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Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 733 days ago

...mainstreaming process initiated in 2020. At the community level, awareness-raising actions are planned both in Pal...cute;ruk], "sharing" in Arabic, aims to be a space for encounter, awareness-raising and dissemination on gender,...

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 1581 days ago entities launched Inspira STEAM, a pioneer project for the promotion of the scientific and technological vocation among girls based on awareness-raising and orientation actions facil...

Foundation's Team

Imams, preachers and community leaders fighting GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 1692 days ago

...mate goal is to raise the community’s awareness on sexual and reproductive ri...eachers to raise their congregations’ awareness regarding issues related to R...oader knowledge and skills in broaching and raising awareness on social issues related to...

Foundation's Team

The Wednesdays of CREDIF

Created by Foundation's Team 2823 days ago

The practice consists of sessions aimed at raising awareness of and mobilising a large and diverse public (academics, representatives of the association world, etc.) every last Wednesday...

Foundation's Team

Scholarship program for girls in school failure

Created by Foundation's Team 2934 days ago

...tion of the "big sister" to help women victims of violence and a monthly premium to encourage their school enrolment and attendance. Gender awareness-raising activities were organized for...

Foundation's Team

Social awareness program on women's rights

Created by Foundation's Team 3003 days ago

...n of OxfamNovib, this practice has carried out various training and awareness-raising activities addressed to to make women be aware of their rights but also to create social awareness among legal organizations a...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence (GEAR against IPV)

Created by Foundation's Team 3003 days ago

The GEAR against IPV approach is a proposal for systematic intervention in the school (or other) setting, where girls and boys are invited, through a series o...

Foundation's Team

Establishing a coalition and advocacy for the introduction of the quota policy in Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 3003 days ago

...omen by increasing their chances of access to representation in elected bodies." At the same time, women who formed the coalition have begun raising awareness among their political parti...

Foundation's Team

The street belongs to us - Campaign against sexual harassment: Making Egypt' s streets safer for women

Created by Foundation's Team 3003 days ago

...paign’s strategy incorporated three main components; research, awareness-raising actions, and advocacy for leg...harassment and an animated movie directed to children and aiming at raising a generation aware of what ca...

Foundation's Team

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Created by Foundation's Team 3003 days ago

...ntary denouncing human rights abuses and promoting women´s rights by focusing on youth. This documentary served as an advocacy tool for raising awareness among local, national and i...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah)
Cooperation Association
Social Association  Active Woman  of the Tizi-Ouzou Wilaya
Maysa Hajjaj
Traditional Women Association for Development
Tafoukt Souss Association for Women Development
Association des femmes pour le développement et la culture
University of Sousse
Association Tahadi pour l'Environnement
YEFL Young Egyptian Feminists League
Bulgarian School of Politics  Dimitry Panitza
Association Féminine pour le Développement de la Famille (AFDF)
Monia Braham
Jordan Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI)
Ibsar Association for the Culture and Leisure of blind and visually handicapped people
Association Femmes en Communication (FEC)
Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms M.A.L.I.
Libanaises pour l'Egalité
Women in Business of Algeria
Nazra for Feminist Studies
Jossour Forum des Femmes Marocaines (Jossour FFM)
Centre des femmes arabes de formation et de recherche (CAWTAR)
Tubas Charitable Society
Women Helping Women Network-Jordan
Egyptian Female Lawyers
Free Sight Association
Action et Promotion Sociale et Culturelle
Mafraq Youth Gathering for Civil Society Development
Myriem Narjis
Zhour Bouzidi
Genre Culture Diversité et Développement (GCDD)
International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry
Mother's School Association
Be active. Be emancipated (B.a.B.e.)
Association El Ghaith
Musawa Women’s Study Center

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