SEMINAR - Wich protection for women from digital violence?

Created by Samira MUHEYA 696 days ago

The Federation of Women’s Rights League (FLDDF in French) is organizing, within the framework of the Danish Arab Partnership Program, a digit...minar on the topic: « Wich protection for women from digital violence ? &raqu...

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Colonialization, Neo-Liberalization and Patriarchy: Search for an Alternative Approach to Economic and Social Empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 781 days ago

...The talk will explore how and why women were disempowered in the Pal...ment models, featuring examples of women who challenged and resisted t...e is also a founding member of the Arab Council for Social Sciences (A...ements (especially the Palestinian women’s movement). ...

Maria Àngels Roque

Conference on queer activism, intersectional feminism and national struggles in Palestine

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 783 days ago the cause of Palestinian queer women and to promoting a greater u...the struggle of Palestinian queer women. Fighting a triple oppression...mmunities to advance the rights of women and LGBTQI persons and create...nd co-director of the MA programme Arab and Islamic world (University...

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International conference: Masculinities and feminisms in the Arab-Muslim world

Created by Foundation's Team 821 days ago

...linities and Feminisms in the Arab-Muslim World In recent years...terial discussing the role of women in the Arab world have always existed, bu...orollary of the patriarchy of Arab-Muslim societies or is he als...olitical metamorphoses of the Arab world and in particular among...

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The Women of the Midan : the female body as a site that shaped the revolutions in the Arab world from 2011 to this day

Created by Foundation's Team 849 days ago

...Association for Middle East Women’s Studies is co-sponso...on March 5 at 12 pm EST: The Women of the Midan foregrounds the...that shaped the revolutions in the Arab world from 2011 to this day an...s relationship to the state in the Arab world today and how practices...

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ONLINE DEBATE - Women in a men's world: how gender defines the path to success

Created by Foundation's Team 865 days ago

...still an important social bias and women who aspire to have a career...tent to which gender interferes in women’s career development a...using on the politics of identity, Arab & African diaspora, scienc...nstitute in Tunisia and teacher of Arabic language for foreigners over...

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Palestinian Mai Masri tailors the classic section of the Arab and Mediterranean Film festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 867 days ago

In November 2020, the Arab and Mediterranean Film edition to keep giving voice to Arab and Mediterranean cinema. Due...cus on portraying the realities of women and children in Palestine and...he realities of two generations of women at a prince’s palace at...

Helena González Fernández

Understanding the editing profession: a conversation with Margaret Obank, editor of Banipal

Created by Helena González Fernández 953 days ago

...d Genres”, organized by the UNESCO Chair Women, Development and Culture (di...azine Banipal, which disseminates contemporary Arab literature through has the support of the Catalan Institute of Women, is framed within the Sustain...

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The Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia, with a focus on resistance

Created by Foundation's Team 957 days ago

...ition to keep giving voice to Arab and Mediterranean cinema. It...n portraying the realities of women and children in Palestine, under the umbrella of the Arab and Mediterranean Film Festiva...Palestine through the eyes of women” was born. Don’t...

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Regional workshop in Amman on women's engagement in public and political life

Created by Foundation's Team 1280 days ago

...o;’From Roadblocks to Roadmaps: Together to strengthen women’s political participation – Arab Region Learning and Exchange W...rship Development Foundation (YLDF) in collaboration with UN Women, this workshop aims to enhanc...