Maria Alabdeh

16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

Created by Maria Alabdeh 911 days ago spoke about different types of violence in the context of war, displacement, and other issues. This inclu...f nostalgia, the violence of holding refugee status, the violence of displacement and forced migration, the vio...

Maria Àngels Roque

Art and feminism together: 10 illustrators that you should know

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1931 days ago

...a expresses, through her work, her life experiences and journey across three cities: Damascus, Beirut and London, often referring to her forced displacement. She strongly believes that a...

Foundation's Team

Nanterre Congress: RUSEMEG's contributions to the collective feminist debate

Created by Foundation's Team 2079 days ago

...?  Zohra Mezgueldi, a professor at Hassan II University in Casablanca, made an intervention under the title "Masculine / feminine between displacement and reversal of signs: a reas...


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Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 952 days ago

...nbsp;  Violence against women belonging to vulnerable groups, in particular migrants, refugees and displaced people, and people at risk of displacement Participants Representative...

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Discussing the empowerment of female refugees and migrants for a socially inclusive Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 1098 days ago

...ess to education and inadequate healthcare. Female refugees and migrants in particular face heightened discrimination, violence and forced displacement at a time when support servic...

Maria Alabdeh

Perspectives of Forcibly Displaced Syrian Women on their Conditions, Rights, and Demands

Created by Maria Alabdeh 1153 days ago

...Demands” As part of an ongoing partnership between PAX for Peace and Women Now, this paper is the result of an ongoing project on forced displacement and its effects on Syrian wom...


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Théâtre Variable n2

Created by Foundation's Team 3189 days ago

...ns with a show about the situation of women and men in society. The holding of conferences, the organization of workshops and internships, the displacement of performances in public pla...


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Rapid Gender Analysis: COVID-19 Middle East and North Africa Region

Created by Foundation's Team 988 days ago

...lockdown measures, other more fragile and conflict-affected countries are seeing spikes in the number of people infected. Widespread conflict, displacement, and migration in the region...

Maria Alabdeh

Position paper on Perspectives of Forced Displaced Syrian Women on their Conditions, Rights, and Demands

Created by Maria Alabdeh 1142 days ago communities. It also seeks to underline that FDS women are subjected to many human rights violations and crimes (especially siege and forced displacement) and to reiterate the ongoing...

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Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1143 days ago

...s in host communities. In these settings, the risks to refugee women and girls are exceptionally high. The stress and vulnerability created by displacement and these circumstances can l...


Foundation's Team

Water Management in Fragile Systems: Building Resilience to Shocks and Protracted Crises in the Middle East and North Africa / إدارة المياه في النظم الهشة: بناء القدرة على مواجهة الصدمات والأزمات التي طال أمدها في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا / La gestion de l'eau dans les systèmes fragiles: ...

Created by Foundation's Team 2097 days ago

The Middle East and North Africa region has always coped with water scarcity. The world’s oldest civilizations have managed to develop and prosper in its arid landscapes. Today the region is at a crossroads. Conflict is taking a severe human and economic toll, fueling massive disp...

Foundation's Team

Tracing aspects of the Greek crisis in Athens: Putting women in the picture / Suivi des aspects de la crise grecque à Athènes: mettre les femmes en scène / رسم ملامح الأزمة اليونانية في أثينا: تسليط الضوء على النساء

Created by Foundation's Team 2234 days ago

In the political fluidity of our times, the dismal economic situation in Greece is perhaps extreme but indicative of a deepening crisis in Europe, which is expanding, both geographically and socially. Contrary to the dominant rhetoric, austerity measures and pacts imposed on Greece, Por...