Amal AlShawahneh

Social and Economic Forum for Women Association

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:07pm

• Empowering women to participate effectively in economic life through modern economic strategies, information technology and and commercial projects. • Increasing women’s awareness of economic and social rights. • Buildin...

عبدالكريم الخزاعلة

Qudrat Association for Community Development

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:01pm

...cities-women") targeting women. This programme aims to empower women economically and develop their self-re...nd medium enterprises. It also seeks to bring about social, health and economic gender equity, provide a bett...


AWARE Services & Consulting

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 1:17pm

...f reports and other media content in all forms; • Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development; • Quality, Safety, Environment Management; • Economic rights, Labor law; • Gender,...


Foundation's Team

October 11: International Day of the Girl Child

Created by Foundation's Team 9 days ago

...egardless of race, gender, language, ability, economic status and geographic origin...ions and investors, with an eye on social and economic impact, to adopt bold investm...oblems of climate change, political conflict, economic growth, disease prevention, a...

Maria Àngels Roque

A new issue of Quaderns de la Mediterrània, on art and creativity as bridges of intercultural dialogue

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 16 days ago

...visas that facilitate mobility. Art and cultures are dynamic and, therefore, integrate mixing, especially artistic. However, there is a value of economic or political domination that...

Andalib Adwan

Our Safe Spaces training programme, to tackle GBV in Palestine

Created by Andalib Adwan 85 days ago

...inian legislation. Women who are exposed to violence resort to shelters. Who do these shelters work? How many are there in Palestine? What about economic rehabilitation programmes for...


Maria Àngels Roque

Euromed Young Researchers Forum 2021

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 15 hours ago

...ition in the Euro-Mediterranean: Youth Connecting the Dots Across Economic Development, Migration and Se...the region. Participants will: Present their research proposals on economic development, migration and se...


WEBINAR - Women's inheritance and economic rights: between discrimination and equality

Created by Samira MUHEYA 113 days ago

...2021, the Fédération des Leagues des Droits des Femmes is organizing a webinar under the theme "Women’s inheritance and economic rights between discrimination...

Foundation's Team

Gender ID Talks

Created by Foundation's Team 120 days ago other key issues (SDGs and ICD, entrepreneurship, media and advertising, youth and digital) and empowering people towards a meaningful civic, economic, social, and cultural partici...

Shared practices

Stefania Di Campli

Video capsules - wee.can! women's economic empowerment

Created by Stefania Di Campli 320 days ago

...ect Wee.Can implemented by M.A.I.S. NGO aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Syrian to sources of income and social and family support to women’s economic participation pathways. Here...

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 700 days ago

...abour force in Lebanon According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Ind...2018, many studies attribute this huge gap in economic participation to domestic bur...their communities, especially in light of the economic and environmental crisis unde...

Foundation's Team

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 708 days ago

...tims to speak out and share their stories. Over time, the trauma of the victims became apparent. Most women were unemployed or lived in difficult economic conditions. Further, they&rsq...

Calls and opportunities

Maria Àngels Roque

Technical support of project and communication for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 34 days ago

...their employment opportunities. Employment services and education providers will boost their capacities to combine supply and demand skills, and economic players will benefit from ski...

Maria Àngels Roque

Apply to become Project Manager for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 34 days ago

...their employment opportunities. Employment services and education providers will boost their capacities to combine supply and demand skills, and economic players will benefit from ski...

Sana Afouaiz

SURVEY on the impact of Covid-19 on women entrepreneurs in Brussels

Created by Sana Afouaiz 36 days ago

...hip, innovation and technology. Its goal is to encourage women’s economic independence and to encourage...npreneur urges the Belgian government to put women at the heart of the economic and social recovery plan. Th...


Sana Afouaiz

Womenpreneur Digital Hub

Created by Sana Afouaiz 160 days ago

...oss the MENA region. Their investment is to ensure that every woman and girl in the MENA region has access to the tools to realize their fullest economic potential. If you are dedica...

Foundation's Team

Take a Good Look at me, a Women's Foundation podcast

Created by Foundation's Team 187 days ago

...nected to the health crisis have increased violence against women. The economic precariousness of women is ex...s to draw feminist lessons from this crisis to draw the contours of an economically and socially fairer world...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting best practices in the state response to GBV in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 189 days ago

...gender-based violence (GBV) remains pervasive, affecting all segments of the population irrespective of their age, ethnicity, education level or economic status. While the Government...


Foundation's Team

Beyond COVID-19: A feminist plan for sustainability and social justice

Created by Foundation's Team 33 days ago

...out what is rapidly coming down the track on climate change and environmental degradation. This has created both a need and an opening to rethink economic and social policies and re-ev...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Lockdown and the Increased Violence Against Women: Understanding Domestic Violence During a Pandemic

Created by Foundation's Team 43 days ago

...tionship, andindividual. Violence increase was due to increase in tensions in households, increased perpetrator’s risk factors for violence,economic burden, and survivors’...

Foundation's Team

Mind the Gap Report: COALESCE for Support in Cyprus

Created by Foundation's Team 82 days ago

...s produced within the framework of "COALESCE: Legal, psycho-social and economic empowerment for the integrati...ation in Europe. By providing gender-specific psycho-social, legal and economic support and assistance to TCN...


Foundation's Team

Building a gender just society, a common European agenda for gender equality / Construire une société genrée juste, un agenda européen commun pour l'égalité femmes-hommes / بناء مجتمع مجندر عادل، أجندة أوروبية مشتركة للمساواة بين الجنسين

Created by Foundation's Team 1189 days ago

Inequality is a reality in Europe and even rising, especially for women. This is a structural trend driven, among other factors, by our economic system. As the index of the European Institute for Gender Equality shows, we are only halfway to achieving gender equality in Europe. Gender g...

Foundation's Team

Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action / Déclaration et Programme d'action de Beijing / إعلان ومنهاج عمل بيجين

Created by Foundation's Team 1199 days ago

The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, approved in September 1995 at the Fourth World Conference on Women, is a global pledge to attaining equality, development and peace for women worldwide. The Platform for action requires immediate action by all to generate a just, humane a...

Foundation's Team

Discrimination against women in the case of opening bank accounts for their children / التمييز ضد المرأة في فتح حسابات بنكية للأبناء من خلال الأمهات / Discrimination à l'encontre des femmes en cas d'ouverture de comptes bancaires pour leurs enfants

Created by Foundation's Team 2029 days ago

In Palestine, according to the Act No. 8/2009, banks do not allow mothers to open bank accounts for their children, arguing that it is illegal. All banks are subject to the regulations and instructions issued by the Monetary Authority, including opening accounts for men, women and children..... T...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Bulgarian School of Politics  Dimitry Panitza
Nisaa Network
Tunisie pionnieres
Seed of Peace - Oran
Bidaya Association
Zhour Bouzidi
Amal Wazan for women football
United Religions Initiative
Fondation Zakoura
Bothoor Alkhaer Human Organization
The Association of Women and Community for Comprehensive Development in Tiba
Youth & Women Empowerment Forum
National Broadcasting and Television Society - SNRT
Hope Village Society (HVS)
Social Association  Active Woman  of the Tizi-Ouzou Wilaya
Mouna Mtibaa
Community Media Center
Association ACM
Djerba Solidarity & Development Association
Association Tahadi pour l'Environnement
SHASHAT Women Cinema
Université d'  Alger III
Arab Institute for Human Rights
Morocco Volunteers
Faculty Affiliate, PHRGE, Northeastern College of Law
Green Globe
MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Savera Liverpool
Anne Laure Humbert
Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women
Morgan Sigl Fertilhanges
Why Me for Women’s Rights
Association Beity
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Center for Study and Research on Human Rights and Migration

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