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Marriage crises: Syrian migrant women's perspectives on war and divorce

Created by Foundation's Team 1754 days ago

...ntimate relationships. This article is based on a research on Syrian migrant women and couples, which investigates the significant rise in Syrian divorce rates since the war, and show...

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Feminism in morocco: between the local and the global

Created by Foundation's Team 2382 days ago for women’s rights and the secularisation of the Family Code, a collection of laws regularising family relationships including marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance. Thi...

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White paper: Rights on the Move – Rainbow Families in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 2720 days ago

...contains an overview of all relevant fields of the EU law important for free movement of rainbow families – recognition of relationship and divorce, immigration, adoption, repro...

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Unequal and Unprotected: Women's Rights under Lebanese Personal Status Laws

Created by Foundation's Team 3135 days ago

...n who suffered discrimination. The research reveals that women from all confessions are being treated worse than men when it comes to accessing divorce and primary care for their ch...

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Personal Status Code

Created by Foundation's Team 3197 days ago

...n 2012 to the Tunisian Personal Status Code enacted in 1956. It addresses many aspects that have direct effects on women’s lives (marriage, divorce, parentage, custody, successi...

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Guidelines for Women in Family Laws

Created by Foundation's Team 3334 days ago

...nformation on the legal environment of different communities in Lebanon in terms of family law (such as, visitation right, childcare, separation, divorce, civil marriage, and so on).

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Knowing Women' s and Children' s Rights in Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 3343 days ago

...mines the views about women' s rights in the private and public sphere in Algeria: the right to work, the right to run for election, the right to divorce, maintenance or removal of po...