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...le of Women’s Rights Movements in Reforming Public Policies after the Arab Spring: https://repozitorij.uni-lj...lobe: Free Movement 4 all, Arab-Slovene women to end Xenophobia...


Leïla Tauil

Book on the struggle of Arab feminists. The case of Morocco and Tunisia

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...Leïla Tauil’s book, "Arab Feminisms: A Century-Long Bat...the stereotype of the "submissive Arab woman". The description of t...Maghreb -also present during the Arab Spring- and the current questions...of women for their emancipation. Arab feminism, like any other type o...

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Call for Papers: Conference Women in Revolt (Univ. Paris 1, February 2021)

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...lizations, pathways, imaginations – the Arab Mediterranean 1950-2020" Uni...onference dedicated to women in revolt in the Arab Mediterranean world (1950s women’s voices in the context of the Arab Spring of 2011 and the new uprisings...


Maria Àngels Roque

The Press and the Feminist Struggle in Morocco - Interview and Lecture videos with Fedwa Misk on 27.02.2019

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1247 days ago

...orical struggle for their rights since the middle of the last century. The 20 February Movement in 2011, which emerged in the framework of the Arab Spring, was a new awakening by Moroc...

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From where I stand...

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...y CEO of a family business and a member of the Arab Network for the Economic provided as part of UN Women’s Spring Forward programme in 2016, 2016, as part of UN Women’s regional Spring Forward programme. In 2016, 2...

Silvia Gagliardi

Violence Against Women: The Stark Reality between Morocco's Human Rights Progress

Created by Silvia Gagliardi 2431 days ago

...s that Morocco is a champion of stability and moderation in the ‘Arab world,’ this article ch...norities’ and indigenous peoples’ rights, gender, Morocco, Arab spring...


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Youth, Women and Employment in the Mediterranean Region: Continuity and Change

Created by Foundation's Team 584 days ago

...and Labour therefore shed light on how Euro-Mediterranean cooperation adapts itself and reacts to shocks such as the 2008 economic crisis, the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis and, most...

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EU Approach to Gender Equality in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Region

Created by Foundation's Team 1264 days ago socio-economic needs of women, was strikingly evident. The EU role in realizing gender equality and human rights has, especially after the Arab Spring, been somewhat conflicted. EU...

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Democratization and women's political leadership in North Africa

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In the spring of 2011 when citizens in Arab countries rose up against their regimes, it...ed the course and immediate outcomes of the Arab Spring in the countries...quo;s participation and rights prior to the Arab Spring are the ones most likely to t...


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EU Approach to Gender Equality in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Region

Created by Foundation's Team 1264 days ago

The EU legal and political framework reflects a strong commitment to promoting gender equality. Policy dialogue, gender mainstreaming and targeted gender programming are some of the instruments that the EU uses in “partnering countries”. There is a noticeable difference in h...

Maria Àngels Roque

Women of the southern Mediterranean: struggles, rights and challenges / نساء الضفة الجنوبية للمتوسط: النضال والحقوق والتحديات / Femmes du sud de la Méditerranée : luttes, droits et défis

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2047 days ago

In 2011, many countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean lived the so-called ’Arab revolutions’ or, as the West called it, the ’Arab spring’. The people of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Syria, among others, tired of police repression, unemployment ...

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Women and Media: Libyan Female Journalists from Gaddafi Media to Post- revolution: Case Study / Femmes et médias: Les journalistes libyennes des Médias de Kadhafi à la post-révolution: étude de cas / المرأة والإعلام: الصحفيات الليبيات من صحافة القذافي إلى مرحلة ما بعد الثورة: دراسة حالة

Created by Foundation's Team 2070 days ago

This article closely examines the status of women journalists in Libyan traditional media and how this status transformed from before to after the revolution of February 2011. This analysis argues that women’s role in Libyan media changed from one of engagement in defending women’s caus...