Rabha Fathi

A National Call to Protect Children's Rights and Criminalize Early Marriage

Created by Rabha Fathi 36 days ago

...n and the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, many civil society leade...g Awareness of Society Regarding the Risks of Early Marriage" which is implemente...raise social awareness regarding the risk of early marriage in line with what has be...

Rabha Fathi

AEFL kicks off its project Social Initiative to Combat Early Marriage

Created by Rabha Fathi 60 days ago

..."Social Initiative to Combat Early Marriage", which aims at in regard to the danger of early marriage.  Moreover, facilitators on issues of early marriage and its impacts, and...e of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, representativ...

Yveline Nicolas

Training on non-sexist education to commemorate the 30th anniversary of OHCHR

Created by Yveline Nicolas 828 days ago

...centre followed by numerous trainings with associations, students, early childhood professionals, national Analysing the differentiated socialization of girls and boys in early childhood and its role in producing ine...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Symposium ‘Gender diversity in early childhood

Created by Foundation's Team 1816 days ago

...fessional gender diversity in early childhood under the patronage of the Ministry of Childhood, Families and Women& “Gender diversity in early childhood” coordinated by AMEPE....ote gender diversity in early childhood professions. The focus was to...

Foundation's Team

On the equality path

Created by Foundation's Team 1817 days ago

...program in Toulouse has conducted a very uplifting research on social and professional interactions in 3 pilot structures. It concludes that early childhood professionals’ gestures...


Foundation's Team

Danish Union of Early Childhood Youth Educators

Created by Foundation's Team 2425 days ago

BUPL (The union of pedagogues in Denmark) was founded in 1932. It is the Union for more than 90 percent of the professional staff in Nurseries (children aged 0...


Susana Pavlou

15th International Review on Leave Policies and Related Research - 2019

Created by Susana Pavlou 871 days ago

...ternity, Paternity and Parental leaves; leave to care for sick children and other employment-related measures to support working parents; and early childhood education and care policy. I...

Foundation's Team

Lost Childhood: Child, early and forced marriage in a Syrian IDP camp: Causes and effects

Created by Foundation's Team 1813 days ago

Child marriage (underage marriage) is a phenomenon that has been frequently discussed as a widespread issue in Syrian society, especially in the refugee and ID...

Foundation's Team

The Impact of Public Investment in Social Care Services on Employment, Gender Equality, and Poverty: The Turkish Case

Created by Foundation's Team 2081 days ago

This report aims to contribute to policy debates on Early Childhood Care and Preschool Education (ECCPE) expansion in Turkey, an issue that has been an emerging policy issue. It has been...