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SAYIDATI AL MOUKAWILA: An unprecedented program for women entrepreneurs

Created by Foundation's Team 870 days ago

...dit du Maroc bank and the KHATWA® program, launched end-to-end support in November 2021, in favor of women project managers, entrepreneurs, cooperatives and owners of Startups in the...

Chadia Mlahfi

Khatwa: Supporting women and youth's integration in the Moroccan Labour market

Created by Chadia Mlahfi 1950 days ago

...ides advice and support for the creation, management and development of Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) independent entrepreneurs & Cooperatives in Morocco. The aim of the p...

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Training elected women for more effective local governance in Ifrane

Created by Foundation's Team 2031 days ago

...hese activities were covered by various media and social media outlets. They involved more than 60 people, including representatives of unions, cooperatives, associations and local autho...


Aïcha Bouhjar

Training for female presidents of cooperatives in the Oriental Region

Created by Aïcha Bouhjar 2426 days ago

The Moroccan Women Mentoring / Networking association organizes a two days training for the benefit of 10 women presidents of cooperatives and associations of the Oriental Regi...

Shared practices

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Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative

Created by Foundation's Team 2472 days ago

...the environment. This particular initiative targeted Women’s Cooperatives producing Argan oil. This cam...programme further. It is now being used as a model in other women’s cooperatives in other sectors besides Arga...

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Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

Created by Foundation's Team 3258 days ago

...s and their production workshops for organic cosmetics products derived from roses. Through this practice, women are organized themselves into cooperatives and associations, and they fo...

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Support for women's empowerment in the North-East of Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 3314 days ago

...vince of Berkane. To strengthen the economic role and capacities of women, ADF offers training on "eco-weaving" and support for the creation of cooperatives based on the production of ar...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for projects for actors in the field in Africa and the Caribbean

Created by Foundation's Team 1383 days ago

...ling of their children, etc. The call for projects is addressed to all actors in the field in African and Caribbean countries (associations, cooperatives, NGOs, cooperation agencies,...

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Prix International 2020: awarding initiatives for women's empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 1615 days ago

...zes initiatives that advocate for gender equality. Who can apply? All social economy structures under local law are eligible: associations, cooperatives, foundations; They must be l...


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National Union of Moroccan Women

Created by Foundation's Team 3315 days ago own intellectual and financial abilities;  - Encourage them to invest and integrate economic sectors through the creation of their own cooperatives, companies and others; ...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 857 days ago

...ions to play an active role in the implementation of the Agenda, on the same footing as private sector actors, ranging from mico-entreprises to cooperatives to multinationals,’&rsq...

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Women's Entrepreneurship in Rural Greece

Created by Foundation's Team 2195 days ago

...sification of households and the preservation of their social fabric. In Greece, small private enterprises owned by women and the women’s cooperatives are almost the only forms of...

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Early/Child Marriage in Syrian Refugee Communities

Created by Foundation's Team 2662 days ago

...arrasment,the lack of legal status, etc. The report suggests ways to resolve this issue or prevent a rise in its occurrence, such as women cooperatives and women´s friendly sp...


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Women's Entrepreneurship in Rural Greece / ريادة الأعمال النسائية في المناطق الريفية باليونان / L'entrepreneuriat féminin en Grèce rurale

Created by Foundation's Team 2195 days ago

In rural areas female entrepreneurship may contribute to the economic diversification of households and the preservation of their social fabric. In Greece, small private enterprises owned by women and the women’s cooperatives are almost the only forms of women’s enterprises ...

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National study on small-scale family farming in Egypt / Étude nationale sur l'agriculture familiale à petite échelle en Égypte / دراسة وطنية حول الزراعة الأسرية صغيرة النطاق في مصر

Created by Foundation's Team 2208 days ago

This study was produced by the FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa (FAO-RNE) in collaboration with CIRAD (France) and CIHEAM-IAMM (France), and it was carried out in 2015 -2016 with the aim of producing a comprehensive assessment of the situation of small-scale family far...

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WEBPAGE: Minerva / SITE WEB : Minerva / الموقع الالكتروني مينرفا

Created by Foundation's Team 2878 days ago

Minerva Soc. Coop. is a a non for profit  cooperative which was initially created in 1984 by the Association of Women’s Club as a publishing house to give a voice to women and more vulnerable segments of the society through a monthly journal by the same name distributed on na...