Zeinab Arteil

"Qahwetnah" Cultural Café in Tripoli

Created by Zeinab Arteil 2673 days ago

After the resounding success of "Love and War on the Rooftop", MARCH felt t...To achieve that, MARCH established a cultural space between Beb El Tebbeneh...e same time. It will also serve as a cultural space, where events such as o...eace values, art and culture. The cult...


Amel Arbaoui

The opening of the cultural café instead

Created by Amel Arbaoui 554 days ago

The Bridges of Citizenship Association and the Dahmani Youth House have the honor to invite you to open the cultural café instead of the Dahmani Youth House within the framework of the Badel project, on Sunday, starting from ten o’clock in the morning.