Neus Pociello Cayuela

Fundació Aroa

Member since 15 May 2019 @ 10:25am

...n is a member of the Women' Council of Barcelona and coordinator of its GBV Working Group. It is also member of the National Council of Women of Catalonia and part of its delegation to...

Arelis Guaramato Diaz

Immigrant Women in Catalonia Association (AOMICAT)

Member since 6 September 2017 @ 2:31pm

- Economic empowerment through socio-labour trainings and workshops on business and entrepreneurship - Conferences and seminars on legal issues and rights - Social catering workshops


Susana Cereijo

IEMed's Gender Equality Programme is now a member of the CNDC

Created by Susana Cereijo 323 days ago

On July 6th, the National Council of Women of Catalonia (Consell Nacional de les Dones de Catalunya...e about the "Parliament of Women", an initiative of the Parliament of Catalonia and the CNDC that brought tog...

Susana Cereijo

Boosting the role of Catalonia to promote gender equality in the Mediterranean

Created by Susana Cereijo 533 days ago

...ations and Transparency of the Government of Catalonia (Spain) to organize a me...of exchanging information and reflecting on Catalonia’s contribution to gende...nd furthermore, the intention of positioning Catalonia as an important change agent...

Susana Cereijo

The CNJC launches a guide for young people against machismo violence

Created by Susana Cereijo 594 days ago

The National Youth Council of Catalonia (Consell Nacional de la Joventut de Catalunya - CNJC) has launched the educational project "Unfollow a les violències mascliste...


Foundation's Team

Seminar in Barcelona on feminist mobilizations across the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 197 days ago

...and elected member of the Catalan Parliament, will also participate in this seminar, and will talk about migrant women and feminist movements in Catalonia. In her turn, Nour Salameh,...

Susana Cereijo

Tribute to distinguished women in the fields of culture, sport and Human rights

Created by Susana Cereijo 456 days ago

...d non-discrimination with the aim of strengthening a model of social coexistence, organises an event on March 7th 2019 in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Catalonia, Spain) on the occasion of In...

Susana Cereijo

The Catalan society and the women’s promotion in the Mediterranean area

Created by Susana Cereijo 1176 days ago

...te foundations and associations working to strengthen women’s role in Catalonia and the Mediterranean countri...anean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) and many other organizations working in Catalonia and abroad.

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 362 days ago

...eption in 2016, and expanded its geographical presence in the Spanish territory, as it has developed 113 activities in the regions of Andalusia, Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia and...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for Entries - Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 71 days ago

The Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia reaches its 14th edition to keep filling a void in the Catalan cultural scene by giving voice to Arab and Mediterranean...

Susana Cereijo

Grants to projects: Support for social movements from Morocco and Catalonia

Created by Susana Cereijo 1042 days ago

...o levels. Level 1: Support to actions and initiatives related to development. The beneficiary associations must have its registered office in Catalonia. Level 2: Support to Souther...


Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 54 days ago

...le situation . Anna Lindh Foundation  #SharingValues Campaign (English, French) Institut Català de les Dones, Government of Catalonia: Outreach documents with r...

Foundation's Team

La Independent

Created by Foundation's Team 1749 days ago

...ish news agency with a gender perspective. Established in 2007 and driven by the International Network of Women Journalists and Communicators of Catalonia - International Network of Jo...


Foundation's Team

Feminisms (s) - Issue 47 of IDEES Magazine

Created by Foundation's Team 189 days ago

...ited by the Centre for Contemporary Studies of the Government of Catalonia. Its 47 issue entitled "Femin...eminist republic would look like; discover the history of feminism in Catalonia; learn the importance of femi...


Foundation's Team

Feminisms (s) - Issue 47 of IDEES Magazine / Féminisme (s) - Numéro 47 du magazine IDEES / النسوية (ات) - العدد 47 من مجلة أفكار الكتلانية

Created by Foundation's Team 189 days ago

IDEES is an online magazine on contemporary issues edited by the Centre for Contemporary Studies of the Government of Catalonia. Its 47 issue entitled "Feminisms(s)" intends to explore feminisms in all their complexities and questions the concept of feminism today. It raises s...

Helena González Fernández

Pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers in Contemporaneity / Séminaire pré-doctoral sur les écrivaines catalanes contemporaines / ندوة لبحوث الدكتوراه التمهيدية حول الكاتبات الكتلانيات المعاصرات

Created by Helena González Fernández 370 days ago

On June 13th, a pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers at Contemporaneity will take place at the University of Barcelona. The seminar is coordinated by Helena González from the Research Centre on Theory, Gender and Sexuality (ADHUC–Centre de Recerca Teoria...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Association Aspirations féminines
Ibsar Association for the Culture and Leisure of blind and visually handicapped people
The Moroccan Human Rights Forum
Ntic et Citoyennete - Maurifemme
The School Girls of Azaghar Foundation
Info-Com Jeunes de Guelma
Forsaan Al-Ghad Youth Association
Kayan Feminist Organization
SEMNID Association for Social Development
Association du Développement et des Études Stratégiques de Medenine (ADESM)
ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality
هلدا عواد
RUSEMEG - Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen
Asociación de Investigadores Extranjeros (AINVEX)
Kenzy Associacion for Development
Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women
National Association for the defense of rights and freedoms (NADRF)
Elham Ibrahim Younis Abdelaal
Khaled Salah Mahmoud
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)
Turkey Disable'   s Education and Solidarity Foundation
Seed of Peace - Oran
Zhour Bouzidi
Try Center for Training and Education
Master genre et droits des femmes des deux rives de la meditérranée
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Réseau des Femmes Solidaires
Wafaa Ziti
Womenpreneur Initiative
Equality Unit
Association Joussour de Citoyenneté (AJC)
Women'  s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling
Assiwar- the Feminist Arab Movement
Women and Leadership

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