafficking in women and prostitution in Beirut

Created by Foundation's Team 2617 days ago

...the LLWR is mobilizing the relevant institutions involved in the field such as the Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, the Ministries of Education and Teaching, of Women’...

Maria Àngels Roque

The Catalan society and the promotion of women in the Mediterranean

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2632 days ago

...icipants. Other topics discussed were the illiteracy in rural zones in some southern Mediterranean countries, the entry in the labor market, the education and employment, the European...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation contributes to education in arts and cultural policies

Created by Foundation's Team 2638 days ago

...ure program held the meeting of the Regional Platform on Higher Education and Vocational Education Training in artistic discipli...e played an important role in the region in the field of higher education and training. Guest participa...

Mohamed Zaari

Animated stories for children to read and listen!

Created by Mohamed Zaari 2673 days ago in 6 regions of Morocco. The illustrations of these books have been realized by children aged between 8 and 16 years old from non-formal education schools from Zakoura Foundati...

Jaume Guardans

Responsible Citizens training for teachers and new practices of community learning for Students in Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Jaume Guardans 2673 days ago

...Women for Change. Meanwhile in Morocco, the Moroccan Center of Civic Education (MCCE) had finalized the less...llowed by open discussions to highlight the importance of citizenship education, youth participation in commu...

جمعية سيدات قرى حوض الديسه التعاونيه سيراديسي

The project SeraDisi

Created by جمعية سيدات قرى حوض الديسه التعاونيه سيراديسي 2696 days ago

...g and designing. It has changed the Bedouin society's view of Bedouin women in the heart of the desert. Most of them did not complete their education. It also built the ...

Jaume Guardans

Teacher training in Tunsia

Created by Jaume Guardans 2703 days ago with new methodological approach in civic education in three schools in the regio...eachers with new methodology guide for civic education. The new guide carryout by lo...ety and the agreement of the Minister of the Education Three key components of new p...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Women and Leadership
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
Palestinian Businesswomen's Association ASALA
Cooperation Association
Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM)
Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR)
Femmes Informations Juridiques Internationales Rhône-Alpes (FIJI-RA)
The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat
YEFL Young Egyptian Feminists League
For You Libya Group
Racha Ramadan
Equality Unit
Ankara University
Souad Slaoui
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Global Forum for Religions and Humanity (GFRH)
Ntic et Citoyennete - Maurifemme
European Anti-Violence Network (EAVN)
Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME)
2 RIVES TV (Lyon TV Cable)
Al Marsa for culture and creativity
Urban Community of Marrakech
Valencia University
Bochra Laghssais
Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women
European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)
Tunisian National League of Policewomen
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies: Contemporary Medusa
Intissar Bendjabellah
Daem for Media
Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development  (ARDD - Legal Aid)
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality
Association de Développement Local Méditerranéen (ADELMA)
Association du Docteur Fatiha (ADF)

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