Foundation's Team

Domestic violence can no longer be treated as a minor offence in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Created by Foundation's Team 55 days ago

...of the Council for Combating Domestic Violence, and the civil society organisations working with her, Domestic Violence in Republika Srpska, Bosnia the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence were adopted in September 201...eep understanding of domestic violence and its effects on society. W...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

ABAAD launches a campaign amidst lockdown in Lebanon as domestic violence cases increase

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 66 days ago

...t alone and that they can reach out for support when needed. Cases of domestic abuse in Lebanon have skyrock...d compared to the first quarter of 2019. Already existing gender-based violence risks at home and public spac...

Foundation's Team

Tunisia invited to accede to the Istanbul Convention

Created by Foundation's Team 70 days ago

...nbsp;Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)....ugh the adoption of Organic Law 2017-58 on the elimination of violence towards women. Combating vio...

Hala Bugaighis

Open Letter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Government's COVID-19 Crisis Response Plan

Created by Hala Bugaighis 74 days ago

...t. Effective dissemination of information regarding preventive measures. Provide a hotline for women in police departments to respond to domestic violence and abuse complaints. Protec...

Noha El Khouly

ECWR issues its annual report 2019 entitled Egyptian Women and Access to Justice

Created by Noha El Khouly 101 days ago

...several sources, including international and domestic reports; media surveys of sev...nmental efforts were dedicated to eliminating violence against women at various leve...tical empowerment, and via the elimination of violence against women. Nehad Abo Al-...

Ibtissame Betty Lachgar

Male Violence and Coronavirus

Created by Ibtissame Betty Lachgar 104 days ago

...f women, potential victims of domestic violence, and their children, living i...ties M.A.L.I. warns about the domestic violence women will be victims of: gen...r aggressor, women victims of violence see their safety endangered....agement Fund to fight against domestic violence. Implementation by...

Foundation's Team

Council of Europe calls member States to change their legal definitions of rape based on lack of consent

Created by Foundation's Team 114 days ago

...Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) has found that many...Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) has found t...mbating violence against women and domestic violence. Known commonly as t...

Esther Fouchier

Coeur de Femmes - 4 and 5 March 2020 in Marseille

Created by Esther Fouchier 128 days ago

...ange on multiple issues such as employment, domestic violence, the right to freely In addition, many women are victims of violence, most often in silence. All t...s and CIDFF Family Rights: an exhibition on violence against women and sexism;...

Foundation's Team

Updates of the W7: urging G7 governments to tackle gender inequality worldwide

Created by Foundation's Team 436 days ago

...ucted by the W7 in 2018 in Canada, the W7 calls on G7 leaders to adopt domestic and foreign policies that are...gency contexts; investing in the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence through awareness raising act...

Foundation's Team

Intensive efforts in Alexandria to engage men in the fight against VAW

Created by Foundation's Team 566 days ago

...type of injury as a result of violence perpetrated by the husband or...ent Association, this type of violence is widespread in Alexandria g...ogical and economic impact of violence against women (VAW). It also...triggering a vicious cycle of domestic violence where female victims...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Al-Bait Assamed Association Society
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Development Association of South Gafsa -  DGSC
Istar Montull Mussach
Programme d'Appui à la Société Civile (PASC-TUNISIE)
The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL)
The Union of Feminist Action
Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration
Moroccan Association of Reproductive Health
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
Tunisie pionnieres
Association des Femmes Tunisiennes pour la Recherche sur le Développement (AFTURD)
Association Talassemtane pour l'Environnement et Développement (ATED)
TAMETTUT - Amazigh Women's Association for Culture and Development
Soumia Boutkhil
Sciences Po
Women'  s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling
Almobadr Organization for Development and Capacity Building
Development Association ‘Rawafed’
Genre en Action
Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)
Egyptian Female Lawyers
Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED
Sami Zouari
Association Joussour de Citoyenneté (AJC)
Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Assemblée des Femmes Paris Ile-de-France
The committee of vigilance for democracy in Tunisia (CDVT)
Society of Women Graduates (SWG) in the Gaza Strip
Humanity Diaspo
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Abdulhakeq Al Barghazi
Orbital Endowment Fund

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