Neus Pociello Cayuela

Fundació Aroa

Member since 15 May 2019 @ 10:25am

...2 consecutive years. It's also part of the Experts Group of the 2030 Feminist Agenda and lately it has launched and promoted the Feminist Europe campaign (FEM EU)....

مصطفى الشعار

The Individual Initiative for Human Rights - Masir

Member since 15 November 2018 @ 5:22pm

...nder equality is the Jinsiyati Karamati or My Nationality, My Dignity" campaign, which calls for Lebanese wom...their natural right to grant their nationality to their children. This campaign includes the implementation o...

ليلى الصالح

The Union of Feminist Action

Member since 15 November 2017 @ 11:30am

• Provide counseling and assistance to women victims of violence through SOS Annajda centers. • Organize mobilization campaigns (such as the campaign for the collection of 1 million signatures i...


Ghida Abdallah Anani

A White Dress Doesn't Cover the Rape Campaign by ABAAD wins the UN SDG Award!

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 66 days ago

...oes Not Cover the Rape" national campaign which was launched by ABAAD Bonn, Germany. ABAAD’s campaign started in September 2016, bu...ducted. Efforts made during the campaign, led to the repeal of Article...o;t Cover the Rape’’ Campaign was selected as one of the to...

ليلى الصالح

Casablanca: Fighting GBV starting from schools!

Created by ليلى الصالح 79 days ago

...lsquo;’school role in promoting women and girls and fighting the violence against them’’. The programme is part of the regional campaign ‘’Zero tolerance...

Foundation's Team

Policy dialogues on violence against girls in Guelma Province

Created by Foundation's Team 94 days ago

...lgeria. These dialogues were organized as a follow up to the advocacy campaign that INFO-COM Jeunes de  It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned advocacy campaign won the national contest for...



Street show: Masaktach, Speak up against harassment

Created by Samira MUHEYA 287 days ago

...ssment will be highlighted and reflected in street shows at the Marina of Bouregreg, in Rabat (Morocco). ‘’#Massaktach-Speak up" is a campaign aiming to raise Moroccans&rsq...

Halouani Bechira

"Advocacy for Women's Candidates and their Election in Municipal Councils"

Created by Halouani Bechira 905 days ago

Opening seminar of the campaign: "Advocacy for Women's Candidates and their Election in Municipal Councils" in the framework of the project CSO WINS « Capacity building in Southern Mediterranean to open policy dialogue and monitoring for women in society »

Foundation's Team

Euro-Mediterranean Associations expected to get new skills in the advocacy workshop

Created by Foundation's Team 1247 days ago

...cipants will have the chance to understand the know-how of an advocacy campaign and how to develop a strategi...eb, press & media) and on how practically use them to deploy their campaign. Through simulations, coachin...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Imams, preachers and community leaders fighting GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 189 days ago

...tivities such as celebrating international women day and contributing to the ‘’16 days of activism to combat GBV’’ global campaign through mock trials aiming at...

Foundation's Team

Animation: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Created by Foundation's Team 722 days ago

This animated video was launched by UN Women Jordan, during the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" campaign. The video revises the negative connotations asso...

Foundation's Team

Manarat : Stories of inspiring women from the Middle East and North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 731 days ago

...unching Manarat (Lighthouse), a digital comic campaign to tell the stories of societies or excelled in their fields.This campaign aims at celebrating and, and sexual and reproductive health rights campaigner. They come from 8 countries...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

2 initiatives from UN Women to celebrate International Women's Day

Created by Foundation's Team 553 days ago

...achievements of inspiring women and promoting the concept of cyber collaboration to advance gender equality. The second initiative is a virtual campaign using the hashtag #BecauseIAm...


Foundation's Team

Powerful campaign by Kafa against sexual violence in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 274 days ago

...the international #MeToo movement and started campaigning for the adoption of the se...ore, the organization decided to launch a new campaign to explain the difference bet...ption of the sexual harassment bill. The new campaign was launched in November 2018...

Foundation's Team

Centre for Gender Equality Information

Created by Foundation's Team 1536 days ago

...between men and women ("Equal Pay Programme"), legal accompaniment regarding pregnancy discrimination in the workplace ("Pregnancy discrimination campaign") and the reconciliation of w...

Foundation's Team

Terre des Femmes (TDF)

Created by Foundation's Team 1536 days ago

...r aim is to raise public awareness by means of education and advocacy, campaigning and lobbying, internationa...ten” (Women’s Worlds) in Tübingen and the “Flag campaign”, a nationwide initiati...


Foundation's Team

The trouble with Deneuve

Created by Foundation's Team 584 days ago

...que of the controversial letter signed by dozens of French women including the famous actress, Catherine Deneuve, in which the attacked the MeToo campaign against sexual abuse and hara...

Foundation's Team

Handbook for trainings in Nonviolence and Social Transformation

Created by Foundation's Team 588 days ago

...ilure in face of the immediate aims that it incorporates in a specific campaign. Sustained efforts in time by...e actively engaged in the design, organization, and putting forward of campaigns or nonviolent social movemen...

Foundation's Team

IFJ Survey: Violence against women media workers

Created by Foundation's Team 633 days ago unions and associations of journalists to prevent and eliminate gender-based violence.  In addition to these surveys, the IFJ launched a campaign to end violence against women...


Hilda Issa

Campaign in Jericho and Hebron to end the justification of GBV / Campagne en Palestine pour mettre fin à la justification de la violence sexiste / حملة في أريحا والخليل بالمطالبة بعدم تبرير العنف الموجه ضد النساء

Created by Hilda Issa 263 days ago

On November 25 and 26, young women interns at the Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) marked the International Campaign ‘’16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (GBV)  #16DaysOfActivism through a campaign conducted in Jericho and Hebron (Palesti...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Aman Society Centre for counseling, development and community health
Pertinence Sa Dynamisme Qualite
Soroptimist Club Marrakech
Future Association for Development - Batna
Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for Women'    s Empowerment (HCC)
European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)
Women’s House for Development
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Horus Foundation for Development and Training
Liberated T
French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C.L.E.F.)
Association ACM
Kings Road Association
Yala Academy
Association Entrelles Entrepreneures SM
Al Karam
Youth Empowerment Society - YES
Kayan Feminist Organization
Salama's Friends
Savera Liverpool
Abdulhakeq Al Barghazi
RUSEMEG - Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen
Wafaa Ziti
Al-Bait Assamed Association Society
SEMNID Association for Social Development
Lebanese League for Women in Business
Université d'  Alger III
Sawt Nssâ
SIDRA Association
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Jordanian Journalist Association
Helwan Association for Community Development (Bashayer)
Association Beity
Association Generation Challenge for Development and Culture
Sanaa El Aji
Psycho Social Counseling Center for Women (PSCCW)

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