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...gainst sexist stereotypes, and actions to support women entrepreneurs for the visual presentation of their projects, products and services. IWPA partners with international NGOs i...

Nada Anid


Member since 17 December 2019 @ 12:39pm

...tiations and conflict resolution. •Encouraging women and youth to take part in the next municipal and par...nt, defamation, discrimination, political violence) and establishing a charter of good practices to measur...

Hanan Nazier

Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences

Member since 17 December 2019 @ 12:30pm in Egypt: premium or penalty?” Topics in Middle Eastern and African Economies Vol. 19, Issue No. 2, 2017, September. “Ever Married Women’s Participation in Labor Market in E...


Noha El Khouly

ECWR Issues Its Annual Report on the Status of Women for 2019 entitled Egyptian Women and Access to Justice

Created by Noha El Khouly 5 days ago

...d with the status of women in Egypt. International indicators that measure gender inequality also confirmed Egypt’s low ranking in terms of participation and economic opportu...

Esther Fouchier

European Women's Lobby declaration on COVID-19

Created by Esther Fouchier 9 days ago

...Putting equality between women and men at the heart of the response to COVID-19 a...sp;equality between women and men back at the heart of the EU and all EU policies...Due to lockdown measures, victims of intimate partner violence are confined at h...

Foundation's Team

Council of Europe calls member States to change their legal definitions of rape based on lack of consent

Created by Foundation's Team 18 days ago

...s to change how rape is defined. In an opinion article published in the EU Obser...cognised international human rights standard in Article 36 of the Council of Euro...nd their legal definitions of rape in line with Article 36. Of those that have be...


Foundation's Team

Our photo exhibition Women in action keeps touring: in Manresa until March 8

Created by Foundation's Team 50 days ago

...ampus Library from the 10th of February until the 8th of March 2020, as part of the University’s pro...17 by our Foundation together with our founding member and current headquarters the European Institute of...

Foundation's Team

Our photography exhibition on gender stereotypes, in Tarragona

Created by Foundation's Team 75 days ago

...entre de Recursos per a l’Aprenentatge i la Investigació), part of the Universitat Rovira i V...17 by our Foundation together with our founding member and current headquarters the European Institut...

Foundation's Team

Visit our art exhibition on breaking gender roles in Barcelona

Created by Foundation's Team 85 days ago

Our new art exhibition "Drawing 4 Equality:...ur founding member and current headquarters, the European Institute of...EMed at the beginning of 2019. These artworks show diverse perceptions...nglish. * The copyright of the artworks is exclusively owned by...

Shared practices

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Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 136 days ago

...Gender Gap Index 2018, many studies attribute this huge gap in economic participation to domestic burdens...ortance of recycling through workshops and school visits. The project started in 2014 as a solo initiativ...

Foundation's Team

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 145 days ago

In many armed conflicts and throughout history, rape and sexual violence were used as a weapon of war, as a tool to terrorize, intimidate and humiliate popu...

Foundation's Team

Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education in six European countries

Created by Foundation's Team 243 days ago or training or entering the labour market with low qualifications is still a larger scale problem in Europe. Therefore, a consortium of partners with a complementary mix...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Entries - Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 12 days ago

...RESISTENCE - Collective, private and everyday forms of resistance Participate with films that featur...and perseverance face up to the forces that suck our blood, poison the earth or want us to shut up and su...

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UN WOMEN Programme Associate in Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Job Offer

Created by Foundation's Team 17 days ago

...f equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, work...efforts, building effective partnerships with civil society an...tion efforts with programmes partners and ensuring flow of info...of the following actions: Participate in workshops and train...

Susana Cereijo

A Sea of Words - 2020 International short story CONTEST

Created by Susana Cereijo 17 days ago

...e with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Are you aged between 18-30 years old?  Are you from a Euro-Mediterranean country? Take part, write your short story and c...


Foundation's Team

Videos of the symposium Altérites et résistances à l'épreuve du genre en Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 2 days ago

...;preuve du genre en Méditerranée ". This multidisciplinary symposium took place in Aix-en-Provence on November 7, 8 and 9, 2019. The participants analysed, through gen...

Sana Afouaiz

Womenpreneur Tour Film 2020

Created by Sana Afouaiz 3 days ago

...MENA region, women are over 50% of the population: their inclusion and participation in the economy, in a...emale entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa region, particularly in the fields of...

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Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 26 days ago

...ome strategies to get you going: Start with a family or household di...ually in household chores. If one partner works full-time in the hom...oss the world—is an inherent part of gender equality. (Generati...impacts. Some simple ways to get started: Pick up eco-friendly pr...


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Beijing25: The fifth review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States

Created by Foundation's Team 23 days ago

...nder equality. The report is the fifth review of the overall developments at EU level related to the 12 BPfA areas of concern. The report focuses particularly on trends and develop...

Foundation's Team

Woman Business Forum 2019 Conference Report

Created by Foundation's Team 43 days ago

The UfM Women Business Forum 2019 took place in Barcelona on 19-21 November within the margins of the Smart City Expo World Congress. It convened...

Foundation's Team

Women's access to the political sphere in Lebanon: an obstacle race

Created by Foundation's Team 80 days ago

...Syria, Iraq or Jordan. A field diagnosis about women’s political participation in Lebanon, conducte...oexist in the country, exerts double discrimination against women. This article explores the religious se...


Genre et Climat / Gender and Climate

Created by Susana Cereijo 1244 days ago

...le Genre et le Climat des femmes méditerranéennes a été adoptée par les participants-es aux ateliers «Genr...mmes sont sous-représentées dans les négociations sur le climat et leur participation à l'élaboration des...

Atelier de plaidoyer - Advocacy workshop - ورشة عمل المناصرة

Created by Susana Cereijo 1452 days ago

...r to exchange interesting material you would like to share with all the participants of the interesting ad...groupe afin d'échanger des informations intéressantes que vous aimeriez partager avec tous les assistantes...


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L'exposition Dessiner pour l'Egalité à la Univesitat Autònoma de Barcelona / / Our Illustration Exhibition Drawing 4 Equality at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Created by Foundation's Team 25 days ago

De l’Ateneu L’Harmonia, notre exposition d’illustration «Dessiner pour l’égalité : défier les rôles de genre des deux côtés de la Méditerranée » passe à la Faculté de Traduction et d’Interprétat...

Foundation's Team

Visit our art exhibition on breaking gender roles in Barcelona

Created by Foundation's Team 85 days ago

Our new art exhibition "Drawing 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterranean" (in Catalan, "Drawing 4 Equality. Desafiant els rols de gènere a les dues ribes de la Mediterrània"), co-organised with our founding member and current headquarter...

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Our art exhibition moves to Tarragona Province! / Notre exposition artistique se déplacera vers la province de Tarragone! / معرضنا الفني ينتقل إلى مقاطعة تاراغونا!

Created by Foundation's Team 157 days ago

Following its inauguration and exhibition at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans - IEC (Institute for Catalan Studies), our illustration collection titled "Drawing 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterranean" will move on to Tarragona Provinc...


Hadda Kechoun

Comment on "Organisation of a workshop to strengthen advocacy capacities / Organisation d'un atelier de renforcement des capacités en plaidoyer / تنظيم ورشة عمل لتقوية قدرات المناصرة و الحوار السياسي في المغرب"

Created by Foundation's Team 1786 days ago

Au niveau du Maroc,plusieurs efforts ont été consentis pour la participation des femmes à la vie publique. Cependant, les mécanismes mis en place ont besoin d’être consolidés pour réussir les avancées en matière de l'égalité et de l'équité.

Amel Arbaoui

Comment on "Door to door campaigns and more activities by AJC to promote women's participation in rights in Kef in Tunisia / حملات تحسيسية و أنشطة أخرى تقوم بها جمعية جسور المواطنة لتشجيع مشاركة المرأة و تعزيز حقوقها في الكاف في تونس / Activités de Joussour de citoyenneté pour promouvoir les droits des femmes à Kef en Tunisie"

Created by Susana Cereijo 953 days ago

pourquoi femmes faut-il participer aux élections municipales ? l'action de participer aux élections met la citoyenne en...t donc nous pouvons choisir celles qui partages nos opinions ou qui saven...ssi à protéger nos libertés donc cette participation est un devoir et une...

Amel Arbaoui

Comment on "Women's organizations laid out strong relationships for future actions / منظمات نسائية تقيم علاقات متينة كقاعدة لأعمال مستقبلية / Des organisations de femmes construisent des liens solides pour l'avenir"

Created by Foundation's Team 981 days ago

Les femmes dans le monde sont soumises à des griefs à des degrés divers, donc elles doivent travailler ensemble Agréable de partager leurs expériences et leurs apprentissage...