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New audiovisual materials on advocacy and women's rights promotion are available!

Created by Foundation's Team 2441 days ago

...maker in 1 minute (the time shared in an elevator) that their advocacy campaign should be supported, - ...on 21st June 2016. In the interview she presents some of the advocacy campaigns which will be implemented in...

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A member in the spotlight: Voix de Femmes Marocaines Association

Created by Foundation's Team 2449 days ago

...f the Voix de Femmes Marocaines association, explains (video in French; subtitles in English and Arabic are available) their selected practice: a campaign on civic and social participa...

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Increasing the representation of Lebanese women in the local political life

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...nancial resources, digital and social media, electoral organization of campaigns and advocacy actions. To co...ship with other civil society movements involved, such as the Civilian Campaign for electoral reform and the...

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Selection of 8 associations that will be advocating for women's rights

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...eria on May 31st 2016 and 8 associations were selected to deploy their campaign in the next following months....hen the mutual learning and the exchange of experiences. The selected campaigns approach issues that slow do...

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Advocating for women in the Mediterranean: the CSO WINS Project in Algeria

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...quo;. It analyses the critical factors of success to start an advocacy campaign, taking as main references 12...tep will be giving support to 8 associations that will deploy advocacy campaigns in their countries. This act...

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A member in the spotlight: MARCH Lebanon Association

Created by Foundation's Team 2515 days ago

...inab Arteil, Program Coordinator of MARCH, explains in English (subtitles in English, French and Arabic are available) their selected practice: a campaign against domestic violence, en...

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36 associations learnt how to conduct effective advocacy campaigns

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...within the next few weeks following the workshop, they will be asked to enrich their drafts and 8 of them will be selected to develop an advocacy campaign with the support of the CSO W...