Leïla Tauil

Book on the struggle of Arab feminists. The case of Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Leïla Tauil 1828 days ago

...stereotype of the "submissive Arab woman". The description of t...hreb -also present during the Arab Spring- and the current quest...women for their emancipation. Arab feminism, like any other type of feminism around the world (American, European, African...

Maria Àngels Roque

The IEMed talks on the empowerment of women in the Aula med program

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1894 days ago

...and history of the Mediterranean and / or the Arab world. This year, several Islam, the role of women in revolutions in Arab countries, the empowerment of...pholes regarding forced marriages in the Arab world. EU. Researchers like Itzea G...

Foundation's Team

MIFTAH supports a fair participation of women in policy making in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 2128 days ago

...economy and progressive society. This pilot action included a number of meetings with main actors on gender equality in Palestine such as Arab world for Research & Developmen...

Maria Àngels Roque

The Xabaca project against censorship of Arab female artists presented in Barcelona

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2217 days ago

...s’ freedom of speech in Arab countries. Thus, the role of...ned her trajectory in the art world and talked about her works l...(expected/imposed) by women; "Arab Divas" that aims to represent...cultural icons from the Arab world; "Fusion" related to the emot...

Rabha Fathi

AEFL gets the Consultative Status of ECOSOC

Created by Rabha Fathi 2219 days ago

...ents (ID & birth certificates). The association also has worked on Arab and regional level since it h...le and issues together to strengthen teamwork in respect of sustainable world that allows NGOs to participa...

Foundation's Team

MIFTAH wants to strengthen women’s access to decision-making positions

Created by Foundation's Team 2231 days ago

...r to collect data and some ideas, MIFTAH relies on a participatory methodology and organizes different meetings with strategic partners such as: Arab World for Research and Development,...

Noha El Khouly

ECWR condemns the Salafists’ attack on the appointment of a female governor in El-Beheira Governorate ... ECWR Calls for stopping to Test Their Political Power on behalf Egyptian Women

Created by Noha El Khouly 2294 days ago

...m is the religion of the state and Arabic its official language. "There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a .....t justice and equality. Many other Arab and Islamic countries already...ntries. This report classifies the world's countries according to the...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation has presented its First monitoring report in Marseille

Created by Foundation's Team 2814 days ago

...for Women's Rights (Portugal) and Soukeina Bouraoui from the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (Tunisia). The presentation coincided with the 4th World March of Women, a global acti...

Foundation's Team

Constitution of the Euro-Mediterranean Women' s Foundation

Created by Foundation's Team 2943 days ago

...w institution are six organisations from civil society and the academic world as well as institutions, nam...r le genre et les femmes – RUSEMEG – and the Center of Arab Women for Training and Researc...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Thenextwomen tunisie
Women Now for Development
Master genre et droits des femmes des deux rives de la meditérranée
AWARE Services & Consulting
Center for Study and Research on Human Rights and Migration
Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
Benaz Batrawi
Femmes-Education Arts-Médiation (FEDAM)
European Observatory on Femicide
Cooperation for Community Development Association
RUSEMEG - Réseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Méditerranéen
Bochra Laghssais
ASURIF Feminist Association
Association Aspirations féminines
Jordan Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI)
Women Empowerment Unit in Jerash Municipality
Mediterraneo Sociale
Silvia Gagliardi
Coalition parlementaire arabe sur la lutte contre la violence de la femme
Tafoukt Souss Association for Women Development
Tunisie pionnieres
University Hassan II Casablanca
Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation
Fédération des Ligues des Droits des Femmes
Forum de Femmes Méditerranée (FFM)
Mouwatinet Association
Journalists Without Borders (JWB)
Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah)
Genre en Action
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
NGOs Today
Association des Femmes Tunisiennes pour la Recherche sur le Développement (AFTURD)
The Arab Association for Human Rights
Organization of Backing Liberal and Social Development (OBLSD)

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Shared practices

Protection of women's rights through concerted actions at national, regional and international levels.

GAF uses legal mechanisms to force the Bulgarian state to meet its obligations regarding the improvement of the role of women in...

«Accompagnement des femmes à la création d'activités génératrices de revenus (AGR)» Création et Développement de Microentreprises

Le projet est mené à Tanger, Il s'agit de former des femmes ayant déjà une activité dans le but et de les aider à sortir de...

Excision - Let's talk about it!

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological...

Shared reflection workshops

Mixed workshops held in educational environments (the AMPC office is at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities in Manouba)...

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Tasharuk is part of the project 'Improving the resilience of communities in the governorate of Nablus through women’s empowerment...

Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

This successful practice aims to accompany women to integrate themselves to local economic activities, particularly in the area...

Campaign in favour of Parity in Municipal Elections in Tunisia

In 2016, several associations of Tunisian civil society and a few regional and international organizations launched a campaign...

Solar mamas: It takes one woman to light a village!

Jordan’s poorest desert villages on the Iraqi border, was given a chance to travel to India to attend the Barefoot College, where...

Project: Do not touch my rights!

The project 'Do not touch my rights!” is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), for a period of 12 months...

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Various studies show that the number of women enrolling in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related...