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The Chemin de la Dignité association accompanies women leaders in Douar Hicher / جمعية طريق الكرامة ترافق النساء القياديات في دوار هيشر / L'association Chemin de la dignité accompagne les leaders féminins à Douar Hicher

Created by Foundation's Team 295 days ago

The political and public participation of women is today a major imperative for the realization of democracy and the consolidation of gender equality in society. In Tunisia, despite the constitutional gains regarding women’s rights, their participation in community life and in dec...

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Institutional Reform: What Place for Equality and Parity? / Réforme des institutions : quelle place pour l'égalité et la parité ? / إصلاح المؤسسات: أين مكانة المساواة والتكافؤ؟

Created by Foundation's Team 377 days ago

The report of de Annick Billon of the delegation of women’s rights and equal opportunities between men and women of the French Senate was adopted unanimously on July 17, 2018. The report is accompanied by five recommendations to revalue the principles of gender equality and parity...

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On the frontline: Catalysing women's leadership in humanitarian action / En première ligne: Catalyser le leadership des femmes dans l'action humanitaire / على الخطوط الأمامية: تحفيز قيادة المرأة في العمل الإنساني

Created by Foundation's Team 379 days ago

This paper draws together findings from focus group discussions with women from multiple regions and draws upon ActionAid’s experience from a range of humanitarian contexts, including rapid and slow onset disasters and protracted crisis. It presents the barriers and opportunities ...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality in Public Administration / Égalité des sexes dans l'administration publique / المساواة بين الجنسين و تمكين المرأة في الإدارة العامة

Created by Foundation's Team 425 days ago

Gender equality is both an essential development goal and a driver of human development. Achieving equitable representation of women, especially in decision-making positions, remains an ongoing challenge. The need to increase women’s presence in positions of political responsibili...

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Enhancing women's access to decision making at local level in Ma'an / Accélérer l'accès des femmes à la prise de décision à Ma'an / تعزيز وصول النساء إلى صنع القرار على المستوى المحلي في معان

Created by Foundation's Team 490 days ago

Women in the governorate of Ma’an (Jordan) experience vulnerability and marginalization due to male domination within the family but also in decision-making. The clans -groups of interrelated families- support men’s nomination to leadership positions even if they are not eff...

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Présence des femmes dans la fonction publique er accès aux postes de décision / وجود المرأة في الخدمة العامة والوصول إلى مواقع القرار / Women's presence in the public service and access to the decision making

Created by Foundation's Team 491 days ago

Ce rapport présente les résultats d’une analyse exploratoire des inégalités professionnelles entre les hommes et les femmes dans la fonction publique en Tunisie. Les résultats de l’étude nous permettent d’identifier les facteurs profonds s...

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Gender Sensitive Indicators for Media / Indicateurs d'égalité des genres dans les médias / مؤشرات المساواة الجندرية في الإعلام

Created by Foundation's Team 504 days ago

The aim of the Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media (GSIM) is to contribute to gender equality and women’s empowerment in and through media of all forms, irrespective of the technology used. The main focus of the publication is on the equality and gender dimensions of social dive...

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The Foundation at the 62nd session Commission on the Status of Women / La Fondation à la 62ème session de la Commission sur le statut de la femme / المؤسسة في اجتماعات الدورة 62 للجنة المعنية بوضع المرأة

Created by Foundation's Team 510 days ago

The sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was held at United Nations (UN) Headquarters from 12 to 23 March 2018 under the theme of the empowerment of women and girls in rural areas. The event was organized by UN Women and brought together representatives of...

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2018 Report on equality between women and men in the EU / Rapport 2018 sur l'égalité entre les femmes et les hommes / تقرير 2018 عن المساواة بين النساء والرجال في الاتحاد الأوروبي

Created by Foundation's Team 525 days ago

The European Commission has marked the International Women’s Day with the release of its 2018 report on equality between men and women. The 2018 gender equality report shows that progress has stalled in certain areas: women still take on the majority of caring responsibilities in famili...

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Field Diagnosis: Women's Participation in Public and Political Life in Douar Hicher / Diagnostic de terrain : La participation des femmes à la vie publique et politique à Douar Hicher / تشخيص ميداني: مشاركة المرأة في الحياة العامة والسياسية في دوار هيشر

Created by Foundation's Team 533 days ago

This diagnosis analyzes the level and quality of the participation of the women of Douar Hicher (Tunisia) in public, civil and political life. It intends to understand the factors behind the exclusion of women from the management of local affairs and the decision-making in the region of...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Try Center for Training and Education
Mouwatinet Association
Réseau des Femmes Solidaires
Carmen Garraton
Association Khmir Environnement et Développement
Women in Front
Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC)
Racha Ramadan
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies
Life  Foundation for Development and Social Reintegration (LFDCI)
Morgan Sigl Fertilhanges
Intissar Bendjabellah
Anne Laure Humbert
Association for the Promotion of Rural Women of Mezzouna
Elmehwar Association for Developing the Egyptian Family
Réseau Doustourna
Organization of Backing Liberal and Social Development (OBLSD)
International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF)
Women Now for Development
Organization Dihya for Development
Seed of Peace - Oran
Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech
Faculty of Arts and Humanity Manouba
YEFL Young Egyptian Feminists League
Morocco Volunteers
Libyan Women's Union – Tripoli
Youth & Women Empowerment Forum
ASURIF Feminist Association
Info-Com Jeunes de Guelma
Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)
Jordan Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI)
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)

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