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The Foundation struggles for including gender in climate agreements in COP22 in Marrakech

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...s, including the Foundation and many member organizations of its network of networks (see attachment). The Foundation will be present at the UN Conference on climate, COP 22, in Marrak...

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Local clusters of gender equality actors are presented to policy makers and other Euro-Mediterranean actors

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...’s Empowerment" labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean. On 10 and 11 October 2016, the Foundation participated in the 3rd high-level conference on women’s empowerment...

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The Foundation works to push forward the regional gender equality agenda

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...thin the framework of the 3rd High level UfM Conference “Women for the order to prepare the next UfM Ministerial Conference on strengthening the role of...of actions for the upcoming Ministerial Conference on strengthening the role of...

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Call for applications for the mobilization of gender equality actors at a local level

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...ome the barriers faced during the diagnosis. The pilot actions will address one of the three priorities approached during the Third Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterr...

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Selection of 8 associations that will be advocating for women's rights

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...s representation in the Parliament During the meeting in Algeria, the Association pour les victimes du terrorisme Djazairouna organized a press conference in Blida on June 1st 2016. Th...

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The Foundation in the 2nd UfM Regional Dialogue on Women Empowerment

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...done after the implementation of the 2013 Paris Ministerial Declaration. This dialogue is undertaken in the perspective of the next ministerial conference on women foreseen in 2017 and...

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Strengthening the political participation of women: debates in Giza

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...the Mediterranean.  Two introductory workshops on the objectives of the pilot action and its approach, four roundtables and a presentation conference of the current situation on w...

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Participation of the 4th World Women's March and meeting with ambassadors

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...editerranean: First follow-up report of the ministerial compromise," whose objective was to discuss the progress made since the last Ministerial Conference on the role of women in socie...

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The Foundation has presented its First monitoring report in Marseille

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...aining and Research (Tunisia). The presentation coincided with the 4th World March of Women, a global action network, launched after the Global Conference in Beijing, which was focused...

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Presentation of the Foundation's work plan at the UfM Conference

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...d on the conclusions of the 1st Conference on Women’s Empowerment,...d on 26 and 27 March 2014, this conference will bring together key regio...are expected in this high-level conference. The Foundation has been inv.... Monitoring of the Ministerial Conferences recently released. The actio...