Tunisian Association for Cultural Action

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:12pm

1-Zéro tolérance contre la violence à l'égard des femmes et des filles financée par (AFTURD) 2-Riche Terroir financé par Solidarité Laique France:Promouvoir l’insertion...

Stella Kasdagli

Women On Top

Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:01pm and organizations wishing to prioritize the equal representation of women at work. Finally, it has developed a wide communication and content creation platform, in order to help pr...

Kassem Istanbouli

Tiro Association for Arts

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:05pm

Ever since its creation, Tiro Association for Arts has included gender equality and women’s rights amongst its core values. The association has carried out theatrical performan...


Foundation's Team

CLUSTER met to discuss the production of trainings on sustainable economy and their dissemination

Created by Foundation's Team 472 days ago

On 3 June 2022, the CLUSTER consortium met to debate developments in the creation of the Private Sector oriented Catalogue and the TVET (Te...

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Public campaign to mark the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (25 November - 10 December)

Created by Foundation's Team 511 days ago

...ights for victims of sexual violence; * Working groups with parliamentarians to implement advocacy on the rights of victims of sexual violence. * Creation of a digital campaign #Never...



Created by MARIA JOSE MARTINEZ 596 days ago

...project ‘Against racism and xenophobia by crossing the Mediterranean’ aimed at fighting prejudices and racist stereotypes through the creation of a free space of exchange o...


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Trencant barreres: la transformació feminista a la Mediterrània

Created by Foundation's Team 437 days ago

...Girona 20, 08010, Barcelona), EMWF’s Secretariat and one of its Founding Members, which has been its headquarters since its creation in 2014. This event is co-or...

Foundation's Team

Communicating in the Mediterranean with a Gender Perspective

Created by Foundation's Team 777 days ago

...ists and communication experts from both sides of the Mediterranean, collectives and associations that work with a gender perspective. Since its creation, and within the framework of...

Esther Fouchier

Virtual Marathon - Women's Walk with their bodies and their voices

Created by Esther Fouchier 990 days ago

...of women more audible and thus offer them a space for civic, artistic and political conversation through the realization of a collective digital creation with as emancipatory material...

Shared practices

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Empowering Nefta's women artisans through cloth recycling

Created by Foundation's Team 1978 days ago

...loth recycling. Indeed, the raw material used in all the women’s creations comes from second-hand cloth...pect of the project brings together the preservation of nature and the creation of added value that provides...

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Pioneer Women: daring, innovaton, entrepreneurship

Created by Foundation's Team 2576 days ago on these issues, the Pioneers boosting female entrepreneurship, the creation of local jobs and sustainable...d collective takes into account the technical and human aspects of the creation of a business to provide the...

Foundation's Team

Accompanying women in the creation of income generating activities (AGR : activités génératrices de revenus) creation and development in micro-businesses

Created by Foundation's Team 2579 days ago

The project is being carried out in Tangiers. The aim is to train women who already exercise an activity, to help them leave the informal economy and set up th...

Calls and opportunities

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EuroMeSCo Euromed Survey on social justice in the Mediterranean: Participate now

Created by Foundation's Team 509 days ago

...l of the digital and green transitions in terms of inclusive socio-economic development. It looks into cooperation priorities for sustainable job creation and how the social economy ca...

Foundation's Team

Ensuring Women's Decent Work and Transforming Care Provision

Created by Foundation's Team 896 days ago issues in the areas of gender and development. It is a trailblazer in establishing inclusive and decolonialist approaches to knowledge creation and management in the wider i...

Maria Àngels Roque

Call for Researchers - EuroMeSCo Joint Study Groups 2021-2022

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 992 days ago

...ours • Artificial Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Security Agencies in the MENA Region: Risks and Opportunities • Assessing the Job Creation Potential of Social Economy i...


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Women Economic Empowerment Portal

Created by Foundation's Team 2380 days ago

This Portal was created by the Collective for Research and Training on Development - Action (CRTD.A) and is devoted to the creation, harvesting, sharing and dissemination of...

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Institut de recherche sur le Maghreb contemporain. IRMC's Library

Created by Foundation's Team 3073 days ago

...humanities and social sciences. It has a historical heritage of the resources of the Tunisia-Maghreb Documentation Center (1980-1991). Since the creation of the IRMC in 1992, the libr...

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Business Development Center (BDC)

Created by Foundation's Team 3076 days ago

...eating employment opportunities and building individual capacities for youth, women and professionals; - Managing, promoting and stimulating the creation of public-private partnership...


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UfM : 2020 Annual Report

Created by Foundation's Team 963 days ago

...25th anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, otherwise known as the Barcelona Process, launched on 28 November 1995. Looking back, the creation of the Barcelona process seem...

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Fostering women's economic participation in the Western Mediterranean: Successful policies for in-depth transformations

Created by Foundation's Team 985 days ago

...nomic participation in the countries of the region.  The dialogue ensuing from the discussion and the exchange of good practices led to the creation of public policy recommendati...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

MARSADNISSA: Analyzing gender justice and judicial stereotypes in Tunisia

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 1013 days ago

...nis, MRA Mobilising for Rights Associates designed this initiative with the goal of expanding access to justice for women in Tunisia through the creation of a participatory, practical...


Foundation's Team

The winners of our illustration contest discuss about art and feminism in a successful dialogue / Les lauréates de notre concours d'illustration discutent d'art et de féminisme dans un dialogue réussi / الفائزات في مسابقة الرسم الخاصة بنا يشاركن في حوار ناجح حول الفن والنِسوية

Created by Foundation's Team 1603 days ago

On 25 September 2019, the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) organized the dialogue “Youth creators transforming the Mediterranean”, which brought together the young winners of the contests “Drawing 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles ...