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La participation politique des femmes handicapées / المشاركة السياسية للنساء ذوات الإعاقة / The Political participation of women with disabilities

Created by Foundation's Team 1000 days ago

A L’occasion de la Journée internationale des personnes handicapées, le 3 décembre, l’association Nujoom al-Amal (Les étoiles de l’espoir) a été créée pour tenter de répondre aux besoins des femmes handicap&eacut...

Foundation's Team

In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women's Political Participation / المشاركة السياسية للمرأة السورية بين المتن و الهامش / Au centre ou en marge: La participation politique des femmes syriennes

Created by Foundation's Team 1011 days ago

The book consists in a research conducted and written by Lama Kannout, Coordinator of the Study Committee of the Syrian Feminist Lobby, with the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Feminist Initiative. The research aims at shedding light on the political elites that shape policies and ex...

Foundation's Team

Playing for Gender Equality / Jouer pour l'égalité entre les sexes / اللعب من أجل المساواة الجندرية

Created by Foundation's Team 1027 days ago

This manual is one of the first manuals, developed and tested in the Middle East, for educating children on gender equality. It is composed of fun and interactive games for children aged 8 to 12 years old, and it facilitate the learning of important concepts and terminology pertaining t...

Foundation's Team

Animation: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) / Animation: la Convention sur l'élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l'égard des femmes (CEDAW) / رسوم متحركة: اتفاقية القضاء على جميع أشكال التمييز ضد المرأة (سيداو)

Created by Foundation's Team 1047 days ago

This animated video was launched by UN Women Jordan, during the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" campaign. The video revises the negative connotations associated with the CEDAW Convention among the general public in Jordan – while highlighting the positive effec...

Foundation's Team

The Moroccan women's movement / تجربة الحركة النسائية المغربية / Le Mouvement féminin marocain

Created by Foundation's Team 1055 days ago

This research report sheds light on the emergence process of the components of the women’s movement in Morocco and its reasons that can interpreted by the awareness of the women’s elite of the deep contradiction between the progress achieved in education and the integration in the produ...

Foundation's Team

Islam and Women - Feminist Reading of the Foundations of the Personal Status Code / الإسلام و المرأة – قراءة نسوية في أسس قانون الأحوال الشخصية / L'Islam et les femmes - Lecture féministe des fondements du Code du Statut Personnel

Created by Foundation's Team 1061 days ago

Exploring Sharia (Islamic Law), this research, written by the Syrian feminist author, Mayya Rahbi carries a clear call to change the prevailing culture, in which religion is mixed with myths, customs, and tribalism that are rooted in the pre-Islamic era and have been intertwined with re...

Foundation's Team

Guide sur la Convention sur l'élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l'égard des femmes (CEDAW) en Tunisie / دليل للتعريف باتفاقية القضاء على جميع أشكال التمييز ضد المرأة في تونس / Guide on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in Tun...

Created by Foundation's Team 1061 days ago

Ce kit fournit des informations de base afin de connaître et comprendre la Convention sur l’élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l’égard des femmes (CEDAW), ratifiée par la Tunisie le 20 septembre 1985, et il contient un guide pré...

Foundation's Team

The Situation of Women in Libya / La Situation des Femmes en Libye / وضع النساء في ليبيا

Created by Foundation's Team 1067 days ago

This report provides a broad summary of the challenges currently facing Libyan women. Jusoor has focused the report on five major areas: structural exclusion from politics and decision-making roles, the impact of arbitrary rule on violations of a woman’s dignity especially through...

Foundation's Team

How Knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Women Can Influence Today's Gender Role: Does History Matter in Gender Psychology? / كيف يمكن لمعارف المرأة المصرية القديمة أن تؤثر على الدور الجندري اليوم: هل للتاريخ أهمية فيما يتعلق بعلم النفس الجندري؟ / Comment la connaissance des femmes égyptiennes anciennes...

Created by Foundation's Team 1073 days ago

A gender role is a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are considered desirable or appropriate for a person based on their sex. However, socially constructed gender roles can lead to equal rights between genders but also to severe disadvantages and discrimination wit...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Rede Portuguesa de Jovens para a Igualdade de Oportunidades entre Mulheres e Homens
Youth & Women Empowerment Forum
Socio-cultural centre for women in action
Women and Leadership
United Religions Initiative
Mouna Mtibaa
International Alliance of Women (IAW)
MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights
Centre des femmes arabes de formation et de recherche (CAWTAR)
Nezha El Medhmed
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
Journalists Without Borders (JWB)
Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)
Donia for Sutsainable Development
Ibn Battuta Foundation
Jerusalem Center for Women
Association de Développement Local Méditerranéen (ADELMA)
Racha Ramadan
Tafoukt Souss Association for Women Development
Genre Culture Diversité et Développement (GCDD)
Mauritanian Council of Businesswomen – CMFA
Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)
Bidaya Association
Libanaises pour l'Egalité
Women'  s Solidarity Fund (WSF)
Mediterraneo Sociale
Sami Zouari
Thenextwomen tunisie
Institute for gender equality
Actions in the Mediterranean - AIM
ISIS Center for Women and Development
Hiwar Center for youth and women's empowerment
Mada for Citizenship and Development
International Observatory of Human Rights
Daem for Media

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Shared practices

Economic empowerment of rural women through access to resources and rights

In partnership with OXFAM, the women’ s development group and the development association ASSAD, CAWTAR launched an...

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are over-represented in lowest paid and lowest valued positions,...

I am unbeatable Campaign

MARCH took part in the Women’s Race on May 4th 2014 in more ways than one; fighting against domestic violence, the team ran...

Scholarship program for girls in school failure

Many girls from the villages of Upper Egypt are deprived of education and, therefore, they cannot improve their situation or...

'Let’s erase sexist prejudices'

A teaching DVD called « Let’s erase sexist prejudices » provides a serie of activities to promote non-sexist...

Family Status Laws'Campaign

This practice was conducted to counter the rising demands from opponents to repeal the family laws tackling custody and...

Excision - Let's talk about it!

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological...

Sharing a culture of women-men equality the collection “Egal à egal” (equal to equal)

The “Laboratoire de l’égalité” (equality laboratory) has three main aims: to bring together...

Migrant Women: A Resource

This practice began in 2014 and it was supported by the European Commission Representation in Italy, Provincia di Roma and...

Because they are my children, my nationality is their right

The campaign targeted 18,000 Lebanese women married to foreigners. The majority of them live in Lebanon and they have problems...