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Women alone: The fight for survival by Syria´s refugee women

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...g housing, food, health, work, financial security, etc. The report also tells us about the types of violence Syrian women face as a result of the conflict, in Syria and in refugee coun...

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Algeria: Comprehensive reforms needed to end sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls

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...government to address sexual and gender based violence.The study shows that women who were abducted and raped by armed groups during the internal conflict in the 90s, have not had acce...

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The gender & media handbook: Promoting equality, diversity & empowerment

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The handbook forms part of the project "Gender, conflict and the media: Working towards egalitarianism and peace", which seeks to promote the debate on gender inequality and the role o...

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Progress of the World' s Women: In Pursuit of Justice

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...en. The report focuses on four key fields: the legal and constitutional frameworks; the justice chain; the plural legal systems; and the conflict and post-conflict contexts. 

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Violence Against Women: Protection and Prevention Through International Law

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...ese characteristics, notably trafficking in women, the treatment of male and female migrant domestic workers, and violence against women in armed conflict situations.