Gilles Barbier

Orbital Endowment Fund

Member since 17 December 2019 @ 5:24pm

...ect leader in touch with a volunteer mentor who will provide advice to help her stay focused on what really matters for the success of her future business. - Project financing: we hel...


Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator (WEAccelerator)

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 12:51pm

1. Training: Learning by doing, workshops, internship programs and one to one coaching in several domains: Business, marketing, management, communication... 2. Mentoring 3. Supporti...

Wedad Sourani

Society of Women Graduates (SWG) in the Gaza Strip

Member since 15 October 2019 @ 5:36pm

- Capacity building for women graduates. - job creation - establish small business and entrepreneurship. - Advocacy campaigns for women graduates rights. - Awareness sessions on...


Susana Cereijo

Euromed Survey: Towards a Renewed Partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood

Created by Susana Cereijo 38 days ago

...uromed Survey and it targets respondents from both EU and Southern Mediterranean countries, including experts, civil society representatives, the business sector, and policy-makers. It...

Sana Afouaiz

Invitation: Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on Female Entrepreneurs in the MENA region

Created by Sana Afouaiz 47 days ago

...neur in one of the three focus countries - Algeria, Lebanon or Egypt, fill in the survey and let us know about the impact of the pandemic on your business! Fill the survey by clicking...

Jumana Salous

BWF conducts trainings for women and youth entrepreneurship in Palestine

Created by Jumana Salous 130 days ago

In August 2020, the Business Women Forum - Palestine held individual trainings and orientation meet...m Canada’s government for four years 2018-2022 In partnership with the Business Women Forum, the Center for C...


Sana Afouaiz

Mediterranean Tech Women Week 2020

Created by Sana Afouaiz 59 days ago

...Talks speakers (WITH REGISTRATION ONLY) Wednesday, 2nd of December 10.30h to 12.00h – Masterclasses: “Insights technologies and Business opportunities in the sector&r...


XII Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Virtual Forum

Created by XX 69 days ago testimonials and participants will analyze the current situation of businesswomen in the Mediterranean, fo...tion as a new working tool, and will share best practices for women in business for this Covid-19 period...

Foundation's Team

UfM Workshop:Tourism: Generating Jobs for Youth in the MENA Region

Created by Foundation's Team 426 days ago

...bnb etc.) could create to increase women’s contribution to national economy; and the tools, resources and trainings that women start-ups or business owners need in order to impro...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 432 days ago

...s a solo initiative from a group of women who learned to make soap at home, and then developed into a successful company that won the Best Social Business Award in the regional competi...

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 599 days ago

...n 310 women mentors, scientists and technologists, who are currently developing their professional activity in different fields such as academia, business, research or management. Thr...

Foundation's Team

Success Stories following visits to companies run by women in Setif

Created by Foundation's Team 909 days ago

...epreneurship in Setif (Algeria), the Women in Business of Algeria association (WIBA)...ich was to share success stories of women-run businesses, to promote entrepreneurial...s, but then she had the idea to start her own business, a project that took shape in...

Calls and opportunities

Sana Afouaiz

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program for Women during and after COVID19

Created by Sana Afouaiz 257 days ago

...opportunity to grow and flourish in the world of entrepreneurship and leadership. The program will give you free access to meetings, networking, business visits, workshops and trainin...

Foundation's Team

Call for Proposals: COVID-19 Emergency Response Funding - WPHF

Created by Foundation's Team 286 days ago

...economically affected by the crisis, namely daily wage earners, small business owners and those working in i...through cash transfers, community funds and support to women-led small businesses. Restoring and strengtheni...

Foundation's Team

UN WOMEN Programme Associate in Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Job Offer

Created by Foundation's Team 313 days ago

...o feedback Required Skills and Experience Education: ·      A bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting, Business Administration, development,...


Foundation's Team

European Gender Statistics Database on decision-making

Created by Foundation's Team 118 days ago

...d the remaining three EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The domains covered include: politics; public administration; judiciary; business and finance; social partners...

Foundation's Team

Women's Bank: a network to support sustainable entrepreneurship among women

Created by Foundation's Team 531 days ago

...erty. Women’s Bank was founded upon a vision of helping women put their ideas into action – learning a vocation or even setting up a business. This meant providing direct,...

Foundation's Team


Created by Foundation's Team 1011 days ago agency that promotes, among others, initiatives -both in the business world and in civil society- i...areness campaigns related to this matter: Women in Action and Women in Businesses For Good. The first one&nbs...


Foundation's Team

WEbarometer 2020: A Survey of Entrepreneurs Women in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 21 days ago

...assessment of where women entrepreneurs stand in the current European business ecosystem and what is their which areas this ecosystem could be further improved for women-led businesses.  Some of its key fin...

Foundation's Team

Women, Business and the Law 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 221 days ago

Women, Business and the Law 2020 is the sixth in a series of st...neurship, Assets, and Pension. Data in Women, Business and the Law 2020 are current...pace of reform over the past two years, Women, Business and the Law makes a contribut...

Foundation's Team

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 222 days ago

...ysis can help put gender equality achievements and challenges into perspective, such as those touching upon economic, social and cultural rights, business and human rights, democratic...


Foundation's Team

Women, Business and the Law 2020 / Les Femmes, l'Entreprise et le Droit 2020 / المرأة وأنشطة الأعمال والقانون 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 221 days ago

Women, Business and the Law 2020 is the sixth in a series of studies that analyze laws and regulations affecting women’s economic opportunity in 190 economies. Eight indicators—structured around women’s interactions with the law as they begin, progress through, and end...

Foundation's Team

FFEM takes part in Morocco's Business Social Responsibility Awards Ceremony / المؤسسة تشارك في حفل توزيع جوائز تحدي المسؤولية الاجتماعية والبيئية للشركات في المغرب / La FFEM participent à la cérémonie de remise des Trophées Défis RSE Maroc

Created by Foundation's Team 447 days ago

The award ceremony of Morocco’s Business Social responsibility Trophies 2019 (Trophées Défis RSE (Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale) Maroc) took place on October 25th, in Rabat, in presence of the French ambassador and sponsor of the event, Hél...

Foundation's Team

Apply for ARLEM Award on young local entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean / Postulez au prix ARLEM pour les jeunes entrepreneurs(ses) méditerranéen-ne-s / شاركوا بمسابقة الجمعية الإقليمية والمحلية الأورومتوسطية لريادة الأعمال الشبابية

Created by Foundation's Team 462 days ago

Are you a young entrepreneur whose company has been registered for at least 3 years and who wants to share his/her experience in running a successful and innovative business positively impacting people life? Apply for the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) Awar...