Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) launches a media campaign with the aim of combating violence and gender-based discrimination in the digital space

Created by Andalib Adwan 440 days ago

...sence in the digital space to reduce the risk of their exposure to cybercrimes, in addition to involving al...t, how to deal in the event of insecurity or exposure to any electronic crime, and reporting mechanisms wit...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (CMC) concludes its activities within the framework of International Women's Day 2023

Created by Andalib Adwan 440 days ago presence in the digital space to reduce the risk of exposure to cybercrime, in addition to calling for t...the use of the internet, how to respond when exposed to any electronic crime, and the mechanisms of report...

Nawal Mustafa

Nawal Mustafa won the Princess Sabeeka Al Khalifa International Award for Women Empowerment

Created by Nawal Mustafa 535 days ago

...blished the (CFPA) Association to take care of this group, who are destined to live behind prison bars and inside cells without having committed a crime. She succeeded in drawing soc...


Life Foundation

Workshop on gender mainstreaming in programs targeting women with HIV

Created by Life Foundation 2283 days ago

...1st 2018, Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration participated in a workshop organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on "Mainstreaming gen...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 1679 days ago

...hese victims, though, weren’t able to report the violence and the crimes to which they were subjected...ered a first of its kind in recognizing rape and sexual violence as war crime, and providing victims of dig...

Foundation's Team

Rehabilitation and reintegration of former women prisoners in the provinces of Al Sharqia, Ismailia, Port Said and Alexandria

Created by Foundation's Team 3317 days ago

...oming full actors of society. The employment support enables women to lead their lives and gives them financial security with no need to resort to crime for money. The dynamic of co...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for abstracts: International Conference on Organized Crime and Gender

Created by Foundation's Team 2309 days ago

...United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - is sponsoring an event exploring the dynamics of organized crime and gender on 11-13 July 2018...nt in current debates on organized crime from the perspective of its a...tem’s responses to organized crime in different regions of the w...


Foundation's Team

Sectoral Brief: Gender and Security

Created by Foundation's Team 1025 days ago

The complex and evolving security threats the EU is facing, such as organised crime, terrorism, cyberviolence and hybrid threats, have placed security high on the political...

Foundation's Team

Global report on Trafficking in Persons 2018

Created by Foundation's Team 1986 days ago

...focus on the impact of armed conflict on trafficking. In conflict zones, where the rule of law is weak, and civilians have little protection from crime, armed groups and criminals m...

Foundation's Team

Women and Men in Belgium: Gender Statistics and Indicators

Created by Foundation's Team 2123 days ago

...are discussed: population, migration, income and poverty, paid work, business management, work / life balance, time use, decision making, health, crime, partner violence, mobility,...


Foundation's Team

Sexual exploitation: New challenges, New Answers / Système prostitutionnel, nouveaux défis, nouvelles réponses / الاستغلال الجنسي: تحديات جديدة، إجابات جديدة

Created by Foundation's Team 1727 days ago

Through an in-depth assessment inventory of 35 countries and the study of recent major trends, this report provides the latest overview of sexual exploitation at regional and global levels. It sets out not only the 6 major challenges to be met in view of the latest developments and thei...

Foundation's Team

ديناميات جرائم الشرف في تركيا - آفاق للتحرك / Les dynamiques des crimes d'honneur en Turquie - Perspectives pour l'action / The Dynamics of Honor Killing in Turkey - Prospects for Action

Created by Foundation's Team 2057 days ago

يلخص هذا التقرير ويقيّم الأبحاث النوعية حول ما يسمى "جرائم الشرف". وهو يركز على التصورات المختلفة للشرف والعواقب التي يواجهها الأشخاص المنخرطون في "السلوك المشين". كما يحلل الطريقة التي يرتبط بها مفهوم عدم التشريف بالبنى الاجتماعية وأنماط الحياة والبنى العقلية. وتستمد هذه المعلومات من ا...

Foundation's Team

Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2018-2021) / Stratégie de l'ONUV et de l'ONUDC pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes (2018-2021) / استراتيجية للمساواة بين الجنسين وتمكين المرأة (2018-2021)

Created by Foundation's Team 2273 days ago

The present Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2018-2021) establishes the first institutional framework on gender equality for the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). This Strategy seeks to ensure that...