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UfM Women Business Forum: boosting women's role in circular economy, tech and innovation fields

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...te;n, project manager at the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP), focused on the sustainable use of water, highlighted that “circu...ct”. Participants agreed that access to finance is the main and incentives to help women access to finance and grow&nbs...

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Donia promotes women's engagement in environment protection in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1557 days ago of industrial wastes, pollution of coastal waters from raw sewage, and oil spil...he environmental sector. - Women’s rare access to decision making positions...egarding climate change, pollution, energy and water consumption and the consequen...

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Environmental policies must take into account rural women’s living conditions

Created by Foundation's Team 2171 days ago Indeed, the barriers to fair access between women and men to natu...policies, and women’s equal access to natural resources. The FL...l areas, particularly the lack of water, and the situation of young g...l’eau » (the road to water). Therefore, the FLDF’...

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Call for Papers UNESCO: Inequalities in the Arab region in light of Covid-19

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...the implications of inequality on access to healthcare, to safety and...tection, to decent jobs, to clean water, to basic services, or to qual...f unemployment and poverty, the inaccessibility to a privatized health...r those who don’t have free access to healthcare, especially in...


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Rapid Gender Analysis: COVID-19 Middle East and North Africa Region

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...on significantly complicate a managed response to COVID-19, and extreme water scarcity makes preventative discrimination, now face additional barriers to education, mobility, access to financing and assets, and...


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Environmental policies must take into account rural women’s living conditions / Les politiques climatiques doivent tenir compte des conditions de vie des femmes rurales / على السياسات المناخية أخذ ظروف معيشة النساء الريفيات بعين الإعتبار

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The 22nd Conference of the Parties to the Convention of the United Nations about Climate Change (COP 22) was held in Marrakech, Morocco, from 7 to 18 November 2016. At the summit, different issues about climate change were on the agenda, particularly, climate justice. The FLDF (Fé...