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Promotion of Literacy Techniques in Morocco for Youth and Women / / Promotion de l'alphabétisation des jeunes, des femmes et du monde rural au Maroc

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The Delegation of the European Union in Morocco is launching an open call for proposals as part of the 3rd phase of the Support Program for the National Literacy Strategy in Morocco (Alpha III). The six target regions of the Alpha III program are: Marrakech-Safi ...

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Fighting against female school dropouts in Areas C in Bethlehem and Hebron / النضال لإيقاف تسرب الفتيات من المدارس في المنطقة (ج) في بيت لحم والخليل / Lutter contre l'abandon scolaire des filles à Bethléem et Hébron

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Education is considered as an important factor in enhancing a person’s opportunities in social and economic mobility. However, leaving school at an early age remains a problem, to which poverty and being female are generally associated with. To further analyze this issue, the Psyc...

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AFIF: Literacy, Training and Employment for Women in Algeria / AFIF: Alphabétisation, formation et insertion pour les femmes en Algérie / AFIF: برنامج لمحو الأمية والتدريب و الشغل للنساء في الجزائر

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In 1962, when Algeria became independent, it set up a huge literacy programme. More than 85 percent of the population was illiterate, and despite considerable investment and progress in education, low levels of literacy remain a challenge today. As part of the Millennium Development Obj...

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Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative / Programme d'alphabétisation fonctionnelle des femmes des coopératives d'Argan / برنامج عملي لمحو الأمية لنساء تعاونيات زيت الأركان

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With a population of over 32 million, literacy rates in Morocco stand at an average of 56%, representing over 10 million people lacking basic literacy skills. With literacy programmes frequently being carried out in urban areas, opportunities for women in poor rural areas to acquire the...

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Fondation Zakoura - Bilan 2016 : un effort de préscolarisation engageant

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Engagée dans le déploiement de programmes répondant aux besoins croissants des communautés, la Fondation comptait 158 programmes et activités qui ont bénéficié à 7 668 enfants, jeunes et femmes en 2016. Avec ANEER, la Fondation a renforcé son action au profit du préscolaire en zone rurale. Un ...

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Gender Gap in Basic Education in Egypt / Écart entre les femmes et les hommes sur le plan de l'éducation en Égypte / فجوة النوع الإجتماعي في التعليم الأساسي في مصر

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This study focuses on the socio-economic indicators that cause gender discrimination (inequality) in enrolment in basic education in Egypt.It aims at enhancing the findings of previous studies on narrowing education gender gap, and suggests further research on the possible socio-economi...

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Education for All Regional Report 2014 for the Arab States / Rapport régional pour l'année 2014 sur l'éducation pour tous dans les pays arabes. / التقرير الإقليمي 2014 للتعليم من أجل الجميع في الدول العربية

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The "Education for All" (EFA) is a 15-year agenda whose ambitious objectives were adopted by 163 nations in Dakar in 2000, including all Arab countries. The EFA seeks to ensure basic quality education for all children, youths and adults and it defined objectives for parity and gender equality in ...

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EFA Global Monitoring Report 2013-2014. Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all / Rapport mondial de suivi sur l'EPT 2013-2014, Enseigner et apprendre : atteindre la qualité pour tous / تقرير رصد التعليم للجميع العالمي 2013-2014. التعليم والتعلم: تحقيق الجودة للجميع

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The 11th Education for All (EFA) Monitoring Global Report is divided into three parts. The first section analyses the progress made in achieving the six EFA world goals adopted in 2000. The second part establishes, based on evidence, that the progress on education is crucial to achieving the deve...

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The policy on gender equality in Tunisia / La politique d'égalité entre les sexes en Tunisie / سياسة المساواة بين الجنسين في تونس

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The document provides an overview of the legislation in Tunisia on women's rights, one of the most modern in the Arab world, notably because it includes the right to abortion and access to contraceptives. It examines women's rights in the recent historical context of the revolution and the first ...

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Comité de soutien à la scolarisation des filles rurales (CSSF) / / Rural Girls School Support Committee (CSSF)

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Le CSSF est une association marocaine à but non lucratif créée en 1998 et reconnue d’utilité publique depuis 2007. L’association œuvre à l’échelle nationale pour la promotion de la pleine scolarisation des filles dans les...