Foundation's Team

The Challenges of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 2123 days ago

...rt provides an update on the realities of climate change in the Mediterranean countries...lders to face the different challenges of climate change and fight against it. In the...ghlights the role of women in confronting climate change; the issue of gender in inter...

Foundation's Team

Assessing Gender Concerns in Climate Change projects in Arab Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 2272 days ago

...he United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), international geopol...aa Haddad, reflects on the implication of climate change on gender in the MENA region....leading country in developing gender and climate change action plans; and Morocco who...

Foundation's Team

Climate Change and Migration: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 2345 days ago

Climate change is a major source of concern in the Middle East and North...strategies used by households to respond to changes in climate and environmenta...emen, this study focuses on the link between climate change and migration. It also explai...

Foundation's Team

Counting on women in politics - Experiences from Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2408 days ago

...women to enter careers in science; women should also be an equal part of parliaments that shape science policies – including issues like climate change that disproportionately affec...

Foundation's Team

Mainstreaming Gender in Green Climate Fund Projects

Created by Foundation's Team 2415 days ago

Climate change is not only one of the greatest environmen...y. That’s why the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and UN Women have...s intended for use by climate change project proponents from gover...pplicable to a broad range of climate change mitigation and adaptation ini...

Foundation's Team

The integration of the gender approach into the climate-energy field

Created by Foundation's Team 2599 days ago

...and development, those aiming at reducing climate change will be more efficient if they...lude gender equality. The consequences of climate change could have different conseque...o the mitigation or the adaptation to the climate change depending on the context. Thi...

Foundation's Team

COP 22 on Climate, an initial assessment

Created by Foundation's Team 2695 days ago

...nder dimension has been integrated in the UN Climate Change Conferences of the Partie...mainstreaming gender in decision making and climate negotiations.  It also h...s: the Price to the solutions for Gender and climate of the Women Gender Constitu...

Foundation's Team

Key elements to take into consideration when applying Paris Agreement

Created by Foundation's Team 2698 days ago

Building on the Paris Climate Accord COP22, this report sets out a series of recommendations to ensu.... The report considers it necessary to promote equitable participatory climate change adaptation between women and...

Foundation's Team

In Egypt, we remove the veil

Created by Foundation's Team 2698 days ago

Despite the repressive climate placed by the regime of Al-Sissi un Egypt,  the fever for change, which was evident 5 years ag...

Foundation's Team

Resource guide on gender and climate change

Created by Foundation's Team 2717 days ago

...relationship between gender equality and climate change, and its importance in achievi...ces on gender relations in the context of climate change, with the overall objective o...en’s voices, needs and expertise in climate change policy and programming, in or...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Tunisian Association of Women Judges- TAWJ
Zouhair Gassim
Info-Com Jeunes de Guelma
League of Female Executives of the National Union of Tunisian Women
Turkey Disable'   s Education and Solidarity Foundation
United Religions Initiative
Institute for gender equality
Voix de la Femme Jemmeliya (VFJ)
Anouar Association
The Community Development and Media Center
Carmen Garraton
Equality Unit
Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy
Moroccan Association of Reproductive Health
Youth Capacities Development Association-Biskra (YCDB)
Department of Gender Studies, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta
Femmes et Leadership
Centre de Recherches, d'Etude de Documentation et d'Information sur la Femme, CREDIF
ASURIF Feminist Association
Daem for Media
La ciutat invisible
Human Development Network
Jbail- Byblos Municipality
AMANE – Association Meilleur Avenir pour Nos Enfants
Rural Women's Development Socity
Social and Economic Forum for Women Association
Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED
SHASHAT Women Cinema
Association MINA's Talents
The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH)
Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities (FPEC)
MSA University
French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C.L.E.F.)
Horus Foundation for Development and Training

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Shared practices

Video capsules - wee.can! women's economic empowerment

The project Wee. Can implemented by M. A. I. S. NGO aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Syrian refugee...

Stories of Nihad: A TV program discussing women's issues

'Hikayat Nihad' is a TV program broadcast on Cairo and the people channel, presented by Nihad Abul-Qumsan in a simple and easy...

Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence (GEAR against IPV)

The GEAR against IPV approach is a proposal for systematic intervention in the school (or other) setting, where girls and boys...

I am unbeatable Campaign

MARCH took part in the Women’s Race on May 4th 2014 in more ways than one; fighting against domestic violence, the team ran...

Capacity building caravan of social actors in the southern Morocco

The practice was launched in 2009. Its aim is to provide political actors and associations from southern Morocco with the tools...

Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative

With a population of over 32 million, literacy rates in Morocco stand at an average of 56%, representing over 10 million people...

Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

This successful practice aims to accompany women to integrate themselves to local economic activities, particularly in the area...

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality-LANA

LANA project aims to increase women’s participation in decision making within the private and public sphere. LANA approach...

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

In partnership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of recommendations and documents to...

SheFighter, inspiring initiative to end violence against women and girls

An estimated 80% of women in Jordan have faced street harassment, and 1 in 3 women in this country are survivors of physical...