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Gender, Employment and the Informal Economy: Glossary of Terms / Genre, emploi et économie informelle: glossaire de termes / النوع الإجتماعي, التوظيف و الإقتصاد غير النظامي: مسرد المصطلحات

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This publication forms part of a regional initiative "Gender Equality and Workers’ Rights in the Informal Economies of Arab States". It is a compendium of official statistics, laws and policies that do not reflect well the current process termed as "informalization" of employment, which lim...

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Migrants in an irregular situation employed in domestic work: Fundamental rights challenges for the European Union and its Member States / Les migrants en situation irrégulière employés comme travailleurs domestiques: des défis aux droits fondamentaux de l' Union européenne et ses États membres /...

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This report focuses on migrants in an irregular situation employed in domestic work in the European Union (EU), which is dominated by women. The term "domestic worker" is used to refer to housekeeping and caring for dependents, such as children, older persons and persons with disabilities. The re...